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Helio Shower

For me summer brings with it a ton outdoor activities, which bring with them their fair share of dirt and sweat. The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is an awesome little package. The portable welded fabric water tank heats up in the sunlight and has a foot pump for pressurizing the water stream. A quick warm shower after a hike or a climb would be really awesome. I am definitely going to pick one of these up.

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Beams & Kelty Pack

My obsessive nature lends itself to organization and this set of travel packs has some really great potential uses in my mind. The bags are a collaboration between Beams and Kelty and they are available in their online shop.

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Hotel Boca Chica

Hotel Boca Chica has been a fixture in Acapulco, Mexico since the 1950s and 60s has been revived by a rebranding and updated signage system by Sociedad Anónima. The updates instill a more modern look while maintaining the historic and rich past of the hotel.

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Doc 2 Doc

Public Record made this awesome video for Doc 2 Doc that explains what it is their organization does. If you are currently trying to validate the potential for positive impact of your startup idea, you should take some notes from D2D.

Beat Making Lab

After hearing about the new series Beat Making Lab from PBS a few words are filling my head. Empowerment, activism, creativity, strength, community, music, and of course beats. The lab itself was initial started by DJ and producer Stephen Levitin(Apple Juice Kid) in collaboration with professor and hip hop artist Pierce Freelon. The premise of the program is Levitin and Freelon travel around the world and set up music studios and teach beat making. Over the course of their stay in a locale they both teach and collaborate with their students to create unique and amazing tracks.

The video below is episode 1 where they travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo and partnered with local organization Yole!Africa to engage its students in cultivating new music making skills.

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Tentsile Stingray

Stingray is an amazing new tent from suspension tent maker Tentsile. Part portable treehouse and part functional off the ground camping solution the Stingray combines comfort and versatility perfectly. It provides a wonderful natural buffer between your sleeping quarters and all the creepy crawlers and predators on the ground and other ground conditions such as sloping campsites and weather. Each tent comes equipped with ultra-heavyduty webbing and a rope ladder.

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The Wedge Tent

Inflatable tent systems are a recent development in camping gear tech, which has really changed what is possible. The Wedge Tent by HEIMPLANET is a close relative of their previously released Cave Tent which are both based on inflatable exoskeletal structures. These inflatable systems are heavily focused on intuitive use and simple set-up. The Wedge design also features special characteristics to maintain stability in high winds. Despite all of these amazing features the tent still packs light and compact, which is a necessity when you are on the trail or road.

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The Art of Airport Design

As a child photographer Jeffrey Millstein filmed places taking off and landing at LAX with an 8-millimeter videocamera. Millstein was formerly an architecture student at Berkeley, but has followed his passion for aviation and turned it into a career. His series of aircraft underbellies is his better known work, but his newest project capturing the elaborate layout and infrastructure of airports from above is far more interesting. The patterns, intersections, and general complexity of an airport offers a unique and evolving urban design challenge and an amazing subject matter for photography.

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Land of the Midnight Sun

A land without sunlight in the winter sounds like it would truly strip the happiness out of you, but in contrast what would 24 hours of sunlight in summer do for you. The long summer nights offer this amazing expanse of additional time to explore and adventure through the beautiful warm months. This beautiful little video Land of the Midnight Sun was produced by Visit Finland to capture the unique beauty of this phenomenon.

Airport City

These renderings of OMA’s master-plan for the new airport to be developed in Doha, Qatar. Their plan features four circular districts positioned along the HIA runways and creates strong unique visual identities for each of the districts.

Rem Koolhaas commented “We are delighted and honored to participate in the exciting growth of Doha, in a project that is perhaps the first serious effort anywhere in the world to interface between an international airport and the city it serves.”

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Heather Gatley

Berlin based illustrator Heather Gatley has portfolio brimming with vibrant works which show her skills of draftsmanship, shade and coloring as well as interesting hand drawn typography. She creates work through a combination of handmade techniques and digital processes, which include pencils, inks, collage and paint to create these layered illustrations.

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The Extra Mile

The internet is a constant deluge of content, updates, and information. Once in a while these rare people and sites part the waters and distinguish themselves by doing outright good. Matt Dimmer is one such web prophet. Dimmer recently launched The Extra Mile a nonprofit, which allows people to donate their frequent flyer miles to people who need to visit terminally ill loved ones with cancer. Check it out and if you have a few or even a bunch of excess miles, share the love.

Beer Friday: Aspen Brewing Company

A little more than a month after returning from an amazing two week ski trip in Colorado I am missing the crisp dry mountain air and the fresh local suds. Part of my trip was spent in and around Aspen and I imbibed more than my fair share of beer from Aspen Brewing Company’s fine offerings. So last week when I stumbled upon some great designs for them by Jeremy Elder you can imagine how all my great memories from my trip came pouring back. The bottle designs pictured here are for two special edition releases from ABC, their Temerity barrel-aged series and some of their seasonal offerings.

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Las Vegas Neon Museum

As the face of Las Vegas has changed it has become a overly glam facade of boring and un-unique structures. The days are gone when the strip was lit up with the beautiful vernacular of neon, funky lettering and blinking bulbs. Thankfully there is one place left off the sunset strip where you can still go and view a graveyard like view into the Vegas past. The Neon Museum is a non-profit founded in 1996 and opened to the public last October, serves as the final resting place for more than 150 historic neon signs.

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