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Lees Ferry by Kitchen Sink Studio

As the web is evolving content and design are becoming more and more intrinsically linked. A good design cannot exist without great content, and users are gravitating towards sites that have great photographic and video content woven into the experience.

During a recent conversation with the amazing folks at Kitchen Sink Studios we spoke at length about their process and what goes into creating their work. With the help of great clients they have been able to create beautifully holistic sites like Lees Ferry. The design and layout of the site is both original and easy to use, but the photography and video is what really sets it apart. Communicating the emotionality of the Lees Ferry brand through the site’s content is what really makes this project and all of KS’ work so powerful.

Google, Evolved

Over the past 17 years we have seen a lot of changes in realm of the internet. A large portion of which are due to the pioneering nature of Google. As they have grown and evolved they seemed to put off growing up until now. With some restructuring and a fresh outlook Google is continuing their work to improve the world we live in through technology and how we use it.

Excited to see what the next 17 years have in store for them.


For urban dwellers space is always a precious commodity. Despite that using self-storage always seems like a serious hassle. Hurray the internet has swooped in to simplify and improve another space. Enter MakeSpace, a new way to do storage with a streamlined pick and drop off system which can be accessed from your computer or smartphone. You can also quickly access your storage inventory on the go and request a delivery of a bin or item. This should hopefully free up some extra square footage for New Yorkers.

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Google Street View – Venice

I have spoken before about how I envision Google Glass as an empowering force to to see or explore places people otherwise may not get a chance to visit. That said we can’t forget about the continued work Google is doing to expand the scope of both actual roads and specific locations accessible through their maps feature Street View. A recent addition is Street View Venice a very rich hands on exploratory look at the famous Venice, Italy. From the canals, to tiny bridges and famous squares Google SV capture this historical city in a way that will most likely never be replicated or out done.

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Builders Arms Hotel Social Campaign

The importance and necessity of smartly strategized and crafted social campaigns has become an important marketing channel for even small businesses. The Company You Keep created an exemplary campaign for Builders Arms Hotel to engage their customers and guests throughout the year. One of the strongest elements, which immediately jumped out at me, is the consistency across all the platforms. From the physical cards, to Facebook, and Twitter the campaign maintains a recognizable look and feel.

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New Project: Dos Ghosts

You may have noticed that over the last month or so our postings have been both scarce and intermittent. That is do in part because of a nice full load of client projects, but is mainly the result of launching a new side project. Last Thursday, Halloween our newest endeavor Dos Ghosts went live. The site is a blog, a platform and eventually a full blown independent music label. For now it is entrenched in the early stages of building a voice, attracting an audience, and making the necessary connections to build a strong foundation of talented artists. We are really excited about the potential this project has to offer and also extremely grateful to everyone who helped make it happen. I want to say a special thank you to our technology partner eBrenner and Mada Music the artist behind the Dos Ghosts – Vol. 1 mix.


Meet Weathertron. Ok, so the name really bums me out, but I have been waiting for a weather app like this for such a long time. The name makes sense since it aggregates real time data from 16 different sources. The data is then composed into an infographic of the days weather.

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The always inspiring guys over at Teehan+Lax have a new self initiated project that stemmed from one of their motion designers. The resulting project, Google Street View Hyperlapse is a user interface for creating your own hyper-lapse with Google’s Street View data. They have kept the sites settings low on purpose to make it more accessible, but have also made all the source code available through Github for anyone who wants to experiment with it or dig deeper.


In honor of my second week cleansing, which I took a little break from over the weekend I thought I would post something perfectly related. Construct London designed the simple minimalist branding, packaging and web design work for Radiance Cleanse. Radiance was founded in 2009 and and was one of the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse makers.

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The Extra Mile

The internet is a constant deluge of content, updates, and information. Once in a while these rare people and sites part the waters and distinguish themselves by doing outright good. Matt Dimmer is one such web prophet. Dimmer recently launched The Extra Mile a nonprofit, which allows people to donate their frequent flyer miles to people who need to visit terminally ill loved ones with cancer. Check it out and if you have a few or even a bunch of excess miles, share the love.

