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Being There

I grew up skiing, and as a teenager I was lucky enough to witness the growth of a new movement. Freestyle skiing as it is known today was just starting to take shape, and like the days of Dogtown the possibilities were endless, but we were all just there to have fun. Fast forward to 2011, and this new school of skiing has evolved into a beautiful physics defying art, which is captured in cinematography of the upmost quality.

This video trailer for Being There by Field Productions really shows you the amazing skiers proving impossibilities wrong in the most beautiful places on planet earth. Take a couple minutes and be transported to those places and to the adrenaline rush that is their day jobs.

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Raphael Vicenzi

The illustration work of Raphael Vicenzi has such an amazing depth of palette and the layer of textures to create form is really intense. Not to mention he has some great line drawing and hand drawn type thrown in for fair measure. You can check out more of his great work on his Behance profile.

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Ghost Riders

This short film was shot for the Bicycle Store in Paris, a high end bike retailer, which specializes in track bikes. It’s extremely eerie to see the quiet late night streets of Paris overrun by this imposing mob of ghosts. The face paint they are all wearing creates such a great visual effect.

Villa Plus

Poised just above sea level looking out onto the Baltic Sea, Villa Plus, not to be confused with Plus Pool is a nice simple modern home. Designed by architects Waldermarson Berglund the aesthetic is nautical meets modernism, with lots of finely crafted wood work, and plenty of wide format windows to enjoy the views out of. My favorite aspect has to be the use of wood clapboards both inside and out creating a nice play between the two separate environments.

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Pinstripe Skate Deck

Pin-striping is one of those arts that I could never fully wrap my head around. Just like hand drawn type it takes perfectly steady hands and an ability to visualize and execute an end product. Part of the beauty of this style of painting is how the imperfections blend into the overall beauty of a completed pin-striping work. These decks were done by Ryan Lange of Lost Garage and Code of Conduct two pretty cool sites creating fresh original content in the motorcycle, tattoo, skateboarding sphere.

Godspeed Poster

The always impressive Studio on Fire created this amazing letterpress poster for ARTCRANK. The process behind the poster, or at least behind the design elements of the poster are the coolest part. Bike parts such as seats and cranks were inked up to make impressions. Once scanned the separate elements were manipulated to create the awesome typography you see here. There are some great process images after the jump so make sure to check them out.

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House in Fuji

If I had a view like this I would certainly have to take full advantage of it. This concrete design by LEVEL Architects maximizes privacy and sunlight, and also has a deep protected balcony with a perfect view of Mount Fuji.

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Tomahawk Hair Dryer

I can’t say that I use a hair dryer very frequently let alone ever, but I am aware of the overwhelming lack of design in most household electronics and appliances. These designs by Jean Baptiste Fastrez incorporate beautifully hewn wood handles, melded with simple cords and futuristic blowers. The project is called Tomahawk. The name derived from the hatchets carried by Native American tribes, applies to the design as well as the element of craft that goes into creating a wood handle.

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Jay Nelson’s Domes

Artist Jay Nelson creates unique organic architecture works that fall somewhere between the homes of hobbits and surfer shacks. Unique engineering and simplistic use of materials make his work innately human. Nelson grew up chasing waves and building beach shacks on the California cost. With a USC physics professor for a father you can assume his buildings where much more complex than your normally beach shanty. After attending both CCA and Bard College Nelson holds tight to his surfer roots creating richly inhabitable little pods.

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Frozen Wave

This is probably one of the coolest short films of all time. Spanish photographer and film maker Juan Rayos creates rich layered scenes and then documents them in captivating films like this one entitled Frozen Wave. Also by Rayos, Carving the Mountains is worth a watch.

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Brett Amory

Painter Brett Amory has got some serious chops. The way in which he captures and slightly alters potentially mundane subject matter is astonishing. He also has a very interesting eye and approach to painting light and color, which gives his paintings an extremely graphic quality. Many of pieces walk a unique line between being hyper realistic and surreal all at the same time.

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Plic Ploc Wiz

There seems to be a multitude of awesome iPad apps sprouting up all over these days. Not that this is an original observation by any means, but I think many of these are helping to redefine that categorization of something as an app as well as what it can and should do. Plic Ploc Wiz is a wonderful example because it steps outside of the predictable user interface and creates a blank canvas sort of workspace for you to create unique little works of art with a selected toolkit. Granted PPW is marketed for children. I am definitely going to shamelessly download it regardless.

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Nasa Graphic Standards Manual 1976

The old Nasa logo and identity is such an iconic piece both of American design and history. We all know this old logo from images of space shuttles, press materials, and the Air and Space Museum, but most of us have never seen the brand ass it would be applied to uniforms and other collateral.

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FontBook on iPad

FontBook recently released their amazing new iPad app, which looks like the single best type related resource ever. You can easily search and view by either foundry, designer, year or class and look through amazing type specimen sheets. Clicking through to purchase is also flawlessly integrated for those of you looking to expand your type library.

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Pioneers of American Industrial Design Stamps

I rarely make it into a post office living in New York City mainly because the lines are of life threatening length. The past week while I was visiting my parent’s in MA I happened to stop into the local post office and come across these gems. A new stamp set released by the USPS entitled Pioneers of American Industrial Design. Up until a few days ago I had only seen them floating around on blogs. The tactile feel of a sheet a of perforated stamps is just amazing coupled with the beautiful images of design icons. The lineup of designers includes Eliot Noyes, Dave Chapman, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Donald Deskey, Greta von Nessen, and a few others. You can get the stamps in most local post offices or online at the USPS Shop.

Motiv Makes the Times

My friend Russ Maschmeyer, who many of you may know by the name Strange Native made the New York Times today in the personal tech section. The project they covered was one he created over the past year as a student in SVA’s Interaction Design MFA. Russ created an application called Motiv, which uses the Xbox Kinect hardware to track motion and allow users to create music out of ether. Russ would probably disagree and say people would be creating music out of his hard work and sweat. Congrats Russ!

You can check out the whole Times article here.

Austin Town Hall

All the work Reagan Ray has done for Austin Town Hall is really amazing. From the identity to the site and now these great promotional pieces. Ray always has a great hand drawn lettering style and his color sense really brings everything together. If you don’t already know about Austin Town Hall you really need to check it out. It promises to be “the best music site in the best music city in the world”. The site was designed and developed by Paravel, the studio Ray co-founded with Dave Rupert, and Trent Walton and is run by Ryan Ray(Reagan’s Brother).

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Justin Harder

Justin Harder is a super talented designer working mostly in motion graphics, but he has some seriously impressive logo designs and other typographic work in his portfolio as well. I am especially into the “I AM” pencil graphic.

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Lagar do Marmelo

This building designed by bak gordon is a contemporary take on a olive oil production facility. The paved area surrounding the facility seamlessly gives way to conveyor belts of olives and a colorful industrial marvel. From the olive groves that building looks almost space like, but for some reason it does not look too out of place.


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Dependance House

Using similar construction and materials to that of a nice garden shed, this nice little studio sized house adds a minimal and well lit element to the the shed style residence. Facing one direction is a large format window which frames a nice view and keeps the house connected to it’s natural surroundings. The use of industrial grade materials and the simple utilitarian details are perfect in this design by SPEDstudio.

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