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How I Give Presentations With the iPad

Self proclaimed “writer who draws” Austin Kleon has made this fun little illustration to demonstrate how he uses his iPad in place of a laptop when giving presentations.

Eastside Addition

Usually when you see an addition to home it attempts to blend into the original structure perfectly and fails miserably. This project dubbed the Eastside Addition in Providence was designed by 3six0 Architecture. It is a 2-story addition, which is intended as a space for the couple to organize and keep their combined collections of books and memorabilia. Instead of stacking and piling it in any nook or cranny as they did before it allows them open well lit space to enjoy these things.

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Golden Grid System

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly integral to all things built for the web these days. It is not enough to have a website and an app. it also needs to be possible for your users to log on from any mobile internet device. Whether it be Blackberry, Android, iPhone or a type of tablet having a sitebuilt with flexibility in mind is key.

Since responsive web design is still young there are few great resources for creating a simple functional folding grid system. Joni Korpi a Finish web designer has created the 960 Grid System of responsive site design perfectly named as Golden Grid System. The key features of GGS are the fluid grid, with folding columns, elastic gutters, and a zoomable baseline grid. In addition it comes with Golden Gridlet a script, which allows you to see the grid overlay so you can easily check your math.

BMW 3.0 CLS by Alexander Calder

There is nothing more magnificent than this perfect collaboration between precision racing and 20th century art. Alexander Calder has been one of my favorite artists and greatest influences since finding a book of his work and sketches on a family friends coffee table as a child. The lively shapes and colors bring to life the metal exoskeleton that is the embodiment of the BMW 3.0 CLS. In motion it could be mistaken for tropical fish gliding past. The Calder’s signature(“ca”) on the rear drivers side quarter panel is a beautiful touch, it really completes the canvas in my opinion.

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Ben Barry

I have always admired the work of Ben Barry, especially the super cool stuff he does over there at Facebook. These awesome photos here capture his workspace both at home, and at the Facebook Analog Lab. Theres even the great poster Barry designed for Obama’s Town Hall at Facebook. Despite being a tiny edition of ten Ben was able to get a signed copy for the office with a little help from Zuckerberg himself.

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Your House

Your House is a beautiful combination of book and ornate paper cut. Designed by Olafur Eliasson. As you flip through the book the die cuts change and morph altering the layout of the rooms within the house. This extremely imaginative work reminds me of the Paper Under the Knife exhibit from Museum of Art and Design here in NYC, which displayed cut paper artworks of amazing variety.

Nara Single Family House

Building a single family house on a small urban lot has so many restrictions and the level of difficulty to keep a project within a feasible budget is next to impossible. A small house a bit under 900 square feet offers a nice level of open plan living without doors, but ensures privacy and division through narrowing hallways and deliberately placed nooks. The architects who designed this house are ninkipen! a small Japanese based studio.

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This new house built in a pine forest in Brandenburg was designed to fit in with it surroundings both natural and manmade. In contrast it has details that make certain aspects stick out, such as the white painted window framing, which alludes to the stark white interior. The design of Waldhaus was carried out by Atelier St. I think by far my favorite part has to be the kitchen. It is the only part of the house where the raw color and texture of wood has been left and I think it really brightens up and makes that room feel more lively.


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Mt. Bonnell

There are so many great details, which work together to make this house so functional. I can’t tell what idea I like better in this design by Mell Lawrence Architects, whether it is the puppy window, or the concrete steps. Also the artist studio on the property would be an amazing workspace to run a design studio from.


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Egg Dyeing 101 App.

I want to apologize for how out of season this is, but I just came across it and thought it was a great example of unique app. design. Surprisingly enough I have come to find out that the Martha Stewart camp has put out a range a interesting apps. We don’t celebrate easter in my family, but that won’t stop me from downloading this little gem. Check out more of the screens over at the iTunes Store.

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Refurbished Swiss Cabin

The melding of the history of this structure and the beautiful modern renovation is in my eyes a great illustration of Swiss culture and design both past and present. My favorite part are the exposed aged beams from the original structure. This perfect little cabin high up in the alps was designed by Personeni Raffaele Schärer and the amazing photos were shot by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti.

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Costa Chica

Branding starts with a good idea, but is made with a great name and completed with perfectly executed design. Costa Chica in my opinion is a wonderful idea, a playful name and has impeccable design done by Savvy Studio. I wish this restaurant was in my town I would definitely pop in there for some Mexican food.

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House Industries & Heath Ceramics

Eames and Neutraface are contemporary typefaces based on classic design inspiration with some well deserved updates. The timeless numbers from these two fonts are now available as ceramic house numbers made in collaboration with House Industries and Heath Ceramics.

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My Cool Campervan

I am really digging this video promoting the new book My Cool Campervan. The styling and everything is so summery and fun. Makes me want my own little campervan. You can pick the book up over on Amazon.

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Falcon Enamelware

I don’t think I am alone in having wonderful memories of enamelware plates and mugs from camping adventures during childhood. Falcon Enamelware has been making the same great line of products 1920 and is going to be releasing some new stuff this year. Their utterly classic pieces are part utilitarian part high design home goods. Their bright blue rim along with the crisp white are perfect. Enough about the dishes though. Morse Studio of our very own New York City has recently launched a new website and on it is some amazing work including a holistic rebrand for none other than Falcon Enamelware. They also art directed some seriously delicious food photography by Sam Stowell.

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Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes photos are rather surreal, capturing a side of museums that most of us will never see. The behind the scenes work that goes into the exhibits we see in the Museum of Natural History are a work of art unto themselves.

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Weight Vases

I can pretty positively say I have hated ten in every nine vases I have seen, but the fresh thinking here is great. These vases made out of a combination of cast concrete and steel framing would make a great balance in a sleek modern home. They add a level of texture and idiosyncrasy. Check out some of the process sketches behind these great designs from Thinkk Studio after the jump. All the designs for this project were created while Decha Archjananun of Thinkk Studio was studying at the amazing design program at University of Art and Design Lausanne.

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City Scout

Ever try finding relevant travel information on a city and even more specifically design related advice on where to go and what to do? Well the girls from Studio Sweet Studio have come through for us. Their newest project is called City Scout, which offers the inside scoop from designers and creatives on their favorite spots in their city. Currently you could say City Scout is in beta with information only on offer for Chicago, with Brooklyn to be added soon. I also have to say the icon set they created for the project is great.

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Lådan (Box)

Lådan is one of those modernist designs that supersedes age and becomes timeless. It’s name translates as box, but even in it’s practiced simplicity it holds a certain comfort and warmth that only a true legend like Ralph Erskine could envision. Elements that really make this design come alive are the ones that break out of the minimal palette and inject some whimsical shapes and textures into the house.


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Type Everything

If there was ever a time to trade in the tumblr blogs you follow for new kind of blog porn it’s now. Type Everything is equal parts type porn and resource with posts ranging from such a wide array of periods contemporary and vintage to futuristic and experimental. This is a place where your fetish for terminals can really run wild.

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