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Louie Season 2

Jon Contino is one of those rare designers that is constantly able to surprise me. When a particular designer gets good at a specific thing it easy to become a specialist and only do work in that vein. These designs were created for Louis C.K.’s semi-autobiographical sitcom Louie, which is entering its second season. Jon also has a knack for channeling the gritty visceral feeling that is a uniquely New York sort of vibe. The type obscuring but also simultaneously defining buildings, storefronts, taxicabs and pizza slices is brilliant.

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Type Connection

I just played Type Connection, the world’s first typographic dating game. This type dating game was created by Aura Seltzer for her senior thesis project at MICA, and helps players learn to pair and apply typefaces.

Octavo Publicaties Pocketbook Collection

These deceptively simple book jackets designed by Atelier Carvalho Bernau were created using a self-organizing design based on comparative data collected about the books. This data was used to create a graph grid and then the shapes for the covers were created from corresponding points on the grid. After the jump there is and animated GIF showing the process.

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Tony DiSpigna at Cooper Union

Last night I saw Tony DiSpigna lecture on typography, design, life and rejection at Cooper Union. The lecture, which was entitled The Art of Letterforms dealt more with DiSpigna imparting to us that even thoughtful and amazing work gets rejected. A huge thank-you to Justin Thomas Kay and to Type@Cooper for hosting this lecture.

La Fabrica del Taco

I have admired the work of Anagrama for quite a while now, and their recent branding for La Fabrica del Taco is no exception. The work is colorful, poppy, and modern. However through the color palette and typographic references they have made, especially through the hand drawn script for the logo Fabrica is instilled with a very classic aesthetic as well.

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This video shows the amazing fun to be had at the tipoRenesansa type design workshop in Slovenia. This year for the 4th annual the designers in attendance included ljaž Vesel, Anže Veršnik, Diana Ovezea, Florian Runge, Katarina Medić, Teja Smrekar, Verena Manyet, and Tomato Kasir. The workshop focuses on creating bodytext typefaces for print and display. Final product from participants was a poster showing off their new typeface of 40 characters minimum. In addition to a place to learn great things and create great work, it looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

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Van Horn

There is a new little sandwich shop in Cobble Hill sporting a nice clean branding. The identity and custom typeface was created for Van Horn sandwich shop by Michael Freimuth. I particularly love the custom typeface called Sans Horn, which is a super clean rounded sans serif with both regular and lite widths. The great photographs here showing the shop and some of the ephemera were shot by Bob Martus.

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Uma Font

Uma is a great new modern rounded sans serif typeface. It lends itself to a huge variety of applications, and I especially like it transposed over black and white photography as it is here in these specimens. The designers of Uma were Ariel Di Lisio and Alejandro Paul, both regular contributors to MyFonts font library.

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The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Always wondered where the infinitely quoted and reproduced slogan and poster came from? Find out here, the true story of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, found in Barter Books in 2000 originally produced as a propaganda poster for WWII in 1939.

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Good Day CA

Self initiated projects are often swimming with the most energy and fun. Brand Wise’s project Good Day CA does a great job of illustrating that point. Good Day CA is a series of postcards, which about the transition from living in the midwest and moving to California. Because of Wise’s personal experience on this subject the designs are inherently truthful and resonate with anyone who has ever spent anytime on the golden coast.

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Vintage European Ski Posters

I love vintage European posters and skiing, so this collection of posters for sale over at Vintage Seekers really caught my eye. Spanning from the 1930s to 1980s these posters display a nice view of design history through the acute view of a specific medium for a particular industry.

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Type High

Named “Type High” which means the height of the type from the face to the foot. If you feel like your typesetting terminology is at all lacking this is a must watch video. The video is a stop motion made by Lynn Kiang, an M.F.A. student in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Work Experience

James Edmondson shares his insight on why he does what he does, and why he finds such enjoyment in it. Working with letterforms for him is a way of continuing to play the way we do as children, tapping into that powerful state of imagination to create things. The background for this monologue is a process video of James taking some letterform sketches on paper and turning them into a beautiful typeface called Ticonderoga.

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Lost Type Co-op Shop

Yesterday the amazing gents from Lost Type Co-op launched newest tentacle of their successful “pay what you want ” type foundry. A store for all of us free loaders to support them and purchase beautiful goods made from and with their amazing typefaces. The first two products they have launched with are a set of LTC pins and a limited run of type specimen books. Get in there and buy yours today as the book was printed in an edition of only 300.

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Eames Ltr Exhibition

Besides being a serious design, illustration, and typographical powerhouse House Industries has also been lucky enough to work with one of the greatest design legacies of all time. Over the past few years they have created several amazing projects from inspired by Charles and Ray Eames. The newest foray has been a collaboration with Herman Miller Japan. Together they have made this limited series of 80 tables. Each of the classic Eames wire-base tables is finished with a letter, number or ornament from the House Industries Eames Century Modern font collection, and come packed in a custom designed wooden shipping crate.

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All-set Card Set

I am sort of a big fan of cards and printed goods in general, but holiday cards for some reason normally fall outside my scope of interest. A set like this however does a lot to revive the genre. Designed by Colle McVoy this All-Set Card Set boasts that it’s contents have got you covered for most if not all occasions. My favorite being the Mistletoe Farmer christmas card. Another point of note is the wholly outstanding, and entirely amazing typographical designs, which grace the faces of the cards.

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Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

Language feels like a living organism the way it evolves and changes over time, and in recent time has been paralleled by written language and then typography. This video is so interesting because it pairs typography so directly with the discussion of language. It is a beautifully engaging promo video for David Bellows new book Is That a Fish in Your Ear. All this awesome type and animation work was done by Matt Young.

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The Highlands Mural

Hand painted murals are making a serious comeback, and I am loving all of them. This one sponsored by the Highlands Commerce Guild in Louisville Kentucky is bad ass. A true collaboration took place on this one with the design coming from Bryan Patrick Todd, and the sign painting was done by Kirby Stafford.


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Farm Anatomy

Farm Anatomy is by far the coolest book and probably even the most awesome piece of print design I have seen in the past year. It also serves as wonderful resource to help educate all the food snobs about what the farm in “farm to table” actually means and consists of. This book is a beautiful and much needed component to the current food landscape, and does with style. The illustrations and hand drawn type by Julia Rothman just sing with all the colors and funky shapes or vegetables, farm animals and such.

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New Express Muffler & Brake

Andy Luce aka Visual Armory created this amazing hand painted sign for the client New Express Muffler & Brake. The the final product is beautiful, and is only made better by the fun Instagram process shots.

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