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Tak Tik

Founder of Minimal and Kickstarter celebrity Scott Wilson is back in the mix with his new mega-protective iPhone case called Tak Tik. The price tag of this iPhone case may seem a little steep to a large portion of iPhone owners, but in my opinion the iPhone deserves a case befitting to such a powerful piece of technology. Their Kickstarter has a few days left on it if you want to get in on the ground get your preorder in before these hit the market.

Generative Software Prints

A.N. Fischer creates these stunning digital works of art using a software program he crafted called Schwarm. The variety of output and the overall organic characteristics of images Schwarm is able to create is mind bending. Prior to visiting Fischer’s site I would have been more apt to believe that these were a visualization of a weather system rather than the output of a software program.

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Friedrich Air Conditioning App

The new Friedrich Airconditioning App is a great example of how software is more regularly being applied to the control of a physical interaction. I am unsure of my feelings on the subject, but I am definitely interested to see it in action. The coolest part is the ability to access and control the unit remotely through wireless. I know we all would relish in the ability to save energy by not leaving our AC on all day, but still be assured that after a sweltering commute home our apartment is sufficiently refrigerated.

Creative Mornings: Art and Tech Month

Creative Mornings, the breakfast lecture series(now empire) with 29 chapters spanning the globe is partnering with RISD and John Maeda for a themed month. This June every Creative Morning around the globe, including a special pop-up at RISD’s campus in Providence, Rhode Island will be on the topic of art and technology. This intersection is of particular relevance and importance to those of us creating the design both visual and structural for the web and applications.

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Re:route App

Earlier this year Recyclebank and Transport for London got together and created the Re:route app. Commuters who opt to walk or ride(bikes) to work and use the app, which allows users to plan their route, can earn rewards for their participation. Re:route is currently only available in London, but I definitely think this sort of trend would really catch on in any other commuter heavy area.

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Made in NYC Digital Map

Mayor Bloomberg’s office has created this awesome map which visualizes all the tech startups in NYC from the Made in NYC register. Checkout Mapped in NY and explore the map or add your startup to the map. I also have to say, I have not encountered a web ticker I enjoyed as much as this one in quite some time(at last check the ticker read “734 NYC Tech Companies Are Hiring!”).

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Olo is a new game for the iPad and iPhone which will launch at the end of May. Ultra simple rules and barebones interface have positioned Olo to bring board games into the 21st century. Designed and built by Sennep, I am excited to challenge all my friends.

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Meggs’ for iPad?

In art school Meggs’ seemed to be an archaic approach to delivering design history in need a serious overhaul. Fast forward to the content saturated web environment of today their dwindling market share and outdated delivery mechanism have been re-envisioned. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design has been updated and republished alongside an iPad and iPhone version created by the gifted guys over at Inkling.

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Nooka has single handedly created change in how we tell time, but there have been few revelations in how we add numbers recently. Rechner changes all that. It is the first gesture based calculator, and is available as an app for the iPhone. Their slogan really resonates with me as well. “Math is beautiful. Arithmetic is simple. Rechner is both.” A complete and succinct summation of the app designed by Colorado based design studio Berger & Föhr.

Rechner is now available on the AppStore.


Finding a good drawing or sketchbook app for the iPad has been an ongoing and annoying search since I got my iPad nearly 8 months ago. Finally Paper has emerged to fill the void. Created by the awesome folks over at Fifty Three, the app has a multitude of great features including an array of drawing and painting tools which all work amazingly well.

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Google has launched an awesome new project entitled Re-Brief. Their aim is to re-envision a few of the most iconic 20th century ad campaigns for the web. In their day it was speculated that many of these campaigns would stand the test of time. With the advancements of technology mainly in the capabilities of information and media delivery you would think web advertising would have evolved much more quickly but it remains virtually the same bland thing it was birthed as more than 15 years ago. By refocusing these iconic ads for the web they hope to change the way we interact, view, and feel about ads on the web. A lofty task? Yes. But without value surely not. As an apologetic but avid consumer I understand that advertising will continue to be a part of my daily life. If that is the case I can only hope that the people creating these ads can make it a less of an assault and more of an enjoyable, human interaction.

