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Areaware Wooden Animals

The situation of children’s toys always seems to leave a bit to be desired. When I come across an awesome toy, or in this case set of toys, that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and great for laying of course. Design and durability are something I feel should be on parent’s minds when shopping for toys. That said this set by AREAWARE really are awesome.

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Quote Vadis

A nice little concept for a site and simple straight forward design make Quote Vadis an awesome source for inspiration. QV delivers quotes by famous and respected people from all walks of life accompanied by some brief biographical information and a photo of the person credited for the quotation. They are most certainly, in my opinion, at the head of the pack for blogs that operate in the inspiration and reference category.

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la Une du Menu

Being the kind of person that sometimes likes to organize the food on your plate does not make you weird. Organizing the food on your plate and then not eating it makes you weird. That said these plates designed by Pierre Georges are amazing. He took a grid based on Le Monde newspaper and silk screened it on to these simple white plates. The result is a set of dishes with a bit of griding overlaid on a portion of the plate. It gives you a nice asymmetrical area to play around with the layout of your meal. I would love to see what one could do combining these plates and some alphabets soup.

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Elements of Content Strategy

Photo: Jason Santa Maria

A Book Apart will release the third title in their collection on March 8th. The book is titled The Elements of Content Strategy and was written by Erin Kissane who works as a project lead at Brain Traffic.


º Basic Principles
º The Craft of Content Strategy
º Tools and Techniques
º Bonus Track: How Do I Get In?


Usually I find things that can be described as performance art to be futile and boring, but this piece Sutra really changed my view. This piece is a collaboration between Chinese Shaolin monks, Polish composer Szymon Brzóska, British artist Anthony Gormley and choreoographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. This lineup embodies an international team of collaborators and each reside at the very pinnacle of their respective fields. Together they give us a stunningly beautiful, and an intriguingly powerful experience.

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Typography Deconstructed

Typography Deconstructed fills such a necessary void in design education and equips us with general knowledge of something we designers use everyday and on average know very little about. Today there are very few well designed sources of good factual reference when you are truly in need of it. This site and accompanying poster provide the design community with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of typography. So on behalf of myself and designers every where I say thank you TypeDecon!

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Jacky Georges: Sign Painter

Most of the design and creative community has been obsessed with sign painting and hand lettering for a while now. It can more or less be attributed to the back to craft mentality and movement that seems to be inundating all forms of art.

I have not been spared, but on a personal level I find sign painting very nostalgic and it reminds me of my own childhood. For a few years when I was pretty young, no older than seven or eight, my dad made immaculate carved wood and hand painted signs as a way of subsidizing his woodworking business. I would often travel with him on the job and get to watch while he sketched, taped and finally painted a sign.

This specific sign painter Jacky Georges is obviously a skilled veteran and hold over from the generation before vinyl die-cuts and quick crappy window solutions. Work like this is a craft, it takes time to make, but because of that it lasts both physically and aesthetically.

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Jeff Bridges: True Grit Book

Who knew until just a few days ago that Jeff Bridges ran a super awesome website? I will say for one I didn’t know. The hand written type and overall vernacular is so personal and unique on the web today I really love the lack of design. His site is really one of the most enriching process archives I have ever come across.

The books Mr. Bridges has put together documenting from his perspective the making of these films is both insightful and amazing. It gives regular Joes like me a glimpse at something I will most likely never get to see. Also the off camera personalities and emotions he captures from his co-stars, and others on the crew, well known and not, are beautiful. The Making of True Grit was the way I came across his site and I think still with stands as my favorite part of the site.

Artist Bridge Studio

Designing to create more space while minimizing impact on the natural landscape is a tall order, but Safdie Rabines Architects did just that to create this floating studio space in San Diego, California. The space connects the main home to the more secluded and previously unused portion of the lot, which also appears to have a nice knoll to it. A long skinny plan like this reminds me of train cars, or shipping containers, which I love. Looking for design inspiration in utilitarian objects is often well rewarded.

