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Pixel Ruler

Sketches and wireframes are one of the most important steps in strong web design and user experience. Especially when we are talking about responsive design and designing for a wide range of devices and potential viewports. UI Stencils has made it their mission to create tools to make the analog sketching process more aligned with the language of the web and computers. Their most recent creation has me nerd’ing out something fierce. The Pixel Ruler is a nice heavy weight machined steel ruler which measures pixels instead of inches or centimeters, and the scale is 150 pixels per inch.

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The Internet Map

The internet and the online landscape is a seemingly endless world, that we can neither fathom or visualize the scale and connections between anything. Until now. The Internet Map is a visualization of this vast multidimensional world of connections we call the internet. All the websites are represented by circles, the scale of the circle is determined by the amount of traffic it gets and the proximity of circles to one another is based upon the links between them. Information about the 2 million links between the websites has grouped them by topic creating clusters about related subject matter.

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Binary Thumb beta-launched its new spreadsheet app called Grid last week. A app that aims to simplify and redefine how spreadsheets can be used. Easily allowing users to integrate maps, images, numbers and other data. Grid edges more towards a simplistic tool for making info graphics than a spreadsheet application, which is definitely what will really set them apart.

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Beer Friday: Austin Beerworks

Beer Fridays are quickly becoming the most interesting posts to write. There is great beer related design pouring out from all parts of the globe(pun not intended, but nicely coincidental). This week I wanted to feature the amazing branding work that Helms Workshop did for Austin Beerworks. The identity is bold and has some very classic sensibilities to it, but is also very colorful and modern. The packaging is something that would definitely grab my attention in a store and draw me in their direction. Also Helms Workshop collaborated on the website and online home of AB with Source Pixel Foundry to create a truly unique and exciting online experience. My favorite part of the whole site has to be the interactive sliding info graphics, which are beautifully illustrated and explain in detail their whole brewing process.

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Shake Shack Website

I have long admired the work of Big Space Ship and for maybe even longer enjoyed the eatables at Shake Shack. So of course when I saw the new Shake Shack website they designed I was tickled medium rare(pink). The site features an extremely bare bones design with some dynamic scrolling and slide show elements interspersed to give the page a nice amount of depth without too much clutter. Also in the same manner as Danny Meyer’s restaurants the site has a basket of small touches which combined really make the user experience. The custom icon set created for the site is amazing, a huge variety of iconography and rendered in a perfectly uniform style.

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New Work: ArtBinder 2.0

This past Thursday ArtBinder 2.0 was officially launched with a bunch of new features and efficiency gains. To mark the occasion we also launched a redesigned site to communicate the brand and product sensibilities to site visitors. The other awesome part of the new site is an international Art Fair Calendar, which is a one stop place to see when and where the important art and design fairs are happening.

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Made in NYC Digital Map

Mayor Bloomberg’s office has created this awesome map which visualizes all the tech startups in NYC from the Made in NYC register. Checkout Mapped in NY and explore the map or add your startup to the map. I also have to say, I have not encountered a web ticker I enjoyed as much as this one in quite some time(at last check the ticker read “734 NYC Tech Companies Are Hiring!”).

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Shifticons is a new creation by Weightshift Workshop the product design side of Weightshift. The app allows you to easily make and sell custom web icon web fonts.

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Typecache is an amazing resource for designers. The number of type foundries is constantly growing and searching them all and keeping track of them would be a huge task, which Typecache now fills.

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I was perusing Site Inspire yesterday, and saw what at first glance looked like another mildly interesting full bleed photo site. I was really pleased to find under further inspection features a super original user interface and a really nice data visualization for staying up to date on the surf conditions. It is the creation of Australian web shop Finely Sliced. The name is also really great, and probably the best use of a (dot)country extension I have seen to date.

Type Connection

I just played Type Connection, the world’s first typographic dating game. This type dating game was created by Aura Seltzer for her senior thesis project at MICA, and helps players learn to pair and apply typefaces.

