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Swiss Alpine Pods

They really know how to do it in Switzerland. Little private ski resort, Whitepod with beautiful modern igloos. What more could a ski fanatic want? Both the lodge and igloos located at around 6,000 feet above sea level have astonishing views of the valley and snow surroundings.

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Skilift Carmenna

I posted about Bearth & Deplazes previously here, and for the second time I have stumbled across their work and been completely enamored. They design these amazing solutions for extremely remote building sites and for structures that usually have little design. This project Skilift Carmenna they designed both integrates with the natural environment, in winter it is cover in snow and summer the roof is grass covered, but it also adds a level of visual interest to what is normally a bland utilitarian structure.

Due to the location of this project, the ski area is in Arosa, Switzerland the material choice had to be very specific. Everything needed to be light and easily transportable by helicopter. So they chose simple things like plastic and corrugated metal sheeting, wood. Despite this minimalist palette they were able to create astounding modern building that truly fit their purpose and surroundings. That to me is part of what defines architecture.


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Monte Rosa Hütte

This irregular hexagon that both blends into and juts out of the Swiss Alps is the Neue Monte Rosa-Hütte. Designed as an upgrade from the original structure built in the 19th century, architects Bearth and Deplazes have created a beautiful solution for this remote site. It’s wood-framing references the style and technique of previous structure, while the technical aspects both inside and out help to make it inherently new. The building itself is 100 percent self sufficient and must be able to create energy on site because of it’s remoteness. Building materials were delivered partially assembled in an estimated 3000 helicopter trips, mainly because mules were said to be too costly. Monte Rosa Hütte operates as both a restaurant and lodge for hikers traveling the 3 hours from the base of Monte Rosa.

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Trublerhütte, Schlieren

A nice simple design by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten, to replace a public social event space in Schlieren, Switzerland. The continuity flows across all the surfaces of the building with the perfectly uniform use of wood panelling. Long sliding doors also help to open all four corners of of the hütte to the outside and the surrounding nature.


TeuxDeux: iPhone App.

The long awaited Teux Deux app for iPhone released yesterday and I think I can speak for everyone when I say Teux Deux has officially changed my life for a second time. This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of collaborations between swissmiss (amazing swiss designer gone nyc and famed blogger) and Fictive Kin (creative web-developing powerhouse). You can grab the app. for stiflingly cheap $2.99 in the iTunes app. store. So go get your productivity on!

Swiss Holiday House

I have been thinking a lot recently about potentially building a holiday getaway of my own up in the mountains, and this amazing specimen by AFGH architects truly gives me something to aspire to. Holiday House as it has been named so subtly engages the environment without sticking out. All the materials are so simple and perfectly chosen, and by all materials I am referring to the extensive list of wood, glass and metal.

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