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Del Popolo

So for the last few years my friend Ilana has been telling me about how her brother, a former law student moved out to SF and was working on opening a pizza truck. Every time she brought it up I was like oh yeah yeah cool, just thinking great all we need is another mediocre food truck in the world. It just so happens Ilana’s brother is Jon Darsky and his pizza truck is Del Popolo one of the most interesting new culinary additions to the Bay Area food scene in the past year. Jon earned his pizzaiolo chops and title at Flour + Water another SF Italian restaurant specializing in pasta and Neapolitan style pies. Not only does the design and fabrication of Jon’s truck set him apart, but the style of pizza he creates(Neapolitan) is the most specific and surprisingly enough regulated type of pie in existence. The 5,000-pound wood-burning oven can get up to almost 1000 degrees fahrenheit and cook a pizza in almost a minute at such high temps. Next time I am in the area Del Popolo is going to be a required stop.

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Journey of a Lifetime

Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine left Germany in 1989 on what was supposed to be a 18-month tour of Africa in their Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. That 18-month trip was quickly extended and has now been ongoing for 23 years. In the accompanying audio documentary and slideshow my favorite quote and undeniable truth is that Gunther Holtorf “is a man who has to be one of human histories greatest individual travelers”. His Mercedes jeep congenially named Otto has been there every step of the way clearing a remarkable 800,000km(+500,000 miles) on the odometer, comparable to 20 trips around the equator.

During a recent stint in Vietnam photographer David Lemke caught up with Gunther to document part of this great adventure. Another remarkable part about the entire story is that it was all done without the aid of a corporate sponsor, or any sponsorship for that matter. Gunther said “sponsorship was offered, but sponsorship is never free of charge”. Christine, Gunther’s wife recently passed away, and one of her final requests was for him to continue the journey for her.

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Toyota Camatte Concept

The Disney Pixar vision of cars is finally in the pipeline to come to life. Toyota has recently previewed it’s Camatte concept car, which looks a lot more like the newest character from an animated movie than a road ready car. The concept was developed to attract the growing younger market of drivers. As budgets shrink and fuel costs rise many youths have been skipping the age old tradition of learning to drive all together. Camatte interests me for reasons fairly removed from their intended purpose. This sort of car would be very well suited to drivers in small suburban and semi-rural areas who need to drive fewer than 100 miles per week. Perfect for trips back and forth to the farmer’s market or the zipping to the local coffee shop.

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The First 70

California is currently attempting to close 1/4 of the 278 State Parks as a way of cutting costs. The implications of this are terrifying both for a natural environment and for future generations to have access to such amazing places. The First 70
is a project, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter, with the goal of creating a short film covering the story of Californians banding together to stop the closing of the parks and shed light on the already grossly underfunded parks system.

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Tweeting From Space

Soichi Noguchi has taken Twitter to an all new height(or distance) by recently tweeting images from his space travels and sharing them with use back on Earth.

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Pilot & Captain

The most recent, and amazing side project by The Heads of State is their new online store and collection of products titled Pilot & Captain. After creating the Travel Series posters Dustin and Jason were hooked on the travel theme. These unique t-shirt designs and prints grew out of that fascination for the golden age of travel long since faded into the horizon.

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Hudson River Project

James Bowthorpe is a modern adventurer and he is working on this new project entitled Hudson River Project. The video above is a trailer for the project by filmmaker Antony Crook with a soundtrack by Mogwai. Bowthorpe is going to build a boat entirely out of waste from our megalopolis and row down from the rivers source all 315 miles to the city that this great waterway birthed. Head over to Kickstarter and back the project. It has a little over a month left.

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Project Yosemite

We live possibly in the most beautiful and diverse landscape in the universe, and we often forget to look at it and reflect on that fact. With the movement of water and light we are usually looking at something that has never been seen exactly like that before. Yosemite is one of those natural wonders whose density is unfathomable. I unfortunately have never visited it, but this video by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, called Project Yosemite aims to capture that beauty.