Dollar Shave Club

Posting funny videos is not usually our style here at campsite, but this promotional video for the newly launched Dollar Shave Club is the funniest thing I have seen in quite a while. This is a must watch, I am still laying on the floor trying not to pee my pants with laughter. I am also intrigued with their business model. Their approach to web based subscription for a simple and unique physical product delivered to your door is not a new concept, but the way they have executed it definitely separates them from the pack. Good luck DSC!

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Google has launched an awesome new project entitled Re-Brief. Their aim is to re-envision a few of the most iconic 20th century ad campaigns for the web. In their day it was speculated that many of these campaigns would stand the test of time. With the advancements of technology mainly in the capabilities of information and media delivery you would think web advertising would have evolved much more quickly but it remains virtually the same bland thing it was birthed as more than 15 years ago. By refocusing these iconic ads for the web they hope to change the way we interact, view, and feel about ads on the web. A lofty task? Yes. But without value surely not. As an apologetic but avid consumer I understand that advertising will continue to be a part of my daily life. If that is the case I can only hope that the people creating these ads can make it a less of an assault and more of an enjoyable, human interaction.

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Discover Monet

It’s rare to see a historic artist or art work translated onto the web with such care and attention to detail. Recently St. Louis Art Museum hired Almanac to create Discover Monet, a web presence for Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. Through the site both teachers and students can learn infinitely more about Monet’s life, work, and the connection of both to the rest of the world.

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Kern & Burn

Kern & Burn is a web and print publication on the subject of design entrepreneurship. Cameron Koczon’s article, An Important Time for Design, for A List Apart closes by saying “This year, thanks to a spike in demand, designers have a chance to actively nudge the world in any direction they like. It’s a huge opportunity with a tiny window. Let’s not let it pass by.” Cameron’s article talks about this open canvas we as designers currently have in front of us, which is exactly where K&B comes in. There goal is to give us as designers resources and inspiration on how to fill said canvas.

Ben Pieratt of svpply is quoted in that very same article saying “The internet, at this time in history, is the greatest client assignment of all time. It’s offering you a blank check and asking you to come up with something fascinating and useful that it can embrace en masse, to the benefit of everyone.” I am not sure exactly where or when this change in consciousness surrounding the value of design occurred, but I know, 1 it had to do with the internet and 2 it is the greatest opportunity for designers ever.

The Future Belongs to the Curious

I have been a huge fan of Skillshare and their goals ever since launch, for more reasons that their stellar branding(by Ed Nacional). Garrett Johnston, aka One Year Studio, was able to capture the visceral feelings of curiosity and discovery in this promotional video for Skillshare titled The Future Belongs to the Curious.


Brooklyn Beta Video

For those of you who didn’t make it to Brooklyn Beta this video will make you even more jealous of all the amazing stuff you missed, and for all you awesome people who were there you can now relive the experience over and over until next year. If you don’t already know about it, Brooklyn Beta is the worlds greatest web event right here in our fair city. In what many would argue is the greatest borough. Brooklyn. Cameron Koczon(aka @fictivecameron) and Chris Shiflett from Studiomates in Dumbo put together this conference as an argument for why web conferences didn’t need to be so far away and plagued by boring panel discussions. Also a major shout out to Captain & the Fox for their amazing work on this video.


The badass new social eReader app has arrived. Readmill is a way to read socially, and not in some kitschy annoying way. Highlight passages from a book you are reading and post them to your other social media streams or write a follow up review of something and share it with your friends within Readmill. They also employ a bookmarklet, which is one of my favorite UX elements that allows your Readmill to sync with your Amazon Kindle account. Also I would be doing them an injustice if I neglected to mention their beautiful interface design for their site and web app, and the Readmill iPad App. I am also in awe at the perfection of this quote “why make a book digital and not make it shareable”.

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Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms is my favorite new “font”. These perfectly designed pictograms are a great touch for web and interface designers to make use of in projects. You can pop over to Font Squirrel to download them where they are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

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The Ui Toolkit

The UI Toolkit is definitely one of those things I have been waiting for. Both simple and comprehensive it is far more than a texture pack, but also leaves plenty of space to be creative with the elements. The toolkit is the debut product from the wonderful folks over at UI Parade, so make sure to purchase a copy to help support their awesome site(it’s only $8 dollars).