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FontBook on iPad

FontBook recently released their amazing new iPad app, which looks like the single best type related resource ever. You can easily search and view by either foundry, designer, year or class and look through amazing type specimen sheets. Clicking through to purchase is also flawlessly integrated for those of you looking to expand your type library.

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Pioneers of American Industrial Design Stamps

I rarely make it into a post office living in New York City mainly because the lines are of life threatening length. The past week while I was visiting my parent’s in MA I happened to stop into the local post office and come across these gems. A new stamp set released by the USPS entitled Pioneers of American Industrial Design. Up until a few days ago I had only seen them floating around on blogs. The tactile feel of a sheet a of perforated stamps is just amazing coupled with the beautiful images of design icons. The lineup of designers includes Eliot Noyes, Dave Chapman, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Donald Deskey, Greta von Nessen, and a few others. You can get the stamps in most local post offices or online at the USPS Shop.

Motiv Makes the Times

My friend Russ Maschmeyer, who many of you may know by the name Strange Native made the New York Times today in the personal tech section. The project they covered was one he created over the past year as a student in SVA’s Interaction Design MFA. Russ created an application called Motiv, which uses the Xbox Kinect hardware to track motion and allow users to create music out of ether. Russ would probably disagree and say people would be creating music out of his hard work and sweat. Congrats Russ!

You can check out the whole Times article here.

Austin Town Hall

All the work Reagan Ray has done for Austin Town Hall is really amazing. From the identity to the site and now these great promotional pieces. Ray always has a great hand drawn lettering style and his color sense really brings everything together. If you don’t already know about Austin Town Hall you really need to check it out. It promises to be “the best music site in the best music city in the world”. The site was designed and developed by Paravel, the studio Ray co-founded with Dave Rupert, and Trent Walton and is run by Ryan Ray(Reagan’s Brother).

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Justin Harder

Justin Harder is a super talented designer working mostly in motion graphics, but he has some seriously impressive logo designs and other typographic work in his portfolio as well. I am especially into the “I AM” pencil graphic.

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Lagar do Marmelo

This building designed by bak gordon is a contemporary take on a olive oil production facility. The paved area surrounding the facility seamlessly gives way to conveyor belts of olives and a colorful industrial marvel. From the olive groves that building looks almost space like, but for some reason it does not look too out of place.


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Dependance House

Using similar construction and materials to that of a nice garden shed, this nice little studio sized house adds a minimal and well lit element to the the shed style residence. Facing one direction is a large format window which frames a nice view and keeps the house connected to it’s natural surroundings. The use of industrial grade materials and the simple utilitarian details are perfect in this design by SPEDstudio.

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Urbanflow Helsinki

To think about and begin to design a true modern city we need to understand the uses and implications of current technologies on the landscape. This amazing video is a summation of a project by Nordkapp called Urbanflow, which has laid the groundwork for what the future city will look like and how we will interact with it. Not so much the physical landscape, but more the digital landscape. How data will be visualized, created, manipulated, interacted with and then used to develop and benefit the city and it’s infrastructure.

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The President’s Budget for 2012

Even though Obama’s term in the White House has been rocky at times how can we not commend someone for taking our countries government into the new millennium. Obama has made it a keep point of focus to integrate new technologies and web tools into the everyday operations of many departments in the government. We may not be at the point where the department of defense tweets every time they launch an apache missile with the target geo-tagged.

We have seen a massive improvement in the level of transparency surrounding government decision making, and it may not yet be a completely collaborative process, but we are moving towards a new type of democracy. Government information is now being offered up directly from the source as opposed to being cobbled together by some media outlet or put forth in the cryptic tongue of a press release.

To explore the interactive 2012 budget head over to the White House website. See where you money is going.


Nosh seems like a nice fresh view both on social and food related apps. It’s downloading as I type this and I am super excited to see what it can do. The app was created by a new startup called Firespotter Labs, which is funded by Google Ventures and has a seriously stacked list of staffers.

