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Floating House

When I first came across this Floating House by Mos I would have sworn it was in Sweden or Norway or something. The location, concept and execution seemed more forward thinking than we tend to see in North America. The structure itself is a ultra modern minimalist box, which floats atop a structure of steel pontoons. This allows the house to handle the ever changing water levels. The location itself is completely mind boggling. Tucked in an inlet on Lake Huron, among a mix of solid rock beaches and shabby pine trees the views from and of the house are other worldly.


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Jean Prouvé Industrial Beauty

Industrial designer and architect Jean Prouvé in my opinion is one of the most underrated and forgotten modernist designers. His work laid the ground work for a lot of subsequent styles. Many of which are still prevalent and even hip today. His work was very evidently influenced by the post industrial revolution manufacturing culture and the advent of mass production. In opposition to the changes we have witnessed where mass production has allowed for a drop in the quality of goods. Prouvé used it as an opportunity to make furniture out of materials that were normally used in aircraft and military grade fixtures.

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The Interrupters

The Interrupters is a film about trying to end gun violence through the lens of inner city Chicago. This film has garnered numerous awards, but that for me isn’t what I want to take away from it. It is the ability to capture powerful change and social evolution and share it with the rest of the world and that it is one of the most powerful tools we have as communicators.

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Retirement Facitlity Hottingen Signage

The Swiss just do it better. One thing I have been looking at a lot and is becoming a thread of sorts here on campsite is the idea of reinventing or re-envisioning designed objects, which have become pedestrian or banal. This atypical wayfinding system designed by Tina Stäheli–Shinohara illustrates this perfectly. It falls somewhere between constructivist art and signage, and thus changes how we engage and use it. Equal parts art and information in my opinion would allow the user to be more connected to the information on the sign and be able to understand and apply that information more easily. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this so please feel free to leave a comment.

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Miller Porch House

Porch House is another great example of the highly functional design sense of Lake Flato architects. This design in particular hinges on the ability of their structures to become a part of the natural environment and allow the living spaces to flow in and out of the outdoors.

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SWYP by Artefact

Why can’t more designers have on outlook and approach like Artefact? Their new printer concept called SWYP, which stands for See What You Print is a completely revolutionary idea in the printing and computing space. We rarely see the modern and most user friendly technologies manifested in home and office printing products, and the SWYP begins to fill that chasm. You should also check out the video on vimeo of the printer in action.

“The ideas of radical simplicity also extend to the box itself. We focused on the utilitarian aspects of the printer: opening the lid for scanning, easy access to the paper tray and easy access to ink cartridges. We made every effort to strip it down to the essentials and resisted the temptation to add extraneous details. In the process we believe we achieve a beauty that only simplicity can deliver.”

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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

“Your Time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

Kameren St. House

Urban architecture does not have to be complex or exemplify an Architect’s prowess. To see the value in keeping things simple and without embellishment is rare among architects. A perfect single family living space within the hustle and bustle of a city. The Kameren St. House fits all the necessary requirements for an urban dwelling and even a couple many of us have learned to live without. A private outdoor patio backyard combination and amazing natural light exposure that seems to beam through the entire house.


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Collection for Coalesse

MINIMAL Inc. has designed a Collection for Coalesse, which to put it simply aims to redefine the conference room. As our workspaces and desks have evolved the conference room has stayed the same. Our practices have become ever more social, and collaboration is an active component of any good work environment. Based on this evolution in the work environment the area where we hold meetings and brainstorm as a group obviously needed an overhaul. This collection by Minimal reminds me a lot of the ergonomics and structure of some of Herman Miller’s classic office chairs and even airport seating, with some obvious comfort updates and a great deal of elegance. One aspect that I find striking about the line in general is that it seems to be set at a lower than standard height for office furniture. This undoubtedly translates into the mood and energy that exists with in the conference room.

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House in Pirque

Perched on a hillside in Pirque this house has been designed for a simpler type of living. Everything having it’s own place is an easy concept to grasp, but in practice only works if you don’t have too many things. This little cabin shows how to do it. Designed by 332 Arquitectos this cabin has been stripped down to the bare essentials.

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Friska is an wonderful unique titling font, with an curvy slab serif sort of look. It reminds me a little bit of American Typewriter with some more unique characteristics. This typeface was designed by
German based Stereotypes.

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Das Programm

Being a huge Dieter Rams fan myself makes this new Das Programm site that much more amazing. A minimalist store dedicated entirely to the works Rams designed while working at Braun between 1955 and 1995. This site fills a small portion of “the gap between the desirability and availability of his work”.

Ready Steady Bang

Theres a new minimalist game app. in town. Ready Steady Bang is a simple cowboy shootout game for the iPhone that has a really awesome user interface. This little promotional video for the game is really funny and tad morbid.

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Sneeoosh Cabin

Architects in Washington State, and Oregon seem to be able to attack our core needs as far as housing and create living spaces that coexist with nature instead of negating it. This house called Sneeoosh Cabin is a really fun example of this idea design by the folks of Zeroplus Architects. The shape and layout breaks what many people would refer to as conventions and creates this mix between a cabin and what can best be described as biodome aesthetic. The pairing melds beautifully into this rich textural experience of materials intersecting with one another.

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Branding the 10,000 Lakes