Power strips and electronic power supply products have always felt as though they have been neglected by design. Apple has led the personal computing and electronics realm on advancing that area, but most other companies continue to release the most basic black and grey plastic adapters, which leave a vast ocean of improvements yet to be realized. Punkt has been known for creating products which through a minimalist aesthetic have been able to challenge the status quo, including their Punkt DP 01 cordless phone. Pictured here is their newly released ES 01, which is a simple yet ingenious “power strip” design. I put the words power strip in quotations because it is neither a strip nor what we have come to expect from those bland uninteresting power sources. The round shape and strategically spaced and aligned outlets allow for the cords to be gathered and fed out in one slot. Furthermore the sleek lid cloaks the unappealing plugs and transforms it into an immaculate orb.

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