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Nike Free Trainer 5.0

Just about everyone who is active, participates in athletics or does any type of training uses at least one Nike product. Their design process and technological advancements are truly stunning. I am particularly engrossed in this video about their process behind the development of the new Nike Free Trainer 5.0. The shoe is inspired by the structure of a Chinese finger trap which is in its static state extremely flexible and in its engaged state extremely rigid and taught.

Goliath Sportswear

Goliath Sportswear was founded in 1926 by the son of a shoe maker. Over the last couple of years Goliath has worked with Studio Beige to redesign their brand and identity, freshen up their ephemera, design a cohesive extension online, and even produce a very cool in-store event. The work Studio Beige created focuses on the attention to detail of their footwear and accessories while also attracting a younger more contemporary market with a nod to the history and legacy of the brand.

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