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Daily Drop Cap: New Site & Archive

My good friend Jessica Hische just launched a beautiful new site for her project Daily Drop Cap, which will function as a blog for the duration of the project and then as an archive and resource once the final alphabet is completed. For anyone who has followed the drop caps project at all, you know how beautiful and vast a body of work it has generated. So it stands to reason that it should be given a beautiful home. This very simple, yet refined WordPress site makes an awesome home for these alphabets.

The Heads of State (New Site!)

The super talented design duo The Heads of State, comprised of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have launched a new portfolio site and store. It showcases a much larger portion of their work including some rad new stuff I haven’t seen. Also their store has some great pickups. I had the good fortune to see these gents give a talk at MAD here in New York this past year and they some of the funniest most humble guys designing today.

The Fox is Black

After a few minutes of “reallys” and some keyboard slamming I have settled into the new redesign and renaming of one of my favorite blogs. As a blogger and reader who is against the concept of RSS feeds and reader apps in general the actual native design of a blog makes a huge difference on the experience and whether or not I will bookmark a blog or site for a return visit.

That being said. Once I read Bobby’s posts about this big change I became a little more comfortable with the new site. I definitely understand the need to spice things up and even completely renew something and Bobby Solomon has done a great job of this with The Fox is Black.

PSD (Photoshop Dexterity)

“Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas. Qualities of PSD include supernatural powers of imagination and an overwhelming desire to constantly make the world more beautiful. PSD affects people from different walks of life. In fact, there is a high probability that you have PSD.”

Hyperakt seems to make some of the most enticing and fun side projects around. Whether it is a 2010 World Cup bracket poster or this short film showing “PSD” (Photoshop Dexterity) in someone’s morning routine, the folks over at Hyperakt seem to be able to infuse some good old ingenuity into it.

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Proposed Twitter Microsyntax: by Chris Messina

Chris Messina has created a nice simplified system for streamlining our character usage and ways of crediting people on twitter. The extremely thorough post over at his blog is a must read for any twitter users and possibly for twitter haters as well.

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Peter Baker Redesign

The sea of photographers on that have a portfolio on the web today seems endless, but floating along on a magnificent ocean liner is Peter Baker. I follow his flickr stream like a cult member and I am rarely disappointed when he uploads something new. The flood gates opened last week when Peter launched a rad new portfolio site that highlights the square format that I have begun to know him for. Another detail that really struck me is that the redesign has been implemented seamlessly across his blog and the new portfolio site. Beauty in the small details!

campsite Featured on Sample Gallery

A huge thank-you to Shane Latkovic the gentleman behind the beautiful blog of design blogs called Sample Gallery. If you haven’t checked SG out yet you need to pronto. The layout alone is amazing, and the ever growing collection of design and creative blogs that have been posted there makes it a serious resource. Thanks again Shane!

The Future of the Book

I watched this little video by IDEO a few days ago, and I had waited to post it until I could really digest it and figure out my feelings on the subject. I still feel like I am opposed to all these new media types that intend to stamp out the printed word. First the Kindle, then the Nook, and now the iPad have done a mediocre job of creating a successful reading experience on screen. Skipping ahead to the future in this short film, we see three distinct and mutually beneficial paths outlined for what IDEO sees as The Future of the Book. I really love the parallel access to contextually related resources and content provided by “Nelson”. All three directions share an impeccable sense of design and very beautiful interaction. The gestures and motion feel very real without reinforcing the idea that reading on an e-book platform should adhere to the look and feel of printed materials.

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The Big Status Update

The new twitter looks pretty promising from this little video. I have been using the iPhone version for a couple weeks and a lot of times I find myself checking status updates and tweeting from my phone while I am sitting at my computer. So hopefully the updated web version will compete with or is at least compare to the usability of the newish iPhone app. The dual column setup seems like a much more fluid and thought out use of space and takes much greater advantage of the rich timeline of tailored data twitter creates for you the user.

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Icon Series: Post 1

I have been obsessed with icons since I can remember. Their nature to clearly communicate such an array of things both intrigues and inspires me. Whether using an arrow on a way-finding sign or a website it says something in context of the space, environment and collaborative content. It could be saying the bathroom is that direction or if you click this link it will take you to past entries. Either way the field of icon design seems to have become so much more integral with the advent of IXD and UI that I continue to see unique and fun ways to approach icon design and usage. Hopefully as I find and collect more icons this will develop into a larger series of posts. For now here is a great series of arrow icons collected from websites.

Future of Screen Technology

This awesome video by TAT really makes the future screens look super promising, I just hope that with this new available technology that the user experience portion can live up to it’s depiction in this video.

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Quipsologies Redesign

I have always loved the design of Armin Vit and the multitude of web-based design publications he has co-founded. So yesterday when I caught some buzz that there had been a substantial redesign to his design feed style blog called Quipsologies I got really excited. This morning I got my first look at the redesign and I am happy to say it improves the user experience of the page 200%.


is on my list for the most revolutionary web-design tools of 2010. This is a one-stop web-based tool for designing, building and hosting an awesome site for $10 a month. I highly recommend this tool for people who want to setup a simple website or portfolio and be able to manage it with ease.

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Food Spotting

Food Spotting
is by far the coolest social media app. I have seen in a long time. Combining all the awesome capabilities of geo-tagging, crowd-sourcing and food. The features of and potential for this app are awesome, and it truly one ups Yelp and Menupages.

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The State of The Internet

Creative Agency JESS3 showcases their serious data visualization chops with this informative video about the current figures surrounding usage of the internet. The art direction and overall design of this piece is great. Actually gives me a reason to digest all this information.

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