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Onepager seems like a great solution for smaller non-techy businesses who need to get online.

Gimme Bar Backups

I have been an avid user of Gimme Bar since it went into beta for the Brooklyn Beta attendees in 2010, and have been astounded at the quality and frequency of relevant updates and improvements since then. The newest feature Gimme Backups (which I feel bad diminishing it by calling it a feature) is a perfectly cut gem. The idea behind it is to allow users to shift their personal content stream away from another service in order to maintain control and even to protect against any potential data loss. Cameron Koczon, friend and one of the masterminds behind Gimme Bar wrote a great article for A List Apart entitled Orbital Content. Going forward Cameron’s assertion is that instead of going places to access content users will have a pool of content constantly gravitating around them on their different devices and social networks.

Visualizing Bach’s Cello Suite

I love the amazing simplicity in this Visualizing the First Predlude From Bach’s Cello Suites by Alexander Chen. The even more overwhelming part is the project he created it for. is in some manner of speaking a web app. programmed entirely using an HTML5 Canvas, with Javascript an SoundManager. The visualization of music acts as a minimalist 2D composer.

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Lookwork Launches

Lookwork, because Ben Pieratt is a genius and starting one revolutionary web app (svpply) isn’t enough. Lookwork is part feed reader, and part searchable stream of inspiration. Similarly to svpply you can filter your stream to find something more specific and even follow other folks to keep tabs on what they are looking at.

Part of why Ben Pieratt’s work in web applications sets a gold standard is due to the fact that he understands a complicated or rich UI should never take away from a user’s ability to complete the their goals. I think everyone designing for the web can and should take some notes from Ben on interface design, and also the problems his apps solve.


Think you or your business need a mobile website? If you answered yes, or even maybe Google has just launched a new site you need to check out. Gomo, which is short for Go Mobile is a resource to help people understand the benefits and steps necessary to create a mobile site. Even though the content and advice feels targeted to small consumer websites looking to design a simple companion for lower bandwidth. Gomo’s info is astute and relevant to an extremely wide range of projects and people. Once you have run through all their content and feel you are ready to take the plunge they wil even help you connect with a mobile web developer.

Productivity Future Vision

Looking into the future is often a daunting task and in this case an arduous one. Trying to assume what the fate of mobile and computing technology will for device function, user experience, and interface design is in my opinion impossible. The affect new technological capabilities coupled with our growing dependance on an augmented lifestyle is unforeseeable. Here Microsoft’s Office Labs begun to explore this realm through the lens of “productivity”, which I find to be a slightly loaded word in the arena of a technology built almost entirely for entertainment. This exploration itself has been getting some bad press around the web (mainly in user experience circles) for, what in my opinion can be boiled down to one thing. They didn’t take enough risks. This point is most certainly valid. The argument has been made that to define the future one must step outside the conventions and expectations of what should come next in order to create something new and better suited to it’s time and place. I disagree with this on the premise that as people we benefit from incremental change allowing us to both learn and adapt alongside a the changes and shifts in technology, whether it being the release of a new iOS or the debut of the first ever hover scooter.

Authentic Jobs’ 6th Birthday

Every year for the birthday of his site Authentic Jobs, Cameron Moll launches a campaign to raise money(and awareness) for charity: water. This year the ante has been upped. From last years $17,000 to 600,000 Ethiopian Birr (approximately $35,000). The money raised if successful will go to directly fund a drilling rig that will be able to offer clean drinking water to a large portion of Northern Ethiopia. On a brief aside, how bad ass is the micro site Cameron put together for this campaign?

Want to do your part?

Golden Grid System

Responsive web design is becoming increasingly integral to all things built for the web these days. It is not enough to have a website and an app. it also needs to be possible for your users to log on from any mobile internet device. Whether it be Blackberry, Android, iPhone or a type of tablet having a sitebuilt with flexibility in mind is key.

Since responsive web design is still young there are few great resources for creating a simple functional folding grid system. Joni Korpi a Finish web designer has created the 960 Grid System of responsive site design perfectly named as Golden Grid System. The key features of GGS are the fluid grid, with folding columns, elastic gutters, and a zoomable baseline grid. In addition it comes with Golden Gridlet a script, which allows you to see the grid overlay so you can easily check your math.

Egg Dyeing 101 App.

I want to apologize for how out of season this is, but I just came across it and thought it was a great example of unique app. design. Surprisingly enough I have come to find out that the Martha Stewart camp has put out a range a interesting apps. We don’t celebrate easter in my family, but that won’t stop me from downloading this little gem. Check out more of the screens over at the iTunes Store.

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City Scout

Ever try finding relevant travel information on a city and even more specifically design related advice on where to go and what to do? Well the girls from Studio Sweet Studio have come through for us. Their newest project is called City Scout, which offers the inside scoop from designers and creatives on their favorite spots in their city. Currently you could say City Scout is in beta with information only on offer for Chicago, with Brooklyn to be added soon. I also have to say the icon set they created for the project is great.

