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Las Vegas Neon Museum

As the face of Las Vegas has changed it has become a overly glam facade of boring and un-unique structures. The days are gone when the strip was lit up with the beautiful vernacular of neon, funky lettering and blinking bulbs. Thankfully there is one place left off the sunset strip where you can still go and view a graveyard like view into the Vegas past. The Neon Museum is a non-profit founded in 1996 and opened to the public last October, serves as the final resting place for more than 150 historic neon signs.

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The Cartography of Kitchenware

As far as infographics go this one doesn’t display data in a revolutionary new way or even break down an either wise confusing subject matter. It does however combine two of my greatest interests. Good design and cooking or at least the utensils for cookery. “The Cartography of Kitchenware” by the wonderful folks over at Popchart Lab. The poster shows all or most of the kitchen implements you will realistically ever need and how they are all related to one another.

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Eagle Wolf Orca

Emmet Rock, Fritz Riha and Marc Reisen were separated by distance after they each returned home after a study abroad program in Milan. They didn’t let that distance end their amazing collaborations. Instead they founded decided to come together to form a transatlantic creative firm. Named Eagle Wolf Orca, which reflect both their sensibilities and the aesthetic of their work.

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3 Fish Identity

Designer Daniel Buxton made this playful and simple identity for 3 Fish in a Tree, which is a London based “ideas agency”. The project brief requested a brand that reflected their process and work environment, which if this identity reflects it I would love to experience it. Another thing I noticed was that Buxton used an ultra-simplified custom browser visualization to display the screens he designed for their site. A nice little touch.

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Bath Haus

Swiss architects Buol & Zünd designed this minimal bath house, which blends in nicely with it’s surroundings. The structure and its accompanying pool are paired down to their essential elements and because of this is far more subdued than your typical pool house.


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House Kekkapaa

House Kekkapaa is a super rad live work style home tucked up in North Espoo, Finland. Designed by POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto the house looks out over a bay. The combination of comfort, functionality, and minimalism looks like it would really be beneficial for a live work home.

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M Lamp

Designer David Irwin creates contemporary designs for furniture, product design and lighting. The M Lamp is one of his most recent designs, which actually straddles the space between product and lighting. As the lamp is portable and small in scale. The concept for it was inspired by the rudimentary kerosene lanterns carried by miners and other workmen. Standing at just over 9 inches it packs quite a wallop with 3,000 lux of warm diffused light. The M Lamp is now available at Juniper Design.

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Beer Friday: Viña Verino

This week I seem to be in a bit more of a wine mood. So for this unusual Beer Friday I thought I would feature some really sleek wine packaging by Barcelona based Solo. Their designs for Viña Verino features some super clean typography and a nice bottle sleeve design that is packages up these bottles beautifully.

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Mishima House

Small family homes in Tokyo often feature some of the most ingenious spacial construction and uncommon layouts. Designed by Keiji Design this single family home uses a staggered almost stair like construction to offset the floors and give double ceiling height and increase the feeling of large open spaces. I particularly like the use of raw industrial materials, which have a great aesthetic and can be cheaper and more durable than normal consumer grade finishings.


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Infographic Sculptures

These crystal like forms are actually 3D infographics in the form of sculptural installations. Austrian artist Peter Jellitsch measures invisible forces in the our environment and translates them into renderings. Jellitsch uses a common modeling algorithm to simulate the factors he is measuring. Talking about his process Jellitsch said “I am not interested in depicting something that I’ve seen in the real world. “My interest lies in transforming something that I’ve seen in the virtual world”.

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Happy Food

Multidisciplinary studio Yum Yum London has made this wonderful animated short about a man and his ketchup debacle. All of their character design is awesome, with depth that is easy to miss. Despite how short this video is Yum Yum was able to build a great story around some really simple subject matter.

Freehand Miami

The Freehand is a one of a growing number of boutique hostels popping up here in the US as well as around the world. The idea of needing a suite or even an entire room when you are on the road or traveling is beginning to seem a little dated or unnecessary. Freehand is a beautifully designed and unique place tucked away in one of the more up and coming neighborhoods in Miami. The design for the hotel was carried out by the duo Roman and Williams. They are also sporting a sexy responsive website which is picture here.

Tina Fey on Twitter

Let’s start the day with some light hearted comedy. We can definitely all agree that the amount of physical and perceivable garbage grows an insurmountably everyday. Despite using it almost on a daily basis, I know Twitter greatly contributes to this stream of refuse. Instead of letting this continue comedian Tina Fey has a much more interesting idea. Listen to Tina’s thoughts on Twitter and how to control it.

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Lake House S

There are few things more relaxing than a simple cabin on a lake. Architects Luger & Maul completed Lake House S in 2007. The structure is a refined minimalist approach to a lakeside cabin with great elements which add privacy and make it a great retreat.


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Tidy Up Your Life

Vitsoe was one of the first ways I discovered and fell in love with Dieter Rams. This wonderful short film documents a couple’s home in Munich who have been living with the Vitsoe shelving system since the 1960s. It has become such an important and integral roll in there lives that it is in every room and almost disappears beneath or behind the things which occupy it. The most intriguing part to me was how Monica said in reference to the 606 system being open or visible. “Because your life is always visible, it is you what is shown.” I think this is a phenomenal sentiment. How a shelving system can be viewed as a living monument or museum to your life. The things we keep, value, and display help to paint a picture of we are or may aspire to be.

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Beer Friday: Cerveza Maier

After a little hiatus for the holidays and a short ski trip we are back to posting. What better way to say a proper hello than with a nice refreshing sudsy beverage. Grupo Ingenio designed these nice simple labels for craft beer company Maier.

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Done Not Done

The amazing gents of Fictive Kin launched Done Not Done the newest addition to their suite of web applications. I have been looking for a social list making tool that would allow me to track things I have done along with things I want to do. Thank you Fictive Kin for continuing to make the internet a better place. Go get the app here.

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Easy Tiger

Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes recently teamed up to form LAND. A multidisciplinary studio creating some really awesome branding and typographic works. One of their first and most recent projects was the branding and signage designed for an Austin based bakery and beer garden. Easy Tiger dons a wonderful vintage aesthetic with some nice whimsical characteristics and a fun use of gold lettering and outlines. Definitely take the time and flip through the rest of their portfolio, as it is chock full of really great work.

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A Room With a View

Aesthetically I am often drawn to images shot from a unique angel or perspective. Especially ones using an aerial or birds eye view. This collection of images by Menno Aden really caught my attention because of the juxtaposition between the simple or mundane settings and such an abnormal way of seeing such a setting. Aden has more images in the series that show hospital rooms and other different types of rooms. I thought, however it worked best when only rooms in houses were viewed together giving them an added uniformity.

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I grew up as a skier. My parents first signed me up for a lesson and dropped me at a small mountain in Western Massachusetts when I was only few years old. Skiing has always been one constant in my life and after just returning from an amazing two week ski trip to Colorado it is evident that the connection has not faded. As the years have passed the sport has progressed on a path of acceleration similar to Moore’s Law. Part of what has most obviously affected the progression of the sport are the developments in cinematography. This allows for shots to be captured at higher frame rates for mind bending slow motion and aerial drone shots of a mountain face. This short film by Sweetgrass Productions is a beautiful example of a ski movie shop studio that is making some of the most unique and enthralling work.

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