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Milton on Milton

A nice simple interview with Milton Glaser talking about the concepts behind a few of the many pieces he has designed for SVA over the past fifty years. It’s really empowering to hear someone so great speak about how sometimes in his finished work the concept is lost or doesn’t communicate the way it was intended. This is nicely humbling idea that I think we, as designers, can all relate to.

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Vanderbilt Studio: David Adjaye

I remember walking by this interesting, albeit slightly unfriendly, modern facade many times while living in Fort Greene, and I had been curious what the back and interior looked like. So my curiosity was answered when I ran into these some beautiful photographs by Nikolas Koenig. This building represents the single residential design by architect David Adjaye in New York City and one of fewer that twenty total residential projects.


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Vacant NL: Reitveld Landscape

Rietveld Landscape was commissioned by Netherlands Architecture Institute to create an installation for the Dutch submission to the architecture biennale as a means of creating a call to action. The subject they have visualized and hopefully communicated to the Dutch government is the enormous amount of potential that lies in vacant buildings spanning the 17th to 21st centuries. RL makes the argument that this land can be activated through innovation and can help to resolve “major challenges facing society today”. See more photos and read more about the exhibition here.

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New Polaroid?

I remember a time when Polaroid film was abundant and digital cameras still took blurry distorted photos (not on purpose). The feeling of immediately holding and being able to touch a crisp new print maybe coming back. Polaroid, on December 2nd, released an image teaser of the upcoming product release to Engadget. They have doctored the image in their post to reveal more details of the product, but I somewhat prefer the mystique and surprise of the obscured.

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Friends of Type: Jessica Hische

Coicidentaly my friend Jessica Hische was contributor on Friends of Type back in October and I just came across the pieces she posted again this morning on her blog and wanted to share them. Some fun stuff there I think we can all relate to and agree upon. Especially that Sriracha should make up a measurable portion of any balanced diet.


Tiger Stone is a machine that cannot be better described than by saying it is a brick printer. I would love to see this tool in the hands of some artists and designers. This machine could be used to make some insane patterns and murals. Using it to make type or inset lettering into could be super cool as well.

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The Heads of State (New Site!)

The super talented design duo The Heads of State, comprised of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have launched a new portfolio site and store. It showcases a much larger portion of their work including some rad new stuff I haven’t seen. Also their store has some great pickups. I had the good fortune to see these gents give a talk at MAD here in New York this past year and they some of the funniest most humble guys designing today.

Be Linen

This short documentary about linen is one the most informative and beautiful films I have ever watched. Benoit Millot captures, very much in the style of Gary Hustwit, the essence of linen from plant, through production and manufacturing all the way to purchase.

Douglas Richard Design

Designed by Douglas Richardson. This branding and collateral for a Pennsylvania based initiative, Farm to City, which connect farmers with people in cities. Their goal is to grow access to farm fresh foods in urban areas. I really love the colors and feeling of all the elements. Especially the main logo which you can see after the jump.

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Hook System: Jean Nouvel

The Hook wall system, designed by french architect Jean Nouvel, is a customizable storage and organization system that combines a perforated metal sheet with attachable modular pieces. The original inspiration is said to be computer punch cards and sheet music. This would solve my home office conundrum, too bad I can’t track down and dimensions or pricing information. Internet fail.

Jean Nouvel:

A metal architecture, like a quotation from Jean Prouvé’s work: rather than a wall this is a continuous building system that encloses joints into the metal folds. And its corrugated skin, regularly perforated and lacquered, turns into a wall. A wall to capture light and liven up the space around it.

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Andrew Quilty

These striking photographs have an unmistakably cinematic feel to them, and capture extreme lighting scenarios and subject matter that begins to tell a story. Andrew Quilty’s work leaves a great deal of room in the stories he captures open for the viewer to complete.

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Frank Chimero Talk, “Cut My Teeth. Wash My Hands.” (video)

I was lucky enough to have attended this amazingly inspiring and fun talk by the great Frank Chimero and presented by the equally amazing Liz Danzico and the MFA IxD, SVA program, which runs this amazing series of events called The Fall Lecture Series. I wanted to post this because of how informative and fun the talk was for me, and if you want to here some of my thoughts check out my previous post here.

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my favorite holiday for many reasons, I mean the food doesn’t hurt, but it seems to remain the least commercial holiday. It’s about being thankful and spending time with the people you love. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Just a few things to touch on, my amazing developer Jackie Balzer that single handedly built campsite from the ground up. My mother Joan and my father Bill, all my friends. My amazing girlfriend Erin, and our amazing miniature schnauzer Ernest Ellerd.

So thank you all for reading, and becoming part of my family. I am thankful for each and everyone of you!

Calculator: Alexander Hulme

I love to see beautiful designs applied to everyday objects that really revitalizes them. I always recall from school that the calculator was a jumble of buttons with little heirarchy that was sure to change between manufacturers and models. This design by Alexander Hulme is a nice simplification of the calculator that marries form and function with usability. A minimal calculator like this is something I could see using everyday. If only apple could take a couple hints when designing their version on the iPhone and iPod.

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Milton Glaser: Typography Archive

Just perused Container List for the first time in a little while and came across these wonderful type specimens and illustrative hand drawn type by Milton Glaser. All these pieces are amazing and drawn one hundred percent by hand, pre computer of course.

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Christian Flatscher

These are a small selection of gems from the portfolio of Christian Flatscher a fabulous photographer from Innsbruck, Austria. The main thing I noticed when looking at Christian’s work is his simple techniques for capturing the serenity in architectural landscapes using mainly natural light.

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Birthright Israel

It has been almost a month since I through together a small backpack and hopped in a cab out to JFK to meet up with my Birthright group. If you had told me that I would come back professing Israel as the most beautiful place I had ever been and the amazing biodiversity found in what we in the western world think is a sand bowl I most likely would have scoffed. However, after seeing every type of terrain and city in Israel I feel a much stronger bond to my heritage and Israel itself. It may not be something that changes my life, but it is at least something that has helped me gain perspective.

I want to share a selection of photos from my trip that I think begin to capture the overwhelming beauty and feeling of being in a different world that I encountered on my trip. To view more of the photos from my trip and to see them on a map check out the flickr set.


Vienna based graphic design and type design studio Typejockeys designed some fun and light environmental graphics for a new building in Philippine Welser Straße, Innsbruck. The project was designed in collaboration with Profil Wohnbau, Architekturbüro Fahrmaier and Pixel. The signage and graphics program also included a typeface design called Wesler. Which works to balance out the soft forms of the graphics with a more structured typeface for way-finding and display purposes. View more about the project along with more images here.

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Beautiful Modeler

It seems like everyday there is a new technology or software that really blows my mind. This Beautiful Modeler is one such entity. This interactive 3-D modeler is an incredibly simple idea perfectly executed. It takes an easily accessible set of tools and links them together through programming or in my language magic to make a completely marvelous, and useful invention.

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The Hopper Table

I am still slightly unclear as to the derivation of the name The Hopper Table. Anyway this minimalist take on the nostalgic summer classic by Extremis, is super clean and futuristic. I would love to have this thing on my imaginary patio.

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