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The Birth of Saké

I have been enamored with Japanese culture, design, and food ever since I can remember. This documentary coming out this year promises to tell the lesser known story of how saké comes to life. The Birth of Saké aims to capture the beauty and intensity it takes to turn a simple grain into the luscious and vibrant liquid.

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Vinca Minor

Michael Cina has been one of my favorite artists and designers for many years. I think it has to do partially with how different his process and work is from mine. Where I tend to be more focussed on grids, organization and removal of unnecessary things. Cina pushes the boundaries in all of those areas. His deeply textural designs feature rich colors and a variety of weights that give an extremely lively and organic feeling to them.

This logo and label design Cina recently completed for California wine maker Vinca Minor. Their farming and wine production is all done based on organic practices and are help to the highest standards. Grown in the Redwood Valley outside of Mendocino California. Their wines are aged for 45 days in neutral oak barrels sticking with their philosophy of minimal intervention. The 85 year old Carigan vines result in a clean and smooth medium bodied wine with plenty of crackly pepper and spice. You can order online or find it in retailers throughout California.

Beer Friday: Sav Snaps & Sav Sparkling

Swedish Sav Snaps and Sav Sparkling are two birch based libations, the first is a distilled liquor made through a process of distilling the sap and the second is a sparkling birch based wine. The recipes were sourced from historic archives from the 1700s and embody the vibrance and illustrious past of spirits making in Sweden. The bottles and packaging design for Sav was completed by Swedish studio Stockholm Design Lab.

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Beer Friday: Viña Verino

This week I seem to be in a bit more of a wine mood. So for this unusual Beer Friday I thought I would feature some really sleek wine packaging by Barcelona based Solo. Their designs for Viña Verino features some super clean typography and a nice bottle sleeve design that is packages up these bottles beautifully.

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Cassannet is a new typeface by Spanish multidisciplinary studio Atipo. In conjunction with the launch Atipo recreated the classic “Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet” triptych by Cassandre photographically. The result is a nice take on the original, and is an extremely fitting promotion for the typeface. Another thing I am intrigued by is their pricing model for it. We have grown accustomed over the last two or three years to some designers and creatives using a “pay what you want” model, and they have now taken it one step forward. In addition to “pay what you want” you can also simply tweet to pay. This simple act of promoting Atipo and their typeface is actually significantly valuable and a great idea.


I am intrigued by this preview for the forthcoming documentary SOMM. Capturing the unknown and unseen world behind sommeliers and the Master Sommelier test. I love wine and learning about it and I think this will be an cool insight into a the side we don’t ever see.

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Urban Wineworks

Normally when I find myself in a wine shop I tend to be more trusting of wines, which have a classic timeless design. Labels that feel like they could have been the same for nearly 100 years. But every once in a while I come across a vibrant modern design that makes me rethink that. This branding for Urban Wineworks by the extremely talented Foundry Collective is a perfect example of this. Their design rethinks what parts and faces of a label need to accomplish specific tasks. Instead of sticking to any existing label convention they have turned this label in to a simple organized puzzle of rectangles containing type, graphic or texture.

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Caravan Identity

One sign of a great branding project to me is being able to, at a glance tell that all the elements are part of the same family, but that they are not all identical. Differing layouts and designs help each piece or element to fit it’s purpose or home. The system for the wine bottles and coffee cups are particularly striking. Their minimalist design is impeccable, but they also create a level of autonomy for the very distinct drink subcategory. All the design for London based Caravan was carried out by Inhouse. If you are in London you should pop in and grab a cup of coffee. Caravan is located on a corner in Farringdon’s Exmouth Market, and their interior looks like it does justice to the overall brand.

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Govino Glasses

Truly inspired and functional new glassware designs are few and far between these days. It seems like a rather difficult space to redefine or at the least to improve the standard we have become accustomed to over the last century. Govino Glasses do a nice job of combining the beauty and aesthetic of wine glasses with a reusable, shatterproof, BPA free polymer. The design is impeccable, especially the indentation, which provides a nice little grip to keep the glass from slipping out of your hand.

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La Grillade

One of my favorite restaurants in the West Village, and probably the world is Mas (Farmhouse). I recently came across some information about a new restaurant in the works by their chef and proprietor Galen Zamarra. The new venture is going to be just around the corner from their Downing Street location on an otherwise rather barren section of Seventh Avenue. Cooking over an open wood fire always provides a unique, and in my opinion better flavor, and their new eatery will do just that. Following suit of Mas (Farmhouse) this grill spot will be named Mas (La Grillade). Originally they were aiming for an early summer opening, but word has changed to mid-August. Living literally across the street from it means this will become one of my regular haunts, and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me!

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Haus K

Haus K is a nice simple design by Yes Architecture, many of the aesthetic cues are taken from local architecture so the house could harmonize with it’s surroundings. The brick structure they built on top of was originally a wine cellar and one room wine press, and instead of demolishing the existing structure and building in it’s place the architects chose to use it’s existing brick layout as a foundation of sorts for the new house. I only wish there was some better information and more images of Haus K available.


Happy Thanksgiving

This is my favorite holiday for many reasons, I mean the food doesn’t hurt, but it seems to remain the least commercial holiday. It’s about being thankful and spending time with the people you love. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Just a few things to touch on, my amazing developer Jackie Balzer that single handedly built campsite from the ground up. My mother Joan and my father Bill, all my friends. My amazing girlfriend Erin, and our amazing miniature schnauzer Ernest Ellerd.

So thank you all for reading, and becoming part of my family. I am thankful for each and everyone of you!