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Experiments Around the House with Lullatone

Lullatone, the awesome Japanese music group, made this great little video(“Experiments Around the House”) where they explored what kinds cool noises could be created using only things around the house. The art direction is very simple and playful, which really lends itself to the nature of the experiments and implements used to create the sounds.

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CHICO: by Atelier KUU

CHICO is a designer store for dogs and their owners in Shizuoka, Japan. Designed by Nobuo Kumazara, of Atelier Kuu, this shop truly exemplifies their aesthetic sensibilities and skills. The elegance and serenity exhibited by their designs add a layer of comfort to minimalism that is awesome. I know my little man Ernest and I would have great time shopping here, I might lose track of him on the concrete floors though. The dog house shaped dog door that exits out onto grass area for the pups to play is probably the most amazing detail.

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Proper BBQ

Thomas Hayes created this bold identity and packaging, with a very appropriate vernacular, for PROPER BBQ. I am getting the feeling that this is a student project, which is too bad for the folks out there, like myself, who love design and barbecue! Either way this is a really nice project and it was also recently featured on Lovely Package(awesome name).

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Typefaces of the World Poster

This poster, Typefaces of the World, designed by Shelby White of the blog WANKEN takes 50 typefaces “based on popularity and usefulness in present design” and integrates them into this awesome infographic. The graphic itself perfectly illustrates the interesting 50/50 split between the US and Europe as the birthplaces of the typefaces. Also notably you can find this poster for sale in the WANKEN SHOP.

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Giant Office Supplies

When London based developer Land Securities was seeking to rent out workspaces in a newly completed open plan space they wanted to find a creative way of visually divide the spaces. This way potential tenants would have better idea of the different shapes and sizes of spaces that were available. To solve this problem Radford Wallis was hired to design what turned out to be these awesome sculptures Giant Office Supplies. At absurd scale to their normal world counterparts this objects interact beautifully with the sparse architectural space.

“Shunning conventional signage, we went for maximum impact by creating four scaled-up stationery items, used to mark out the huge space,” Radford Wallis says. “The giant objects were then positioned where the partitions would eventually be built.”

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Underheard in New York

Underheard in New York is the perfect example of a simple idea that may not change the world, but can at the least change what we know and the way we think about homelessness. Pairing the social media capabilities of twitter and four prepaid cellphones Underheard has empowered homeless New Yorkers to participate in the global dialog on homelessness. They truly deserve a seat at the table in this discussion and most certainly deserve to be called New Yorkers.

“Underheard in New York is an initiative to help homeless residents in New York City speak for themselves. We’ve provided Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos each with their own mobile phone, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account. They’ve found their voices by texting their thoughts, feelings and actions to Twitter. Our mission is to use their social media presence to create real interaction and make them a part of our global community.”

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Tea House

I meant to post this along time ago, but it just sort of floated in my drafts until today. This design for a Tea House by David Jameson Architects is an amazing act of simplicity. The minimalist approach truly does justice to the history and practice of tea as it is done in Japan. I also really appreciate this building from the standpoint of it being a great solution to designing a simple and small out building. Albeit the huge i-beams seem a tad excessive.

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Microscopic Snowflakes

This is one of those posts where I try to not say much. I just want to encourage you to look at the intricate beauty in such a simple thing. To see more views of snowflakes under a microscope check them out here.

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Bass Notes

If you are in the greater London area between now and the 17th of next month you definitely need to check out this show. Bass Notes, a play on the pronunciation of Saul Bass’ last name, is an exhibition entirely composed of Bass’ film posters. Often exalted as his best works.

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Infographics in Context

I wish I saw more of this kind of thing. For the amount of infographics floating around on the web these days it is surprising you don’t see more unique approaches. In this project Inforgraphics in Context
by Peter Orntoft he integrates the data into photographs of subject matter that is relevant to the data presented. The art direction on the photos is dead on as well.

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Vogt Magglingen

This renovation, which is better described as a transformation, by Kistler Vogt Architects updates a classic farmhouse into a modern home that balances it’s history with new minimalist interiors. Often in architecture use of clashing materials or styles can create something completely new beautiful. Here the classic roof tiles are juxtaposed with the large glass expanses which break up the original exterior walls.


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