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Beer Friday: Mikkeller Seasonal Beers

Swedish design studio Bedow really pulled together some amazing elements for their label designs for the seasonal line of beers by Mikkeller. Using heat sensitive labels and minimalist graphics and typography they were able to show the transitions that happen during each individual season. Pictured above and below is Autumn. Winter, Spring and Summer are shown after the jump. I have only encounter this sort of interactive or change related label design a few times, but this is by far the best executed.

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Instrument Office

I have followed the work of Instrument in Portland for a little while. All of which is super impressive. It’s really cool to see in side there space and see where all the great work is being created. Extremely open and fun looking space that feels like it would inspire play as well as work. Guess we will be starting on an office remodeling tomorrow. Checkout the whole studio visit over on Visual Supply Co.

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Creative Mornings: George Lois

Last month’s CreativeMornings/NewYork was an extra special one. Legendary art director and author George Lois shared his inspiring words in the awe inspiring Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lois is best known for his nearly 100 covers for Esquire magazine created between 1962 and 1972. It is truly amazing to see how far CreativeMornings has come.

Birds Eye View

Photography shot from abrupt and unusual angles are rarely as amazing as this collection by Navid Baraty. Entitled Birds Eye View this group of photos has a stark graphic quality. Sharp contrast of colors and powerful interaction of lines and other rectilinear forms give these images an amazing texture. Some even remind me of ornate tapestry designs.

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Union Pearson Express

Under the direction of Guru Studio Lotta Niemen and Winkreative to make this layered and colorful story of the Union Pearson Express. The train is due to open in 2015.

One Calendar

Now that almost every person has a computer or smart phone at their fingertips every second of the day. The need for clocks, watches, and calendars has been greatly diminished. Despite that I have seen some really interesting calendar designs recently. One Calendar designed by Jeong Yong features a series of circles connected using magnets set at increments for the month, day and year. The three rings can be configured in a few different ways changing the date format making the calendar useful anywhere in the world.

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Aaron Draplin Speaks at YAY Festival

The saga continues with another installment of the Tall Tales From a Large Man tour of Aaron James Draplin. Draplin opened up Brookly Beta this year to a roomful of the best, brightest and coolest people from around the web. This talk from YAY Festival in Stockholm is another great appearance by the big guy.

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Beer Friday: Sauganash Brewing Co

As the holidays creep closer the holiday parties and gatherings pile up and a few good glasses of beer are exactly what it takes to get through them all. Until the other day I hadn’t heard of small Chicago based Sauganash Brewing Co.. SBCo makes craft beers which are inspired by the windy city’s historic past and to celebrate the great brewing tradition in the area. The super rad branding and label design was carried out by Jack Muldowney.

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Jon Contino Profile

Even if you aren’t familiar with Jon Contino there is a pretty sure chance you know his work. Beautiful hand drawn type and extremely natural textures wielded as the tools for creating unique and amazing logo designs, illustrations and just about everything else you can imagine. Kevin Steen recently created this great profile of Contino, which encapsulates his process, drive and vision a concise three minute film.

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My friends Collin Lewis and Garrett Morin started a band this year called HINTS with Matthew Fisher and Wyeth Hansen. I am really digging the two tracks Ritual and Built a Church on their first release. Head over to their Bandcamp and listen to their two debut songs.

House in Overijse

This design by NEY + Partners reminds me of the Eames Case Study House 8 in California. House in Overijse channels the prefab and modular elements of the Case Study house with a slightly more industrial aesthetic. Where the Eames leaned more towards Bauhaus, NEY has been influenced by a contemporary loft aesthetic.


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Giant Garage Sale Newspaper

I have long wanted to design a newspaper from scratch, and when I first saw this project by Kelli Anderson I was immediately infatuated with it. Created for Martha Rosler’s recent Meta Monumental Garage Sale exhibition at MoMA. The paper also features some of Kate Bingaman Burt’s awesome illustrations.

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Cycle Kids – Breakaway

It’s so invigorating to come across a project where both the client and resulting work are so inspiring. The branding and collateral designed for Cycle Kids 2012 Breakaway is clean, colorful, and bold. The attention grabbing work was created by Boston based Bluerock Design Co.

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Jens Risom Prefab Revisited

Jens Risom’s prefab getaway on Block Island is one of my favorite examples of modernist architecture of all time. I previously posted about it several months here on campsite. When I originally posted it there were only two quality photos I could find, but I have discovered several more great photos in addition to the video tour by Gary Nadeau after the jump.

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Alex Roulette

My first impression upon seeing the work of Alex Roulette was that it had to be photography and was colorized digitally. After closer inspection and reading up on him I found out that he works predominantly in oil on panel. He creates an interesting juxtaposition between almost Rockwellian images and compositions and intense colors, difficult to decipher scenes, and weird architectural forms.

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Simple modular shelving is not hard to come by, but finding a unique system that is both functional and well designed can be difficult. The Divider designed by Mieke Meijer is a great example of one such piece. A few things that really caught my attention was the angled roof like framing at the top of the shelf, the nice contrast between the wood pieces and the metal brackets, and the small size of the shelving compartments.

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Beer Friday: Tin Roof

Happy Beer Friday everybody! As the days grow shorter I find myself seeking solace in the warm embrace of a bourbon a little more frequently than in a tall chalice of suds. But my eyes still wander and in this case land on some great beer packaging. These Tin Roof cans were designed by Unreal and sport a nice simple outfit of bright color and simple clean type. They even seem to glow with luminescence when the condensation puckers up on their exterior.

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An Ode to Creative Work

I have always appreciated both the mission, the products and the services that Behance makes. This video they created is both visually stunning and inspirational. Their content is always succinct and eloquent at summing up creative pursuits. Especially in the areas beyond being creative. The darker harder parts which require perseverance and perspiration.

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Showtime Vase

As part of the celebration for their 40th anniversary BD Barcelona Design has released a limited edition of their Showtime Vase. They collaborated with Jaime Hayon who painted the collection of 40 vases entirely by hand. The resulting vases fit right in with the other releases BD has done over the years with other artists including Juan Gris and Salvador Dalí. The vases are currently available for order through Northern Icon.

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Tilta Lamp

The Tilta Lamp designed by Scoope Design is a far cry from what we know a floor lamp to be. A simple and slightly industrial look and the ability to tilt as the name implies.

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