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Camp Treehouse

Tom’s Treehouse is one of the creative and unique residences, which together comprise Camp Wandawega a lake side resort unlike any other. Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez the creative duo behind Wandawega cobble together found and flee market scored fixtures and objects, which make up the camps rustic antiquities aesthetic. Their gem has been featured on sites like Design Tripper and The Lettered Cottage. Staying in a place with such a great story and where the design is so defined by the process of building it sounds like a really fun adventure. Keep up with Wandawega over on their blog.

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Poler is a maker of high quality apparel and camping goods. Their aesthetic is deeply-rooted in skate and surf culture. Simple rucksacks and sleeping bags influenced by vintage camping gear, which are perfect for the couch surfer or the rugged weekend outdoorsman.

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A Week in Japan

Recently Mike Matas (gifted user-interface designer) took a weeklong trip to Japan with his girlfriend. Together they documented their trip in a fun fast paced video of hundreds of short clips from everything they did.

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Made in Iceland

The time and freedom to hike across Iceland sounds like the best possible thing right now. One thing I know for sure is that I couldn’t document it with quite the same amount of pizazz as Klara Harden was able to do. During the 15 minutes of this film you are taken through the ups and downs, the shear solitude, the raw beauty of the landscape, and the humor a person creates to keep themselves going. Also there is a great easter egg during the end credits, so watch the whole thing. Klara is an Austrian film maker, photographer, and designer.

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Fiji Vignette

Director Riley Blakeway created a series of films in Fiji with some VIP friends that include the likes of Taj Burrows. Riley’s work with color and grain makes these shots look like something shot on 16mm film in the 1970’s.

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Hans Mauli

Graphic designers always have an interesting eye for capturing images. Swiss born designer Hans Mauli worked with Herb Lubalin and had worked as an advertising photographer in Paris for many years.

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My Cool Campervan

I am really digging this video promoting the new book My Cool Campervan. The styling and everything is so summery and fun. Makes me want my own little campervan. You can pick the book up over on Amazon.

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City Scout

Ever try finding relevant travel information on a city and even more specifically design related advice on where to go and what to do? Well the girls from Studio Sweet Studio have come through for us. Their newest project is called City Scout, which offers the inside scoop from designers and creatives on their favorite spots in their city. Currently you could say City Scout is in beta with information only on offer for Chicago, with Brooklyn to be added soon. I also have to say the icon set they created for the project is great.

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John Jacobsen Antarctica

Designer and software engineer John Jacobsen has travelled to the South Pole several times over the past 5 years. His photos capture the simple beauty of a place at the furthest edge of the world. You can look at all of his great photos over on his Flickr.

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Being There

I grew up skiing, and as a teenager I was lucky enough to witness the growth of a new movement. Freestyle skiing as it is known today was just starting to take shape, and like the days of Dogtown the possibilities were endless, but we were all just there to have fun. Fast forward to 2011, and this new school of skiing has evolved into a beautiful physics defying art, which is captured in cinematography of the upmost quality.

This video trailer for Being There by Field Productions really shows you the amazing skiers proving impossibilities wrong in the most beautiful places on planet earth. Take a couple minutes and be transported to those places and to the adrenaline rush that is their day jobs.

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Urbanflow Helsinki

To think about and begin to design a true modern city we need to understand the uses and implications of current technologies on the landscape. This amazing video is a summation of a project by Nordkapp called Urbanflow, which has laid the groundwork for what the future city will look like and how we will interact with it. Not so much the physical landscape, but more the digital landscape. How data will be visualized, created, manipulated, interacted with and then used to develop and benefit the city and it’s infrastructure.

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Happy Independence Day

Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish everybody a happy 4th of July. We are back to our normal routine this year heading to the Thimble Islands on the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. Our friends have a party every year on a wonderful little rock out in the sound. Grilled salmon, salad, beers and lemonade.