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Makr × Monster Children × Leatherman

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary Monster Children teamed up with one of my favorite companies Makr and the badass utility tool makers Leatherman to release a commemorative case and wrench. The resulting 10 Year Tool lives up to the MC name and the quality of collaborators shows through in every detail.

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P Nut

One of my favorite pairs of Vans from a few years ago were a pair designed by Galinsky. The artwork of Greg “P Nut” Galinsky has always been some of my favorite. Its honesty and simplicity are OffTheWall TV and was created to promote their 2013 Get Out and Do Something tour.

McCallum Surfboards

Hand shaped by Jeff McCallum, McCallum Surfboards are an artful approach that fall somewhere between the aesthetics of the boards by Deus Ex Machina and those of S/Double Studio. Each floating, wave slicing piece is hewn from raw block in McCallum’s San Diego workshop. You can visit their website to view a full list of retailers, which includes Saturdays in NYC.

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Janne Sarrio Second Nature

Growing up skateboarding Janne Sarrio was a hero of mine. His impact on the progression of skateboarding is undeniable. His passion for skateboarding is spoken of more as artistic expression than of a competitive or athletic one. Riding around the world touching its surfaces and learning how to move through it pushed him towards his transition or “Second Nature”. From rider to creator, artist, architect and engineer. Element created this film which I think successfully captures how Sarrio has shifted his medium, but his passion and artistic drive have remained.

Studio Skate Supply

Doesn’t a little Friday morning shred sound good? Maybe an hour or so of pushing around, maybe a few no complies before the city gets too hot. These awesome skate goods designed by Contraband for Kansas City’s very own Studio Skate Supply are just the thing to freshen up your water logged old twig.

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S/Double Studio

Growing up engrossed in skateboard culture very few of my friends even knew that Stussy was a person before it was this iconic clothing company. Even fewer people even realized that the lettering and graphics all over their shirts, hats, and hoodies was actually creator Sean Stussy’s own handwriting and hand styles. More recently Sean has shifted gears and is trying to get back to his roots before the brand overshadowed the man. To a time when shaping surf boards was his main focus. He has created S/Double Studio to channel this passion into creating some extremely beautiful sleds.

Pinstripe Skate Deck

Pin-striping is one of those arts that I could never fully wrap my head around. Just like hand drawn type it takes perfectly steady hands and an ability to visualize and execute an end product. Part of the beauty of this style of painting is how the imperfections blend into the overall beauty of a completed pin-striping work. These decks were done by Ryan Lange of Lost Garage and Code of Conduct two pretty cool sites creating fresh original content in the motorcycle, tattoo, skateboarding sphere.

Frozen Wave

This is probably one of the coolest short films of all time. Spanish photographer and film maker Juan Rayos creates rich layered scenes and then documents them in captivating films like this one entitled Frozen Wave. Also by Rayos, Carving the Mountains is worth a watch.

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Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

Growing up hip-hop and rap had this innate link to skateboarding. De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest were two of the first people I started listening to. The beats and the groove just had something to them that you wanted to skate to. Through my work I actually have had the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with Q-Tip, which for me as a fan for more than half my life was truly inspiring. All that said tomorrow Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, a film by Michael Rapaport will be released in New York and Los Angeles.

Penny Australia

As we await summer and the warm weather to come nothing sounds better than a fresh set of gummy wheels and the sun on your back. This video for Penny Skateboards really shows them in their true form. Just shredding in the summer sun with your friends, skitching off cars, only stopping to grab a beer.

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Buddy Carr Signature Model: by AisleOne

I have always admired the previous designs Antonio Carusone of AisleOne did for Buddy Carr Skateboards. However, this new design really blows those ones out of the water. I have already told Antonio that I expect a heads up for when this will release so I can grab one before they all get scooped up.