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Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic

Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic is the name of this rad little documentary about how DFA records came into existence and all the action that has taken place during their first 12 years. Directed by Max Joseph and produced by Red Bull Music the documentary captures the culture and intrigue behind the independent record label. Their roster includes many of the greatest electronic music acts of the last decade and if you haven’t heard of at least one of their acts you probably need to clean out your ears.

Pencil to Pixel NYC by Monotype

Anyone who knows even the smallest thing about type is aware of Monotype. Their exhibition Pencil to Pixel came to NYC recently and this awesome little video is a behind the scenes look at the setup and then the week long show. The wall graphics bend from the walls onto the floors and crop interestingly at windows and other edges.

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Beer Friday: Kernel Brewery in London

Ever wonder what the inside of a small batch microbrewery looks like? Well here’s your chance. The Evening Brews, an awesome English beer blog has shot this rad little behind the scenes clip at London’s Kernel Brewery. Visiting a brewery is always a great experience especially in the summer. Escaping the sweltering heat in a nice cool warehouse with some refreshing cold ones.

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Helio Shower

For me summer brings with it a ton outdoor activities, which bring with them their fair share of dirt and sweat. The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is an awesome little package. The portable welded fabric water tank heats up in the sunlight and has a foot pump for pressurizing the water stream. A quick warm shower after a hike or a climb would be really awesome. I am definitely going to pick one of these up.

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P Nut

One of my favorite pairs of Vans from a few years ago were a pair designed by Galinsky. The artwork of Greg “P Nut” Galinsky has always been some of my favorite. Its honesty and simplicity are OffTheWall TV and was created to promote their 2013 Get Out and Do Something tour.

Rockwood Charcoal

Lump charcoal is definitely on my summer shopping list and the new design Rockwood is sporting thanks to Atomicdust looks like a great option. The design channels the nostalgic summer memories of grilling out and hanging with some suds. Made up entirely of Missouri hardwood, unlike the charcoal briquettes we have grown used to. Lump charcoal provides a better burn and no chemicals are necessary in the production of it.

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BMW R90S Homage Bike

There are very few machines in the world which execute perfection so brilliantly. In cel­e­bra­tion of 90 years of BMW Motor­rad and 40 years of the R90S design they created the BMW R90S Homage Bike. To make this concept a reality BMW called on Roland Sands Design. The bike features a classic cafe racer style chock full of modern tech and custom parts by RSD, which meld together to create this majestic machine.

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James Webb Space Telescope

We have all been captivated by the images obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope for more than twenty years. In development for almost the same length of time the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will surpass the capturing capabilities of Hubble by a nearly immeasurable amount. Once launched JWST will be able to see the Universe’s very first star formations which took place 100 to 250 million years after the Big Bang.

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Lain Shelf

The organized nature of mine draws me to any and all shelving. Lain is an awesome little unit, which comes flat packed in a box that doubles as a stand for quick and easy assembly. Designed by Pablo García Guardiola and Laura Caceres by removing the need for tools or any fixing elements like screws or adhesives.

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Maison Germanier

I have a serious infatuation for Swiss mountain cabins and farm huts. Especially beautifully renovated ones like Maison Germanier by Savioz Fabrizzi architects in . This small house maintains its historic sensibilities and texture while being brought into the 21st century with a nice new roof and streamlined windows. The house is located in the vineyards of Vétroz in the Southwestern corner of Switzerland.


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I have always thought it would be great to live on a house boat. SayBoat, designed by Czech architect Milan Řídký seems like it would be the perfect choice if I were to take to take up residence on the water. The house is small, but the layout makes it far more spacious than a normal boat. The exterior balances modernism and classicism to fit in with the more common canal house boat style, but the interior is ultra modern with very clean lines.

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Recently a group of students from MECA(The Maine College of Art) were invited to participate in a super exciting project to rebrand their school. Many designers never have this opportunity in their entire career let along while still in school. Over the course of a weekend, and with direction from professors Margo Halverson and Charles Melcher as well as Pentagram partner Eddie Opara. The video posted below is a must watch. It shows the in depth process the students went through as well as the thoughts and insights of both the students, the faculty and Opara.

Participating students: Carly Soos, Celia Packard, Dan Heutz, Hannah Sherwood, Kaitlin Callender, Klarizza Cruz, Lucy Henson, Nicole Holmes, Sarah Mohammadi.

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Klinic Slab

The fonts released by the Lost Type Co-op are always amazing. Especially since they operate on a pay what you want model. Klinic Slab is a great example of this. Designed by Joe Prince this family includes 4 weights in both regular and italic. I am also loving the type specimen posted, pictured above which was made by Riley Cran.

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Limitd is focussed on finding up and coming photographers and making their works available for sale through affordable limited editions. The client initially approached Dan Burgess with a few name ideas which sounded slightly exclusive and the idea was to make purchasing prints from young burgeoning photographers easy and accessible. After some explorations with those names Limitd sprang out and became the obvious name and brand for the project.

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Beastie Boys Album Artwork Explained

Beastie Boys debut album License To Ill was one of the very first albums I purchased with my own money. The artwork from their early albums definitely had a significant impact on me and was some of the earliest design I was aware of. It is really interesting to here the artists, photographers and designs behind some of these, now iconic covers. One point that is made in this short video has to do with the idea that the artwork gained impact based on the music that was contained within the package.

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Beer Friday: Longadalsa

We should all hope that the weather this weekend cooperates so we can all enjoy a nice fresh Longadalsa white ale, or something similar. Let’s all raise a glass to Nicolai Bashkirev and his inventive packaging design for this beer.

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Green Box

This amazing glass cabin designed by Italian studio act romegialli repurposed an existing garage and retained some structural elements to create the footprint for this weekend retreat. AR placed a galvanized metal and glass framework on top of the existing slab and stone pillars. To add privacy and help the structure blend into its surroundings it was planted with a variety of annual and perennial climbing plants. The result is a hyper organic facade that truly blends and grows out into the earth around it. In contrast the interior is ultra-simple and almost industrial in finishing.

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Beams & Kelty Pack

My obsessive nature lends itself to organization and this set of travel packs has some really great potential uses in my mind. The bags are a collaboration between Beams and Kelty and they are available in their online shop.

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Tom Kundig Collection

I posted previously about the Tom Kundig Collection on campsite a few weeks ago, and I was recently turned onto this wonderful short video produced by Kontent Partners. The video covers the background and collaboration between 12th Avenue Iron and Olson Kundig Architects.

Olson Kundig Architects have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Their aesthetic and style of design blends rustic and industrial elements into comfortable and utilitarian spaces. They have recently launched a side project with 12th Avenue Iron. The Tom Kundig Collection are a selection of fixtures for the moments when people become kinetically involved with the buildings and spaces they inhabit.

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Hotel Boca Chica

Hotel Boca Chica has been a fixture in Acapulco, Mexico since the 1950s and 60s has been revived by a rebranding and updated signage system by Sociedad Anónima. The updates instill a more modern look while maintaining the historic and rich past of the hotel.

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