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False Bay Writer’s Cabin

Recently I have seen quite a bit more architecture in the vain of cabins and vacation homes that cut through the conventions. Bigger is better and lavish is living. After living in New York City for a few years I have learned that space is a commodity, but like a $20 Martini you can make do without. From a closet sized room in a small apartment to an even smaller apartment I share with a girlfriend and a dog I have learned both to share, shed unneeded things, and above all maximize space.

I have posted about Olson Kundig Architects before mainly because there work is unique, slightly industrial while still being homey. The function and craft behind their work shows through. In the case of their False Bay Writer’s Cabin they have created a tiny minimal retreat, which when it is not being used can fold up and protect itself from the elements.

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Nike Tales From the Kitchen – Hyperfuse

Nike recently released this new animated video as a part of the Tales From the Kitchen series, this episode covers the design and inspiration behind the new Hyperfuse. Shane Kohatsu was inspired to create a durable breathable basketball sneaker by a recent trip to China and their burgeoning basketball scene.

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Maison BVA

In place of an old row house Maison BVA by dmvA blends the brick aesthetic of it’s surroundings with a playful design that maximizes light and the outdoors while also maintaining privacy. The windows on the facade are partially obscured by the brickwork giving the feeling of a sort of castle like structure. This could not be any further from the truth. The back half of the house is entirely transparent and looks out onto a nice green yard. The touches of color within the house peak out through the spaces in the brick as though they are taunting the drab neighboring houses.

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Leica Lenses

Anybody who knows even the smallest bit about cameras or photography knows that Leica is at the top of the game. That is mainly due to the fact that their optics are second to none. This video detailing the process for me just confirms what I already kind of knew. Leica is serious about their product. Putting it through thorough testing at every stage, assembled, and hand finished by specialists is just another testament to the level of excellence their product exudes.

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Dex Desk

Dex Desk is a nice simple design by Reinier de Jong. In addition to having a beautiful minimalist aesthetic Dex solves some other problems unique to our time. Where do I put my computer printer and all it’s cables? One of the three drawers is constructed as a deep tray for exactly that purpose. The finishing and details are also equally as exquisite. Nice stacked and laminated top and the touches of color on the different drawer handles.

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My friend and mentor Tina Roth Eisenberg who most of you probably only know by her moniker swissmiss has launched her newest and in my opinion most inventive project to date. Yesterday Tattly launched in beta and today it goes live for the rest of the world! An online store for “Designy temporary tattoos” as their tagline puts it carve out an awesome little niche in growing market of goods by designers for designers. The tattoos are designed by contemporary greats like Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria, Chris Glass, Jessica Hische and many more. Who by the way are all personal friends of Tina. Could this woman get any more impressive? Yes she can. Her other projects in addition to her blog include Creative Mornings, teuxdeux, Icebreakertags, and hopefully a whole slew of other cool projects in the future.

Taylor Black

I really love the use of old lithographic style flowers in the branding for British jewelry designer Taylor Black. The branding, collateral, and website were all designed by Interbang. Their packaging system is super simple and elegant, which really suits the companies aesthetic.

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USB Card Speaker

Sound quality and volume has always been one of my foremost aggravations with laptops. The USB Card Speaker designed by IDEA International has solved those issues with a beautifully designed minimalist portable speaker. It is also compatible with the iPhone for easy campfire or beachside tunes. You can purchase this little guy over at A+R Store for, in my opinion a reasonable $74.

New Work: Beam & Barre

Earlier this year I worked with Greenwich Connecticut based dance retailer Beam & Barre to create an updated web presence and e-commerce site. After more than twenty five years in the business B&B decided it was time to embrace the new millennium and the internet. So them commissioned me to design a website that allowed them to leverage their small boutique qualities on a platform, which reached a wider audience. My friends Jackie Balzer and Brian McAllister of Hey! Guess What!? did an impeccable job on the development, WordPress optimization and Big Cartel customization.

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Sunset Cabin

A cedar slat facade and a green rooftop gives this 275 square foot cabin a nice amount of openness paired with a comfy protect space. The cabin was designed by Taylor Smyth Architects and built by Brothers Dressler with Yaan Poldaas.

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