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The Nogg, a Modern Chicken Coop

Having chickens these days is so chic even in urban areas, so it was just a matter of time until something like this popped up. Cynicism aside, this is a beautifully crafted and thought out design, and would be my first choice if I was going to add some clucking friends to our family. Learn more about their process and the coop itself over at the Nogg website.

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Apple RAM 2001-2010

This is a truly beautiful visualization that allows us to firmly grasp how rapid the growth or I guess in this case the shrinking of technology has progressed over the past decade.

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Writer iPad App.

Since the day the iPad was released I have been and will remain a skeptic, but as more amazing companies and developers come out with such astoundingly rad apps and products for the iPad the more difficult it becomes to not breakdown get my own. I have always felt that typography is the most commonly neglected portion of UX, and the fact that the type and idea of type is so present in iA’s development and intentions for this app makes me very happy. Sadly as I don’t have an iPad myself I am going to have to wait to test-drive the app until I run into a friend willing to buy it. Despite that the article on their website really allows you to grasp how fully integrated and enriching Writer is for the iPad. The auto syncing with Dropbox is also another personal favorite of mine, and something I would love to see in action.

I guess the only thing I could find any information on was what types of file formats can the writer save to as well as open and edit. I would be curious how much format wrangling they have done to make Microsoft Word documents and stuff like that accessible in the app.

I am unsure of the number of times I wrote the word app in the past two paragraphs, but I do know it was most likely excessive. To read a more elagant and detailed description of the writer check it out here.

Linotype: The Film Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Doug Wilson about the Linotype typesetting machine. The trailer definitely positions the film in such a way the seems to enliven the dying beast that is typesetting. Iron and Wine’s “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” really helps give it some power. I can’t wait for the first NYC screening.

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The Big Status Update

The new twitter looks pretty promising from this little video. I have been using the iPhone version for a couple weeks and a lot of times I find myself checking status updates and tweeting from my phone while I am sitting at my computer. So hopefully the updated web version will compete with or is at least compare to the usability of the newish iPhone app. The dual column setup seems like a much more fluid and thought out use of space and takes much greater advantage of the rich timeline of tailored data twitter creates for you the user.

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Future of Screen Technology

This awesome video by TAT really makes the future screens look super promising, I just hope that with this new available technology that the user experience portion can live up to it’s depiction in this video.

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is on my list for the most revolutionary web-design tools of 2010. This is a one-stop web-based tool for designing, building and hosting an awesome site for $10 a month. I highly recommend this tool for people who want to setup a simple website or portfolio and be able to manage it with ease.

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Food Spotting

Food Spotting
is by far the coolest social media app. I have seen in a long time. Combining all the awesome capabilities of geo-tagging, crowd-sourcing and food. The features of and potential for this app are awesome, and it truly one ups Yelp and Menupages.

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Uniform Wares 100 Series Watches

The watches designed by Uniform Wares are minimalism at it’s truest and most beautiful. “Uniform Wares produces timepieces intended for everyday use by individuals with an eye for meticulous design details.” I like the idea of having a uniform for myself, and these timepieces would definitely make the cut.

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This is a genius little tool for any web designer or developer. I do have to say I am not super into the design itself, but I can get over that because Launchlist fills such a cool gap. Basecamp should take note on and employ some rad interactive checklists!

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Plantly: A Risk Aware Investment Tool

I have been thinking of trying to start investing some of my savings for a while, but was unsure of which online tool to use. Being far from savy with stocks and bonds and all that stuff presents it as quite a challenge to successfully invest your money without paying a broker to do it for you. Plantly on the other hand gives you the tools to understand the risk before you invest and visualize the possible growth scenarios. I for one cannot wait for Plantly to come out of beta.

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Shinya Kimura

I have always loved motorcycles, specifically custom machined ones, but have I gotten bored with the contemporary style and culture surrounding them. This look inside the work of Shinya Kimura seems to have changed those feelings. He has found serenity in his work and the connection to the world that he achieves when riding his creations. “It feels nothing like how violent it looks from the outside.” This quote really says so much about both the freedom of riding motorcycles, as well as the personal level of thinking that Kimura has taken it to. Learn more about Kimura at Chabott Engineering.

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Photoshop Tool Palette Evolution

Has it been this long? It’s funny when we look back to see all the iterations we have been through together Photoshop.

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DBA Pen: 98% Biodegradable

The tag line for the DBA Pen is awesome (“Think before you write.”). The statement they have made with this slogan brings up the fact that we need to think about being environmentally conscious beyond driving a hybrid car and recycling. Plus this pen looks like a refined version of that classic Uniball pen that I have always liked to write with.

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IDEO has just launched a new web platform called OpenIDEO to make social innovation easier and more collaborative. It is a place where people, designers and otherwise, can become part of the design process. You can sign up on the site to begin adding to the dialogue.

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TeuxDeux: iPhone App.

The long awaited Teux Deux app for iPhone released yesterday and I think I can speak for everyone when I say Teux Deux has officially changed my life for a second time. This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of collaborations between swissmiss (amazing swiss designer gone nyc and famed blogger) and Fictive Kin (creative web-developing powerhouse). You can grab the app. for stiflingly cheap $2.99 in the iTunes app. store. So go get your productivity on!


I am so excited to start using Lookwork the new bad ass visual RSS reader and image-bookmarking service by the talented Ben Pieratt. Ben besides running his awesome multifaceted studio is also the genius behind svpply. Both these web based tools are visually stunning, with extremely intuitive and simplified user experience. If you have not tried them or at least checked them out you definitely should. I love how seamlessly they unify with your browser to elevate functionality.

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Excited to start using Notable on all my future web projects. Notable is a simple to use app. for providing feedback on all levels of a web project from the content to the code. Thanks Erica!

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Demo of Notable from Bryan Zmijewski on Vimeo.

360° Color: A Peek Inside Pantone

Get an insider view at the creation of a new color. For real this video gives you an inside look at how Pantone develops new colors. Base produced this video in celebration of the release of the newest Pantone series entitled Plus Series.

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