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Done Not Done

The amazing gents of Fictive Kin launched Done Not Done the newest addition to their suite of web applications. I have been looking for a social list making tool that would allow me to track things I have done along with things I want to do. Thank you Fictive Kin for continuing to make the internet a better place. Go get the app here.

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I grew up as a skier. My parents first signed me up for a lesson and dropped me at a small mountain in Western Massachusetts when I was only few years old. Skiing has always been one constant in my life and after just returning from an amazing two week ski trip to Colorado it is evident that the connection has not faded. As the years have passed the sport has progressed on a path of acceleration similar to Moore’s Law. Part of what has most obviously affected the progression of the sport are the developments in cinematography. This allows for shots to be captured at higher frame rates for mind bending slow motion and aerial drone shots of a mountain face. This short film by Sweetgrass Productions is a beautiful example of a ski movie shop studio that is making some of the most unique and enthralling work.

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A Bionic Future

In 2007 a childhood friend of mine suffered a C5 spinal injury. With the support of friends, family, and the aid of some cutting edge technology he has been able to regain his mobility and freedom. This film titled A Bionic Future by Maris Curran show cases some of the exoskeletal prototypes being developed right now. Bionics are now very real and are going to become an increasingly large part of society. It is just nice to see the strong advancements coming from the health and wellness sector before the military.

Technology Mandalas

I think I am a little bit behind the curve on posting these Technology Mandalas by Leaonardo Ulian, but I came across them in my folder of things to post today. The symmetry and overall organization of each component is stunning. If only the interior of electronic devices and computers could be organized to be so beautiful.

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Guide to Responsive Design

As the landscape of mobile and tablet based browsing and web access grows it is becoming almost a requirement to have a responsive site. Users are also becoming more and more discerning with which digital platforms they choose to consume content from and on. This changes how we as designers must think about a website and how content is delivered in general. For many designers who are just beginning to be comfortable designing simple static websites it can seem like a daunting task to think and design with such scaleability in mind. Hagon Design has created an amazing resource on their site for people to learn the basic principles of responsive web design. Their Responsive Design Site is by no means an end to end tutorial and you definitely won’t be able to call yourself a responsive web designer after perusing it once. You will definitely have a better understanding about the why’s, how’s and examples of some really great who’s of the responsive web.

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Facebook Voters Map

I am usually pretty outspoken about my feelings on Facebook specifically as a nonuser. However this great page America Votes 2012 they put up today on to visualize the votes cast in realtime across the United States using aggregated Facebook data is really awesome. This is definitely one of the first high value use cases I have seen them leveraging their community data stream. Way to go guys!

Squarespace Note

Squarespace has helped to redefine how small display and consumer oriented websites can be built, implemented, and maintained. Their product is simple, beautiful, and easy to use. So of course anything else they launch would by proxy share these sensibilities, right? Surprisingly they were even able to simplify functionality and goals of their new app further. Squarespace Note is a beautifully elegant way to record ideas. Open the app type in an idea and swipe to send it to your email, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, or Twitter. Definitely me new favorite app download for my iPhone.

Coren Cycles

Carbon Fibre is one of the amazing technologically advanced materials that is becoming more and more prevalent in high end automotive and other parts construction. UBC a high tech German composites company has paired up with designer Christian Zanzotti to create a line of bicycles. The bikes use custom manufactured parts made by UBC out of their super light materials for every possible component. The resulting bikes are futuristic and light as a feather, but also elegant, minimal, and utilitarian. Currently Coren Cycles only have a single speed model and fixed gear model available, but more concepts are due out soon.


Power strips and electronic power supply products have always felt as though they have been neglected by design. Apple has led the personal computing and electronics realm on advancing that area, but most other companies continue to release the most basic black and grey plastic adapters, which leave a vast ocean of improvements yet to be realized. Punkt has been known for creating products which through a minimalist aesthetic have been able to challenge the status quo, including their Punkt DP 01 cordless phone. Pictured here is their newly released ES 01, which is a simple yet ingenious “power strip” design. I put the words power strip in quotations because it is neither a strip nor what we have come to expect from those bland uninteresting power sources. The round shape and strategically spaced and aligned outlets allow for the cords to be gathered and fed out in one slot. Furthermore the sleek lid cloaks the unappealing plugs and transforms it into an immaculate orb.