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The President’s Budget for 2012

Even though Obama’s term in the White House has been rocky at times how can we not commend someone for taking our countries government into the new millennium. Obama has made it a keep point of focus to integrate new technologies and web tools into the everyday operations of many departments in the government. We may not be at the point where the department of defense tweets every time they launch an apache missile with the target geo-tagged.

We have seen a massive improvement in the level of transparency surrounding government decision making, and it may not yet be a completely collaborative process, but we are moving towards a new type of democracy. Government information is now being offered up directly from the source as opposed to being cobbled together by some media outlet or put forth in the cryptic tongue of a press release.

To explore the interactive 2012 budget head over to the White House website. See where you money is going.


Nosh seems like a nice fresh view both on social and food related apps. It’s downloading as I type this and I am super excited to see what it can do. The app was created by a new startup called Firespotter Labs, which is funded by Google Ventures and has a seriously stacked list of staffers.

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My friend and mentor Tina Roth Eisenberg who most of you probably only know by her moniker swissmiss has launched her newest and in my opinion most inventive project to date. Yesterday Tattly launched in beta and today it goes live for the rest of the world! An online store for “Designy temporary tattoos” as their tagline puts it carve out an awesome little niche in growing market of goods by designers for designers. The tattoos are designed by contemporary greats like Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria, Chris Glass, Jessica Hische and many more. Who by the way are all personal friends of Tina. Could this woman get any more impressive? Yes she can. Her other projects in addition to her blog include Creative Mornings, teuxdeux, Icebreakertags, and hopefully a whole slew of other cool projects in the future.

New Work: Beam & Barre

Earlier this year I worked with Greenwich Connecticut based dance retailer Beam & Barre to create an updated web presence and e-commerce site. After more than twenty five years in the business B&B decided it was time to embrace the new millennium and the internet. So them commissioned me to design a website that allowed them to leverage their small boutique qualities on a platform, which reached a wider audience. My friends Jackie Balzer and Brian McAllister of Hey! Guess What!? did an impeccable job on the development, WordPress optimization and Big Cartel customization.

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New Work: ArtBinder

ArtBinder is a sleek iPad app. for galleries, which is currently in a private beta release. I worked closely with founder Alexandra Chemla and COO Jeremy Galen to create the front facing promotional marketing site along with the sales flow and customer side CMS tools. Working with the iPad app already in it’s final stages gave me a unique problem. I had to create a strong visual design that was cohesive and complementary to the app’s design and function.

New Type York

I found this site probably about a year ago now, but never posted about it because it was in what seemed like a permanent hiatus. I happened to be looking through my type related bookmarks the other day and decided it was time to check back in and see if there were any developments, and much to my surprise. New Type York is back up and running with a “temporary” site until their new one is completed. I have to say though I am very pleased with the current design.

Google Web Fonts v2

In the web font game services like Typekit and MyFonts reign supreme, but I find as a designer working with an array of smaller clients that sticking to the open source fonts offered by Google Web Fonts is a better fit. All the fonts in the GWF library are 100% free and can be easily integrated into almost any site or web app, and is compatible with an increasingly large number of browsers. All this great stuff has gotten even better with the launch of Google Web Fonts v2. The new release has added increased search-ability, which is more necessary now because the new version currently has 185 families all including multiple variations.

The state of affairs of ebooks and the integration of reading with the web and the advances in media purchasing has been in a bummer place for a while. In comes A cloud based ebook library and reading platform, which is accessible on most mobile devices and web browsers. This is a decisive step forward for reading and media related applications, both for it’s thoughtfulness and it’s singular vision. Not attempting to cover too much ground. has restricted their focus to ebooks and the related interaction, and consumption chain.

All the beautiful branding and web design is the work of A Friend of Mine. The project also included a custom typeface applied to the logotype based on a pair of eyeglasses, which adds a playful, yet scholarly identity to the branding.

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Oak Studios Count Down

My friends over at Studiomates always seem to be doing the coolest stuff around. Right now Oak Studios is counting down to the launch of their new site. Literally. Their homepage has been transformed into a digital clock counting down to a zero hour in the near future. I am so excited to see the final product, I just have to make sure the anticipation doesn’t get the better of me.

New Work: The Narrows

Over the past year I have had the honor to collaborate with my close friend on the branding and design for his new bar The Narrows. Off the Morgan stop on the L train, it is one of evermore amazing little spots in the otherwise desolate neighborhood.

Inspired by the art-deco era and craft drink making, we had a lot of great visual influence. During the discovery and research period I looked at tons of deco and deco informed typefaces, because I knew we would invariably land on a type based logo.

My friends and frequent collaborators Jackie Balzer and Brian McAllister worked with me on this project to provide flawless development work including WordPress integration with some custom plugins for fast and simple menu changes and event scheduling.

Feel free to visit the Narrows site or if you are in New York City head out to Bushwick grab a pie at Roberta’s and stop off at the Narrows for a seasonal cocktail or craft beer.

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