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In this case I must quote my source Erik Spiekermann, “Supermarket brands don’t have to be ugly”. That is a true statement and the wonderful supporting example is of German supermarket chain Tegut. Their branding is anchored down by a proprietary typeface based on Spiekermann’s Officina Sans, and their other collateral elements include other of Spiekermann’s fonts along with ones from Mitja Miklavčič, and Christian Schwartz. For more info about the Tegut brand and their fonts check out the article on Fonts in Use.

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New Basics

Jonah Takagi of Takagi Atelier has released a new line of pieces called New Basics, which consists of a few variations on a flat packing table. The brightly colored hardware for the system is laser cut powder coated steel and the tops are a durable 100% recycled composite.

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BGA Container House

Freight containers are a great modular building component and a great way to re-purpose something that would normally just become post industrial waste. Benjamin Garcia Saxe has created a prototype for a client of the most modestly priced modern home I have ever encountered. Ringing in at $40,000 this little shipping container wonder is amazing. Composed of two 40 foot containers linked by an open space with clerestory windows at the top, this layout gives great views and also provides good cross ventilation. This prototype was developed as part of Saxe’s project “Containers of Hope”, which as this example proves is working hard to create environmentally responsible and affordable housing solutions. Their main market is first time home buyers in developing nations, but this design is most certainly suitable for a wider array of applications.

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IMA Visitors Pavilion

The IMA Visitors Pavilion acts as the entrance to the art and nature park beyond it. In addition it becomes a place for conversation and reflection about what has been seen and discovered. Marlon Blackwell Architect designed this building with the goal of creating a more tangible link between visitors and the outdoor component of the museum. The slightly raised platform of the structure blends into the forest floor and creates a nice transition from the built world to the organic nature park.


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Pendulum Sound Machine

At first I thought this was a rather excessive approach to creating a simple chime, but after the watching the video I was completely intrigued. The varied repetition is in itself beautiful and very remeniscent of how things occur in nature. This little invention was made by Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design.

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Govino Glasses

Truly inspired and functional new glassware designs are few and far between these days. It seems like a rather difficult space to redefine or at the least to improve the standard we have become accustomed to over the last century. Govino Glasses do a nice job of combining the beauty and aesthetic of wine glasses with a reusable, shatterproof, BPA free polymer. The design is impeccable, especially the indentation, which provides a nice little grip to keep the glass from slipping out of your hand.

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I love this look at process behind the branding Jamie VanWart, aka Ketchup n Mustard did for Parlour. The project was mainly based on creating the custom logotype for the boutique ice cream truck in Durham, North Carolina, and a website design that may launch in the future.

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+ Pool

Last October I saw Dong Ping Wong speak at the FEAST conference, and the + Pool was one of the corner stones of his presentation. That was the first time I had come across the project and it literally blew me away. I hadn’t really thought of using the NYC waterways for swimming beyond that deadly hot day once a year when I contemplate hurling myself into the Hudson River. After seeing Wong speak, I posted about his presentation and the + Pool here on campsite, and since then the project has come leaps and bounds.

Since this past fall FAMILY and PlayLab have teamed up with world renowned engineering firm ARUP to figure out the feasibility of the project and have now launched a kickstarter to begin gathering grass roots funding. If you want to swim in NYC and don’t want to make the trip to Rockaway Beach or Long Island help make the + Pool happen. It’s also good for the environment!

Merchant No. 4 (Update)

Merchant No. 4 always has the best little finds, and some great bigger pieces too. Mostly home-goods and knick knacks for around the house, they also carry some great minimalist furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. I posted about some of their beautiful wood kitchen containers and fixtures a year ago yesterday, check it out here.

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The state of affairs of ebooks and the integration of reading with the web and the advances in media purchasing has been in a bummer place for a while. In comes Booki.sh. A cloud based ebook library and reading platform, which is accessible on most mobile devices and web browsers. This is a decisive step forward for reading and media related applications, both for it’s thoughtfulness and it’s singular vision. Not attempting to cover too much ground. Booki.sh has restricted their focus to ebooks and the related interaction, and consumption chain.

All the beautiful branding and web design is the work of A Friend of Mine. The project also included a custom typeface applied to the logotype based on a pair of eyeglasses, which adds a playful, yet scholarly identity to the branding.

