Productivity Future Vision

Looking into the future is often a daunting task and in this case an arduous one. Trying to assume what the fate of mobile and computing technology will for device function, user experience, and interface design is in my opinion impossible. The affect new technological capabilities coupled with our growing dependance on an augmented lifestyle is unforeseeable. Here Microsoft’s Office Labs begun to explore this realm through the lens of “productivity”, which I find to be a slightly loaded word in the arena of a technology built almost entirely for entertainment. This exploration itself has been getting some bad press around the web (mainly in user experience circles) for, what in my opinion can be boiled down to one thing. They didn’t take enough risks. This point is most certainly valid. The argument has been made that to define the future one must step outside the conventions and expectations of what should come next in order to create something new and better suited to it’s time and place. I disagree with this on the premise that as people we benefit from incremental change allowing us to both learn and adapt alongside a the changes and shifts in technology, whether it being the release of a new iOS or the debut of the first ever hover scooter.

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