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Eastfield Village Identity

Bill Hovard recently led his team at Hovard Design in the design of an identity for Eastfield Village. Eastfield is the lifelong project of Don Carpentier, which exists as an 18th Century village in upstate New York. Many buildings and structures on the brink of extinction were transported to Carpentier’s property and recomposed into a looking glass into another time. The identity itself uses raw materials like craft paper and burlap, as well as period printing techniques including letterpress and rubber stamp.

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Walton Ford New Work

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an opening at Paul Kasmin Gallery of some astounding new work by artist, and long time friend Walton Ford. If you aren’t familiar with his work it is best described as James Audobon with a level of social commentary and graphic sexual undertones. His new paintings titled “I don’t like to look at him, Jack” which are giant 9 foot by 12 foot watercolors capturing the emotions of King Kong. The detail of these pieces and the rendering of the facial expressions is exquisite. The show will be running through December 23rd if you are in New York City you should pop over to Chelsea and check it out.

Rock Paper Scissors

Part designer, part performer, part installation artist Julien Vallée now has a monograph out called Rock Paper Scissors. My favorite aspects of his work are his ability to bring his passion for experimentation and unique DIY solutions to every single project. I also love how Julien himself is a subject or model in so much of his work.

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St. Sulpice House

The use of concrete and wood makes for a very classic and warm looking space, which is very surprising. The forms and lines are derived from typical local homes, but the use of materials really sets this place apart. Also the way it is sited and interacts on the street side. Design was carried out by Swiss duo Lacroix Chessex.


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Doxie Go

Doxie is preordering their new scanner the Doxie Go now. A fresh mobile approach to scanning the go can scan directly to your computer, iPhone, iPad, post directly to Flickr, or even into Dropbox. The future of scanning is here!

The Highlands Mural

Hand painted murals are making a serious comeback, and I am loving all of them. This one sponsored by the Highlands Commerce Guild in Louisville Kentucky is bad ass. A true collaboration took place on this one with the design coming from Bryan Patrick Todd, and the sign painting was done by Kirby Stafford.


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Green Mailbox

Mailboxes tend to fall into the category of neglected objects for me, but this one designed by Marcial Ahsayane is totally genius. A fair mix of minimalist design and resource gathering. This mailbox protects your mail, and gathers water to feed your plant, all while looking great.


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Jim Denevan

Using a gigantic fibonacci curve as a guide Jim Denevan created this massive art work on a frozen lake in Siberia. The circles which make up the work grow from as small as 18 inches up to several miles in diameter. The location itself is coupled with the results both feel other worldly and inspire awe. Pop over to The Anthropologist to see more photos and videos about and detailed the making of this amazing piece.

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Cabin on Flathead Lake

I find myself posting about Andersson-Wise multiple times per week and I think that is a true testament to the skill.

Amongst ponderosa pines and looking out over a shale cliff onto Montana’s Flat Head Lake this modern cabin is equally a home as it is an observation point. From he protected porch or the cantilevered deck that juts out into the trees I can definitely see how you could just sit back and take in the beauty of the outdoors. An ever increasing need I feel is to have a greater, or at least stronger bond and friendship between architecture and nature.

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BBC Knowledge

This is a wonderful little advertisement spot created by I am Rader for BBC Knowledge. All the little vignettes are beautifully designed and organized, and the animation is a simple subtle addition to these already strong compositions.


Finally a thermostat, which in addition to not being completely hideous can and will save on energy and in turn money. Tony Fadell formerly in charge of the iPod and then iPhone platforms at Apple has gone out on his own and begun to define a neglected space. Household consumer electronics are normally defined by the entertainment devices and controls we use, but going forward each element of a household from the thermostat, like Nest to the hot water heater to the lighting controls, should and will integrate a higher level of interaction and energy efficiency. Nest is not the first, but based on it’s amazing combination of technology and aesthetics I would have to say that it will change the game. I just pre-ordered mine!

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Scandinavian Coastal Home

I have had a growing infatuation for cabins and architecture which is related to a similar minimalist and naturalist need and aesthetic. A style I have always loved for it’s corky vernacular design, but also for its simple functional sensibilities are the coastal and beachside homes of Scandinavia.

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Tower House

The work of Andersson-Wise is always inspiring and each project is so unique, while embodying their style and sensibilities.

“In considering an addition to the original stone lodge at this Lake Travis property in Texas, USA, the notion of a tower was born out of several factors: taking advantage of views, minimizing the footprint on the site, and accommodating the rising flood plain elevation.”

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Will Dean Homebrew Labels

Will Dean has this awesome personal project making labels for his home brewed beers. Each label has an amazing narrative quality. One of my favorites is “For Robyn I love you, Chaff Wheat Beer brewed with oranges.” All the designs are unique to the type of beer and narrative behind each bottle.

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Summer House in Trosa

Sitting somewhere between a modernist home, and a deep woods cabin this simple Summer House in Trosa was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff architects.

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Chopping Firewood

I am heading up to Massachusetts for the next two days to get the house ready for the coming winter along with chopping and stacking a cord of wood for the same reason. If I have any extra time I plan on doing a little hiking, possibly apple picking at Windy Hill Farm and maybe even some barbecuing if it stays this nice. I will back to posting on Friday.

Farm Anatomy

Farm Anatomy is by far the coolest book and probably even the most awesome piece of print design I have seen in the past year. It also serves as wonderful resource to help educate all the food snobs about what the farm in “farm to table” actually means and consists of. This book is a beautiful and much needed component to the current food landscape, and does with style. The illustrations and hand drawn type by Julia Rothman just sing with all the colors and funky shapes or vegetables, farm animals and such.

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New Express Muffler & Brake

Andy Luce aka Visual Armory created this amazing hand painted sign for the client New Express Muffler & Brake. The the final product is beautiful, and is only made better by the fun Instagram process shots.

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Pop Up Gallery

Ben Lambers created this amazing installation or as it is called a pop up gallery in his home for Inside Design Amsterdam. More of a workspace, with a bunch of unique little pieces and ceramics curated throughout it.

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This video, if you remove it from the context of it being an advertisement, is overwhelming in it’s beauty and inspiration. A video definition of the word pioneer, the definition is beautifully rendered. It also seems to be set somehow devoid of time, where it could be the past, present or future. The abandoned air place carcass at the beginning makes me think post apocalyptic, but then we have the pioneer character dressed in vintage hiking gear.


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