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Linotype: The Film Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Doug Wilson about the Linotype typesetting machine. The trailer definitely positions the film in such a way the seems to enliven the dying beast that is typesetting. Iron and Wine’s “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” really helps give it some power. I can’t wait for the first NYC screening.

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Ahoi Poster

These ‘Ahoi’ posters from Small Caps Berlin are rad. I would love to have one near my desk. I love checking in on the Small Caps blog, it is such a nice balance to view work that exists entirely in the physical when so much of mine is trapped in the digital.

Scott Albrecht: Woodworks

These design and typographic pieces by Scott Albrecht (aka Scotty Five Alive) are an awesome balance of craft, design and sculpture. It’s great to see the way his drawings and sketches translate into three dimensional works.

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Yes Pattern: by Telegramme Studio

Fun little pattern with the word yes in a ton of different languages and lettering styles. Christopher and Robert, the duo behind UK based Telegramme Studio keep catching my eye with their new works.

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Chicago Type

Graphic designer Shawn Hazen has lived in Chicago for the past four years and has started an ongoing project called ChicagoType, which does pretty much exactly what it says. Hazen says in the project description “I’m a graphic designer, so this unique visual heritage continues to blow me away, specifically the commercial typography.” So far the variety and styles that are captured in his photos are vast, but the underlying geography inherently ties them together.

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The State of The Internet

Creative Agency JESS3 showcases their serious data visualization chops with this informative video about the current figures surrounding usage of the internet. The art direction and overall design of this piece is great. Actually gives me a reason to digest all this information.

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Legacy of Letters

This is by far the most badass hand-lettering video I have ever seen. The soundtrack may have something to do with it, but Luca Barcellona truly crushes it.

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This set of typographic illustrations by Bruce Mackay is a really fun collection of imagery surrounding and letterforms. I for one wish I had Neighbourhood as an alphabet poster when I was a kid. Of course the half-pipes making the letter U are my favorite, but all the illustrations are awesome.

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Newsies played a serious role in my childhood. It was my favorite movie from the time I was 7 years old until I was a teenager and still remains in my top movies of all time. There are countless child actors who have gone on to have serious careers including the star which was none other than Christian Bale. I always loved this scene, but had never really focused on the printing part, but now that I look closer I am super impressed. Great attention to detail, and personally this song has so much nostalgia attached it gets me all hyped.


Where the “Type Magic” Happens

You can tell immediately by the organization of space and the attention to detail that this person is gifted and meticulous in their work. So when I tell you that this is the workspace of my friend and world famous type god Jessica Hische you won’t be surprised.

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Reid Miles HI-FI Album Covers: By Bante

I am blown away by the shear level of awesomeness in this short film by Bante. The main goal was to animate the HI-FI album covers of Reid Miles, but between the direction and the techniques used for the motion and lighting design this film really elevates that simple goal to a higher art form.

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Caled Owen Everitt: Vans Type

Vans have always been close to my heart, so when I found this awesome collection of hand-type vintage looking logo designs for Vans by Caleb Owen Everitt I started freaking out. I seriously want this on like a poster or at the least a t-shirt.

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Dingbat: by Lucy Brown Studio

This is an awesome little stop-motion animation made for Visual Editions by Lucy Brown Studio. Despite it’s shortness this video has a very light playful feel that made my morning coffee much more enjoyable than normal.

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Hootenanny Newspaper: Kimberly Chan

I have always loved the use of the newspaper format for exhibition catalogues and related applications. This newspaper called “Hootenanny” was designed by Kimberly Chan, as a promotional piece for the 2010 degree show she participated in. Her collaborators on the project included Stephen Ball, Ryan Van Kesteren, and Tom Pollard. The use of the giant slab-serif H on the front page is a real eye-catcher and if I remember correctly is what initially drew me to this piece.

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