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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

“Your Time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

Kameren St. House

Urban architecture does not have to be complex or exemplify an Architect’s prowess. To see the value in keeping things simple and without embellishment is rare among architects. A perfect single family living space within the hustle and bustle of a city. The Kameren St. House fits all the necessary requirements for an urban dwelling and even a couple many of us have learned to live without. A private outdoor patio backyard combination and amazing natural light exposure that seems to beam through the entire house.


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Collection for Coalesse

MINIMAL Inc. has designed a Collection for Coalesse, which to put it simply aims to redefine the conference room. As our workspaces and desks have evolved the conference room has stayed the same. Our practices have become ever more social, and collaboration is an active component of any good work environment. Based on this evolution in the work environment the area where we hold meetings and brainstorm as a group obviously needed an overhaul. This collection by Minimal reminds me a lot of the ergonomics and structure of some of Herman Miller’s classic office chairs and even airport seating, with some obvious comfort updates and a great deal of elegance. One aspect that I find striking about the line in general is that it seems to be set at a lower than standard height for office furniture. This undoubtedly translates into the mood and energy that exists with in the conference room.

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House in Pirque

Perched on a hillside in Pirque this house has been designed for a simpler type of living. Everything having it’s own place is an easy concept to grasp, but in practice only works if you don’t have too many things. This little cabin shows how to do it. Designed by 332 Arquitectos this cabin has been stripped down to the bare essentials.

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Friska is an wonderful unique titling font, with an curvy slab serif sort of look. It reminds me a little bit of American Typewriter with some more unique characteristics. This typeface was designed by
German based Stereotypes.

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Das Programm

Being a huge Dieter Rams fan myself makes this new Das Programm site that much more amazing. A minimalist store dedicated entirely to the works Rams designed while working at Braun between 1955 and 1995. This site fills a small portion of “the gap between the desirability and availability of his work”.

Ready Steady Bang

Theres a new minimalist game app. in town. Ready Steady Bang is a simple cowboy shootout game for the iPhone that has a really awesome user interface. This little promotional video for the game is really funny and tad morbid.

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Sneeoosh Cabin

Architects in Washington State, and Oregon seem to be able to attack our core needs as far as housing and create living spaces that coexist with nature instead of negating it. This house called Sneeoosh Cabin is a really fun example of this idea design by the folks of Zeroplus Architects. The shape and layout breaks what many people would refer to as conventions and creates this mix between a cabin and what can best be described as biodome aesthetic. The pairing melds beautifully into this rich textural experience of materials intersecting with one another.

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Branding the 10,000 Lakes

Personal projects come in all shapes, sizes, and mediums, but Branding 10,000 Lakes sounds and is badass through and through. Minnesota designer Nicole Meyer has undertaking a gigantic, 27 year long side project, which is to design a logo for a lake a day of which there are ten thousand in Minnesota. The beauty here folks is that you aren’t going to have to wait nearly 3 decades to see this collection of gems because Nicole has already been cracking and has designed up a whole bunch of amazing logos so far.

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Christine & Ian’s Wedding Invitations

There is really only one way to make a guidebook inspired wedding invitation cooler and that is to make it yourself for Under $200. Christine and Ian did just that, with a craft solution that looks a lot more like high cost professionally printed goods.

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Stamp Sheet Wall Planner

The Stamp Sheet Wall Planner is another beautiful piece from the brains over at Present & Correct. This amazing wall calendar is a beautiful new way to count down the days in a year, and also to be inspired to make something everyday.

Made by Hand – Brueckelen Distilling Company

I know I am not alone in my love and admiration of the new film project called Made by Hand, which aims to document the love and craft that goes into the hand made and locally based small businesses we see sprouting up everywhere. For their first film they documented the newly formed Brueckelen Distilling Company, which is a great starting point. The style of this short film makes me excited for all the great ones that I am sure will follow.