The Maker Map

More often than not I find the simplest ideas to be the best. They seem to cut through all the misconceptions of what a website or web application need to be. The Maker Map is a most prime example. It is an open source mapping project with the goal of creating a comprehensive database of the “makers” of the world. A maker can be anyone from a fabricator to an architect and everyone in between, next to or near.

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Touch interface is no longer a fresh new thing. However interaction designers and product designers are coming up with fun and captivating ways to employ it for interacting and manipulating things. SphereTones is a great example of this. It is certainly not the first or even in the first dozen touch interface music applications. But the way users tweak and alter different spheres is a nice playful interaction, which allows them to change the tempo and sound created by each sphere. Currently only available on the Android platform, you can get your hands on SphereTones over on Google Play.

3 Fish Identity

Designer Daniel Buxton made this playful and simple identity for 3 Fish in a Tree, which is a London based “ideas agency”. The project brief requested a brand that reflected their process and work environment, which if this identity reflects it I would love to experience it. Another thing I noticed was that Buxton used an ultra-simplified custom browser visualization to display the screens he designed for their site. A nice little touch.

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Freehand Miami

The Freehand is a one of a growing number of boutique hostels popping up here in the US as well as around the world. The idea of needing a suite or even an entire room when you are on the road or traveling is beginning to seem a little dated or unnecessary. Freehand is a beautifully designed and unique place tucked away in one of the more up and coming neighborhoods in Miami. The design for the hotel was carried out by the duo Roman and Williams. They are also sporting a sexy responsive website which is picture here.

Tina Fey on Twitter

Let’s start the day with some light hearted comedy. We can definitely all agree that the amount of physical and perceivable garbage grows an insurmountably everyday. Despite using it almost on a daily basis, I know Twitter greatly contributes to this stream of refuse. Instead of letting this continue comedian Tina Fey has a much more interesting idea. Listen to Tina’s thoughts on Twitter and how to control it.

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Done Not Done

The amazing gents of Fictive Kin launched Done Not Done the newest addition to their suite of web applications. I have been looking for a social list making tool that would allow me to track things I have done along with things I want to do. Thank you Fictive Kin for continuing to make the internet a better place. Go get the app here.

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Beer Friday: Canal Park Brewing Co.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota Canal Park Brewing Co. says they are “inspired by the unruly spirit that occupies the North and South shore of Lake Superior”. Their branding designed by Joyce is maybe a little more conservative than their ethos, but is still a nice bold and colorful face for their craft suds.

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Otter Surfboards Site

Otter Surfboards and their new website both share some wonderful minimalist sensibilities, which make exploring their site and learning about their surfboards far more intriguing. The site was designed by an awesome British digital studio by the name of Little Whale Studio whose work is all very clean and current.

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Guide to Responsive Design

As the landscape of mobile and tablet based browsing and web access grows it is becoming almost a requirement to have a responsive site. Users are also becoming more and more discerning with which digital platforms they choose to consume content from and on. This changes how we as designers must think about a website and how content is delivered in general. For many designers who are just beginning to be comfortable designing simple static websites it can seem like a daunting task to think and design with such scaleability in mind. Hagon Design has created an amazing resource on their site for people to learn the basic principles of responsive web design. Their Responsive Design Site is by no means an end to end tutorial and you definitely won’t be able to call yourself a responsive web designer after perusing it once. You will definitely have a better understanding about the why’s, how’s and examples of some really great who’s of the responsive web.

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Facebook Voters Map

I am usually pretty outspoken about my feelings on Facebook specifically as a nonuser. However this great page America Votes 2012 they put up today on to visualize the votes cast in realtime across the United States using aggregated Facebook data is really awesome. This is definitely one of the first high value use cases I have seen them leveraging their community data stream. Way to go guys!