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Nest House

In the nice wooded plot of land at the bottom of a mountain lies the Nest House. Designed by UID Architects as a home for three women, a mother and two daughters. The concept was based on a nest in that it is very directly connect to the nature that surrounds it both by proximity and that the core of the home itself pulls some of that natural environment in and makes it part of the interior space. Large format windows and an open plan make it feel more like a pavilion than an enclosed structure, but it still gives the protection and refuge from the elements.

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Oak Studios Count Down

My friends over at Studiomates always seem to be doing the coolest stuff around. Right now Oak Studios is counting down to the launch of their new site. Literally. Their homepage has been transformed into a digital clock counting down to a zero hour in the near future. I am so excited to see the final product, I just have to make sure the anticipation doesn’t get the better of me.

Texas Twister

This weekend and vacation retreat 45 minutes outside of Dallas combines nods at classic modernism, wonderful natural vernacular that blend into it’s surroundings. The unique canopy that extends out from the entryway is a great example of this. It emulates the stringy organic look of the brush and trees that make up the local landscape, and also has a hint of the shape of an actually twister to it. The house was designed by buildingstudio.


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Herb Lester Maps

Herb Lester has released a set of maps for different cities, and obviously as a New Yorker my personal favorite is Where The Sidewalk Ends: How to find old New York. The awesome illustration work for the New York map was done by the always amazing Jim Datz.

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Sands Castle

Right around 2000 a former warehouse in San Francisco was saved and revived from demolition and is now the picture perfect live work space. Jeff and Larissa Sand live on the top floor of this three story brick building with a second floor office, and studio space and the first floor metal shop and fabrication workshop.

With arguably the shortest commute on earth the activity and energy on the lower floors is of the type that would likely distract and annoy most of us. The Sands on the other hand find it to be more energizing than anything else. You can view more images of Jeff and Larissa’s house on Dwell.

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Jim Houser Vinyl Record Packaging

Over the past couple years album art seems to have become even less common, as more music is offered solely in digital form. So when someone goes that extra step to press a run of vinyl the album art really needs to match that quality. In this case the album is by Jim Houser, an artist and musician and the beautiful packaging was done by Smyrski Creative. Using images from Houser along with some process shots of his art and daily life it gives a great insight into the background and depth of his expression. Usually I have create a picture of what someones state of mind was when creating a piece of art or music, but in this case the packaging design does a perfect job of telling us the truer story.

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The 60s 606 Turns 50

This year a modern classic has it’s half century birthday. The 606 system was originally released and is still on offer from Vitsoe. Designed by one of my all time favorite designers Dieter Rams, the 606 modular shelving and storage system lives at that rare intersection of form and function. Few pieces of furniture and especially modular shelving do their job with such style and grace. No wonder then that the 606 system has remained a staple offering for Vitsoe for fifty years now.

New Work: The Narrows

Over the past year I have had the honor to collaborate with my close friend on the branding and design for his new bar The Narrows. Off the Morgan stop on the L train, it is one of evermore amazing little spots in the otherwise desolate neighborhood.

Inspired by the art-deco era and craft drink making, we had a lot of great visual influence. During the discovery and research period I looked at tons of deco and deco informed typefaces, because I knew we would invariably land on a type based logo.

My friends and frequent collaborators Jackie Balzer and Brian McAllister worked with me on this project to provide flawless development work including WordPress integration with some custom plugins for fast and simple menu changes and event scheduling.

Feel free to visit the Narrows site or if you are in New York City head out to Bushwick grab a pie at Roberta’s and stop off at the Narrows for a seasonal cocktail or craft beer.

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Wall-less House

Called the Wall-Less House this house designed by Tezuka Architects relies on it’s core to support the minimal exterior. On the ground floor the space opens completely out onto the garden. Often times using industrial grade materials can give a sterile or even rough feeling, but here they have achieved a wonderful elegance by playing concrete and metal surfaces off of warm woods and large expanses of white.

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Carvalhal Guest House

Guest House designed by Paratelier architects in Carvalhal, Portugal is a nice take on a beach or vacation house. The construction is a modular of three sections divided into, one for living, storage and parking.

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