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MIT Architectural Experiments

MIT is known for being at the forefront of technology in math, sciences, engineering, architecture among other fields. This video shows some students and faculty explaining some of their current work and experiments, which certainly support my previous statement. Many of the experiments include technologies and processes not yet in use by the building industry. All with the ever present goal of changing and advancing how architecture and the built world are conceived, manufactured, fabricated, constructed or interacted with. The video was created by Boston area Paper Fortress.

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Satellites Postlerferguson

PostlerFerguson has designed a new collection of hybrid toy sculptures for Papafoxtrot entitled Space Fleet. The group is made up of replicas of the 5 most iconic unmanned spacecraft or satellites circling our planet. Each small piece is made out of maple and laser etched stainless steal with the wood in natural finish, matte white and gloss red.

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The Internet Map

The internet and the online landscape is a seemingly endless world, that we can neither fathom or visualize the scale and connections between anything. Until now. The Internet Map is a visualization of this vast multidimensional world of connections we call the internet. All the websites are represented by circles, the scale of the circle is determined by the amount of traffic it gets and the proximity of circles to one another is based upon the links between them. Information about the 2 million links between the websites has grouped them by topic creating clusters about related subject matter.

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Chameleon Clock

Chameleon Clock is a cool new iOS app that turns the iPad into an environment aware clock. The app utilizes the built in camera to show whatever scene is beyond it.

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Mikael Eidenberg’s Synth App

There are a few music editing and related apps for tablets, mainly the iPad currently available that feature decent design. However, there is nothing that even comes close to this concept designed by Mikael Eidenberg. His designs feature a dark ultra realistic approach, which feels very in sync with what we expect from music electronics. I whole heartedly agree with Beamer’s statement on iso50, if this project hits Kickstarter I am sure it will be an instant success.

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Wim Crouwel – A Graphic Odyssey

Wim Crouwel is one of the most prodigious graphic designers in the history of the profession. So when I heard of the digital catalogue being put out by Unit Editions to accompany the recent exhibition of his work at the Design Museum in London of course I was ecstatic. Designed by Spin and edited by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy the catalogue is available for download from the Apple iTunes Store.

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AP London Olympics

For the 2012 London Olympics the Associated Press has integrated some new DSLR robotic systems allowing them to capture images never before possible. The rigs controlled remotely using joysticks can pan and zoom and shoot multiple frames per second, making sure they snap the optimal shot. These setups were developed completely custom by AP for these events and venues of the Olympics, but I am sure some of the technology will trickle down to open market soon.

21st Century Windrunner V

Nike Sportswear is taking activewear into the future far ahead of the competition. Their new 21st Century Windrunner V. jacket is made of a highly reflective material which shines under the most subtle lights. The jacket pictured is a slightly customized version made for the US Olympic medalists to wear on the podium. Nike collaborated with the artist Marcus Gaab to develop this prototype based on the classic Nike Sportswear Windrunner. The back is beautifully detailed with “United States of America” and fifty dots to signify the fifty states using precision laser technology.

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It’s really intriguing the number of peripheral products being designed and produced for the iPhone. That said recently a few such items have cropped up, which demonstrate amazing aesthetics and functionality driven design. The Ag++ case designed by Andrea Ponti for Case Logic fits the build perfectly. The subtle machined aluminum case creates an ergonomic grip for the otherwise awkward to hold device, in addition to creating a strong durable layer of protection around it. If you are seriously rough on your technology the Tak Tik is still probably the case for you, but Ponti’s solution is definitely a more refined one.

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The Sync

It’s great to see that co-working spaces are spanning out around the globe, and giving creative folks the opportunity to come together and be inspired. The Sync is one such place recently opened by Change Fusion and Soramist Chintanamanus, a recent MA graduate from the Interaction Design program at the Umeå Institute of Design. Now that co-working has broken into the Bangkok scene I am excited to see the cool new projects coming out of that city.

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Brisk is a new weather app in beta from the awesome guys over at Two Solid. As opposed to the bland pervasive data based weather apps Brisk takes a more visual and tactile approach. The current and upcoming weather is illustrated with simple icons and color fields based on the temperature and weather type. By taking away most of the excess components your average weather app seem required to use Two Solid was able to create a fresh fun way to check the weather.

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