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Made in Brooklyn

Made in Brooklyn is a hugely inspirational little video made by the folks at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, which captures the heart and soul of the Brooklyn entrepreneur. One quote that really stuck with me is “there are more creative people in brooklyn than in most countries”. This idea, this concept and the diversity that it has created makes Brooklyn a real world think tank and a living breathing experiment. A sort of creators Utopia where you don’t need people to bounce your ideas off because you have this entire microcosm to chuck them around. If they resonate or gain traction then you know you’re getting somewhere. You can also assume if it works in Brooklyn it has to be cool, or just so outlandishly weird it’s ironic. BBV is also a very interesting outfit, a seed stage venture capital firm focussed entirely on investing in BK based startups. Union Square Ventures watch out!

The Future Belongs to the Curious

I have been a huge fan of Skillshare and their goals ever since launch, for more reasons that their stellar branding(by Ed Nacional). Garrett Johnston, aka One Year Studio, was able to capture the visceral feelings of curiosity and discovery in this promotional video for Skillshare titled The Future Belongs to the Curious.


Brooklyn Beta Video

For those of you who didn’t make it to Brooklyn Beta this video will make you even more jealous of all the amazing stuff you missed, and for all you awesome people who were there you can now relive the experience over and over until next year. If you don’t already know about it, Brooklyn Beta is the worlds greatest web event right here in our fair city. In what many would argue is the greatest borough. Brooklyn. Cameron Koczon(aka @fictivecameron) and Chris Shiflett from Studiomates in Dumbo put together this conference as an argument for why web conferences didn’t need to be so far away and plagued by boring panel discussions. Also a major shout out to Captain & the Fox for their amazing work on this video.


Onepager seems like a great solution for smaller non-techy businesses who need to get online.

The Wallee

The Wallee iPad case manufacturers have now released a headrest mount that easily integrates with their case. So if you aren’t one of those distorted people with an Escalade with monitors in the back of all your headrests. Now you can easily turn your iPad into a headrest monitor for your children or any passengers riding in the back seat.

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Proof iPad App and Tasting Kit

The folks over at Zeus Jones applied an unique approach and relevant background to create this outstanding iPad app and accompanying tasting kit. They liken the app more to the user experience of a board game over another specific technology precedent. Proof is both beautiful and intuitive, and the physical component of the tasting kit ties it to an experience outside of the app which only helps to strengthen it’s value. I really love this physical companion model for digital products. Wacom’s new Inkling pen is a slightly different, yet related example of this type of intersection.

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Gimme Bar Backups

I have been an avid user of Gimme Bar since it went into beta for the Brooklyn Beta attendees in 2010, and have been astounded at the quality and frequency of relevant updates and improvements since then. The newest feature Gimme Backups (which I feel bad diminishing it by calling it a feature) is a perfectly cut gem. The idea behind it is to allow users to shift their personal content stream away from another service in order to maintain control and even to protect against any potential data loss. Cameron Koczon, friend and one of the masterminds behind Gimme Bar wrote a great article for A List Apart entitled Orbital Content. Going forward Cameron’s assertion is that instead of going places to access content users will have a pool of content constantly gravitating around them on their different devices and social networks.

FPO Awards App

In addition to printing a beautiful book of the submissions to the 2011 FPO Awards a beautiful iPad app was made, which is now available in the app store. With the release of their app a strong position was taken as to the sale price of said app. Instead of pricing it at the seemingly standard $.99 to $1.99 range they have chosen to sell it for $19.99. I really appreciate this because we are at a time now where people need to be re-educated in the value of quality content. Without publishers stepping out to the edge and pricing their apps and subscriptions higher than the competition it creates a market place where consumers are trained to pick the cheaper option because it is the norm.

Scanomat Top Brewer

I like many other creatives before and after me spent a not so brief stint in the coffee world, and until recently I let that form my entire view of what coffee could and should be. Now I have put enough distance between myself and that past that I can start to appreciate minimal fixtures like this one. The Scanomat Top Brewer easily integrates with your iPhone or iPad, and can spew your favorite pipping beverage right up from the innards of your kitchen counter with a simple tap from the app. Not so little things like this home coffee geyser really let me know we are living in the future.

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