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Sweet’son is a packaging concept designed by student Simon Laliberté in his package design class. The concept is to package cocoa powder and powdered sugar on opposing sides of the same container. This way making them both easily accessible for decorating or sprinkling on cookies, cakes, and cappuccinos.

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The Town Mouse

Just behind Lygon Street in Melbourne lives, newly opened bar and restaurant The Town Mouse. The restaurants branding and collateral designs feature custom typography and patterns, which reference the cities grid and building. The custom type was based on the isometric shapes when buildings are viewed from a birds eye view. The design carried out by local studio A Friend of Mine feature some bygone techniques such as gold leafing and glow in the dark ink, which give Town Mouse a timeless sort of aesthetic.

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Beer Friday: Matthew LaFleur

Matthew LaFleur is an insanely talented illustrator and also happens to have quite a knack for home-brewing. Each individual batch of his creatively crafted suds dons a label which he has made especially for that selection. Ranging from growlers and large jars of thick stout to funky recycled glass bottles of ale all of his illustrations attempt to embody both the contents inside and his own style of drawing.

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Living Greens

San Francisco has long been known for its health conscious and grower oriented food culture and Living Greens fits right into that ethos. They say their business grew out of a passion for healthy living which is a little cliche, but I have to give them props since they create a pretty smashing lineup of juices. Recently as they began to reach a wider market and audience they approached Noise 13 to do a rebranding that would be more approachable. In addition to a full identity and collateral system N13 launched a new website for them, which makes it easier to make product updates and streamlines purchasing and order tracking. If you are going to live healthy you need to make sure your business is healthy too, and this brand update was exactly what Living Greens needed.

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Mountain House

Atelier Bow Wow is often best known for their ingenious designs on minute Tokyo plots. The Mountain House they designed in Nevada City, Nevada has a similarly small footprint just over 1200 square feet with a cantilevered roof hovering above the house itself. The roof is reminiscent of a tent fly and provides a large protected outdoor deck space from which almost 360 degree views of the property can be observed.


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The Art of Airport Design

As a child photographer Jeffrey Millstein filmed places taking off and landing at LAX with an 8-millimeter videocamera. Millstein was formerly an architecture student at Berkeley, but has followed his passion for aviation and turned it into a career. His series of aircraft underbellies is his better known work, but his newest project capturing the elaborate layout and infrastructure of airports from above is far more interesting. The patterns, intersections, and general complexity of an airport offers a unique and evolving urban design challenge and an amazing subject matter for photography.

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Bester Sharpening Stones

Best Made Co really stands up to their name by designing and producing beautiful handcrafted items. So it stands to reason that a sharpening stone by these guys would also be of the highest grade. These Japanese style wet stones called Bester Sharpening Stones emulate the simple vernacular and palette of their classic counterpart.

The Big Up 2013

After a year off The Big Up music festival is back, and with an even more stacked line-up than ever before. This is a great little festival that was started by some of my oldest and best friends. The scale has grown quite a bit since it first started in 2010, but it is still all about good vibes and great music. The Big Up will take place the weekend of August 8th, 9th and 10th in Claverack, NY. Make sure to view the full 2013 lineup and get your tickets now.

Birkenhead House

Fit into a funky triangular lot on the edge of Auckland inner harbor. The Birkenhead House designed by Crosson Clark Carnachan Architects was designed with its neighbors in mind. The unique shape and position of the lot made it a challenge to locate and place the dwelling in such a way so that fit in with the directionality of the other homes nearby.


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Land of the Midnight Sun

A land without sunlight in the winter sounds like it would truly strip the happiness out of you, but in contrast what would 24 hours of sunlight in summer do for you. The long summer nights offer this amazing expanse of additional time to explore and adventure through the beautiful warm months. This beautiful little video Land of the Midnight Sun was produced by Visit Finland to capture the unique beauty of this phenomenon.


The local food movement has been growing rapidly, but it can sometimes still be difficult to figure out what to buy an where to buy it. Farmstand is an iPhone app whose purpose is to connect you to with great local food, help you find out where to purchase it, and in turn help the movement itself. Farmstand was made right here in New York City, Brooklyn specifically by Josh Stewart, John Ford, and Glenn Sidney.

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Felted Taxidermy

When I came across these little creations they were referred to as “felt taxidermy”, but that is far from an accurate description. Each one of these little felt sculptures have amazingly realistic and life like details. Japanese artist Kiyoshi Mino who makes each of these by hand has a knack for the colors, physiology, and essence.

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We are used to seeing Los Angeles and most of California through a bright sparkling lens, which highlights the glamour and the beauty of its temperate climate. Nicholas Alan Cope captures a completely different view of the city of angels. His images are stark black and white with sharp contrast and harsh textures. Despite their darkness and edge his images maintain a subtle beauty through their unique viewpoint of an overlooked subject matter. Mundane architecture and concrete structures are transformed into canvases or expanses of light and shadow. Cope’s images were recently collected and published in a book by powerHouse Books entitled Whitewash.

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Beer Friday: Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar

Maria’s Packaged goods & Community Bar first opened its doors in 1986 and has ever since been a neighborhood staple. It replaced Kaplan’s Liqours which had occupied the same location in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago since 1939. The package store and bar features a stock and menu chock full of unique craft beer selections. In advance of opening their own brewery in the neighborhood Maria approached Michael Freimuth to design a comprehensive branding for the shop. The identity included lots of the expected components such as logos and type lockups, but it all started to get really cool when they began working on original beer packaging. The resulting designs feature a simple bottle labeling system that is them paper wrapped and stamped with a logo and hand scribbled with bath information. Not only is this solution really cool, but it also fits the small neighborhood vernacular that Maria’s embodies.

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Understanding Music

Understand Music from finally. on Vimeo.

Finally Studio as a self-initiated project created this wonderful animation, which utilizes ingenious and beautiful info-graphics to depict the components and import of music. Based in Mainz, Germany Finally is a group of multidisciplinary designers and film makers who create projects for a wide range of media most of which is moving image.

Todd Blubaugh

This mini-documentary is the first release in the new Tellason Stories series by Tellason. The American made denim company and its founders have a deep commitment to people who with unique and interesting stories who use their product everyday. Product photographer, designer and motorcycle builder Todd Blubaugh is an extremely interesting creative individual and shares some great insights in this short film.

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Machi House

Designed by Hiroshima-based UID Architects House replaced a traditional Japanese townhouse. Similar to the classic Machiya design, they replicated a courtyard in the center of the home which offers a protected well lit natural space and garden. One of my favorite parts is the before and after images, which you can see after the jump.

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In honor of my second week cleansing, which I took a little break from over the weekend I thought I would post something perfectly related. Construct London designed the simple minimalist branding, packaging and web design work for Radiance Cleanse. Radiance was founded in 2009 and and was one of the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse makers.

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Hood Lamp

Form Us With Love a Stockholm based design studio has created this wonderful new modular lighting system which is easily expanded to fit your space. The bowl created by the deep pendant creates a very natural spacial divider. The system itself is based on two key pieces, domed corners and straight panel pieces, which when combined are infinitely expandable. The pieces are made of molded polyester and fit together using small pegs and are light with LED bulbs.

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Airport City

These renderings of OMA’s master-plan for the new airport to be developed in Doha, Qatar. Their plan features four circular districts positioned along the HIA runways and creates strong unique visual identities for each of the districts.

Rem Koolhaas commented “We are delighted and honored to participate in the exciting growth of Doha, in a project that is perhaps the first serious effort anywhere in the world to interface between an international airport and the city it serves.”

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