Inner City Bike

For me good design is not always, but can sometimes be defined as the leap of faith it takes to completely through the conventions attached to an existing object out the window. Inner City Bike designed by Joey Ruiter is not the most extreme example of this idea, yet it does a great job of redefining what is actually needed from a bike in the city. Simplifying the form and moveable parts this is more of a pair of wheels holding up a person that a frame holding together a pair of wheels. That may seem like a small shift to many, but in my opinion it is much greater shift. The choice to create a direct drive system instead of using a chain and crank adds another level of simplicity, and puts the rider in a position more a kin to a racing motorcycle than any bike I have ever seen. Geometry is not the only similarity between this bike and motorcycles, the fork construction and even how the handle bars are mounted takes cues from old cafe racer bikes.

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Urbanized Trailer

I am pleased to finally catch a glimpse of the Urbanized Film. A few months ago I was one a large group of people who banded together via Kickstarter to help this project become realized. After being so perfectly wowed by Gary Hustwit’s two other preceding master works Helvetica and Objectified I was prepared to do my part to make this third film happen. His work is so transcendent and is enriched by the number of varying opinions and ideas it weaves together surrounding a subject. It is not a far stretch to say a film or movie is like a piece of textile, and I think Gary’s work is a great example of this. The texture created in his films has a feeling of comfort, simplicity, and thus accessibility to the films topic.

Raleigh Denim

Such a large portion of my work and life exists on or surrounding the web and technology that I rarely get to do any work by hand. The craft and tradition behind textiles manufacturing and specifically behind the art of speciality denim making is so rich. Raleigh Denim is a brand new company when we think of it in context of the history of denim both in their locale and throughout the country. North Carolina has an abundant textile history that can be credited to the cotton farming of that area of the Southeast. One factory that has garnered an enormous amount of admiration and press during the ongoing specialty denim fad is the Cone Denim White Oak mill, which has been producing selvedge denim since 1905. Using this denim exclusively Raleigh Denim has created a line of high end denim with a two fold mission. They want to create classically influenced fashionable jeans, but they also want to do their part to revitalize the once booming textile manufacturing industry in North Carolina.

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City Cottage

To getaway you don’t always have to go a great distance. This little cottage built in Helsinki is only a little over a mile from their family home offers the perfect type of minimalist getaway in a small intimate little structure. Every detail, object and fixture had to be perfect, as the space is only 150 square feet. Low energy consumption and the natural setting of this house make it an ecologically sound vacation option when compared to driving or flying somewhere. Finnish culture holds nature in a place of great respect and that even comes through in their city planning where camping areas and parks are designed right into the fabric of cities. Also because of it’s small scale this little building makes virtually zero impact and can be powered entirely by solar energy. The design for the cottage was done by Verstas Architects a Helsinki based firm.

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Authentic Jobs’ 6th Birthday

Every year for the birthday of his site Authentic Jobs, Cameron Moll launches a campaign to raise money(and awareness) for charity: water. This year the ante has been upped. From last years $17,000 to 600,000 Ethiopian Birr (approximately $35,000). The money raised if successful will go to directly fund a drilling rig that will be able to offer clean drinking water to a large portion of Northern Ethiopia. On a brief aside, how bad ass is the micro site Cameron put together for this campaign?

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Simple idea for an alphabet made up of letterforms created by layering images of vintage toys. Illustrator Viktor Koen has a portfolio full of wonderful pieces that feature an awesome collage and color sense. Toyphabet as it is named has to be one of the coolest though.

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Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment

Kevin Roche has made his mark on New York, which is something that can be said by only a select number of Architects. The original exhibition Architecture as Environment was presented at Yale School of Architecture and has been expanded for it’s current venue at the Museum of the City of New York to cover his work and what it has done for New York City. The exhibit includes original drawings, models, photographs and ephemera from more that 40 years of work, and opens on September 27th running through January 22nd 2012.

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Hip Hop Logo

This is one of those self initiated projects that cuts through all the client less clouds and kicks serious ass. Designer Christopher David Ryan created this logo for the nice broad mock client Hip Hop. He really nails it with the layering of the two component words, and the execution is all there. The letters just meld together into an unbreakable type mark.

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