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Dropclock Screensaver

This is a pretty nifty little creation that could revitalize almost any monitor. Personally I have never been very big on screensavers, but this DROPCLOCK is definitely one I could get into. It illustrates the current time with Helvetica numerals dropping into water in super slow motion . I would love to see some behind the scenes stuff on how they shot the footage and coded it.

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Buddy Carr Signature Model: by AisleOne

I have always admired the previous designs Antonio Carusone of AisleOne did for Buddy Carr Skateboards. However, this new design really blows those ones out of the water. I have already told Antonio that I expect a heads up for when this will release so I can grab one before they all get scooped up.

Vik & Fougere

The collaborative efforts of Nils Vik and Thom Fougere, collectively known as Vik & Fougere, are a Tour de Force of functionality and minimalism in simple house hold fixtures and furniture. The favorite of mine has to be their light hook pictured below, which is a nice update to the infinitely boring light switch plaques seen in American homes. In addition to the aesthetic update Nils and Thom have added a nice little hook in the corner for keys, some type of ornament or anything else that your heart desires.

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Plus Minus Zero Watch

Naoto Fukasawa has always been one of my favorite industrial designers. His designs are so refined that they exist in a perfect balance of simplicity and serenity, always with a high regard to function. So when I saw this watch designed by Fukasawa for Plus Minus Zero I immedietely had to post it. This watch hints at alot of my favorite parts of old military watches and specificaly old Timex watches, but side steps the predictable designs they often employ for the faces and bodies of their timepieces.

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The FIDA Mat

The FIDA Mat is a wonderfully compact solution for a lounge chair you could pack up and take anywhere. It was designed by Hannover industrial designer Patrick Frey, and feels like a design update to the classic hiker’s essential, The Crazy Creek.

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New Polaroid?

I remember a time when Polaroid film was abundant and digital cameras still took blurry distorted photos (not on purpose). The feeling of immediately holding and being able to touch a crisp new print maybe coming back. Polaroid, on December 2nd, released an image teaser of the upcoming product release to Engadget. They have doctored the image in their post to reveal more details of the product, but I somewhat prefer the mystique and surprise of the obscured.

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Hook System: Jean Nouvel

The Hook wall system, designed by french architect Jean Nouvel, is a customizable storage and organization system that combines a perforated metal sheet with attachable modular pieces. The original inspiration is said to be computer punch cards and sheet music. This would solve my home office conundrum, too bad I can’t track down and dimensions or pricing information. Internet fail.

Jean Nouvel:

A metal architecture, like a quotation from Jean Prouvé’s work: rather than a wall this is a continuous building system that encloses joints into the metal folds. And its corrugated skin, regularly perforated and lacquered, turns into a wall. A wall to capture light and liven up the space around it.

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Calculator: Alexander Hulme

I love to see beautiful designs applied to everyday objects that really revitalizes them. I always recall from school that the calculator was a jumble of buttons with little heirarchy that was sure to change between manufacturers and models. This design by Alexander Hulme is a nice simplification of the calculator that marries form and function with usability. A minimal calculator like this is something I could see using everyday. If only apple could take a couple hints when designing their version on the iPhone and iPod.

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The Hopper Table

I am still slightly unclear as to the derivation of the name The Hopper Table. Anyway this minimalist take on the nostalgic summer classic by Extremis, is super clean and futuristic. I would love to have this thing on my imaginary patio.

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Moutain Wallpaper

Digesting all my rss feeds after a ten day vacation is a pretty hearty task. When I came across this little gem though it was a breath of fresh air. Super minimal and a great solution for people who are sick of painting their apartment. You can pick some up for yourself or as a gift here.

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Radio: by Daniel Emma

I am really loving the shape projects by Australian design studio Daniel Emma. They balance very nicely between playful and minimal without being too colorful. The simplification of all these day to day household appliances and electronics is awesome.

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Project 7

Yesterday I was exposed to some many great new business models and non profit systems. Project 7 was one example that stuck out to me. They sell 7 different coffees where fifty percent of the profits from each purchase is donated to a designated charity depending on the name of the coffee. Some examples are “FEED the hungary” and “HEAL the sick”. The model they have developed is most easily summed up by a tweet my friend Jessi Arrington made during The Feast this past Friday.

“Note to self: start buying Project 7 coffee. It’s what Creighton would call a “win win.” #feastongood”

I am curious how many social problems would exist in the world if all for profit businesses and industries adopted this model.

The Nogg, a Modern Chicken Coop

Having chickens these days is so chic even in urban areas, so it was just a matter of time until something like this popped up. Cynicism aside, this is a beautifully crafted and thought out design, and would be my first choice if I was going to add some clucking friends to our family. Learn more about their process and the coop itself over at the Nogg website.

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Apple RAM 2001-2010

This is a truly beautiful visualization that allows us to firmly grasp how rapid the growth or I guess in this case the shrinking of technology has progressed over the past decade.

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John’s Phone

Sometimes, when my iPhone spacks-out I have the urge to downgrade to a much more minimal phone system. This one called John’s Phone by Amsterdam based product design studio John Doe would definitely be my first choice.

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Plantly: A Risk Aware Investment Tool

I have been thinking of trying to start investing some of my savings for a while, but was unsure of which online tool to use. Being far from savy with stocks and bonds and all that stuff presents it as quite a challenge to successfully invest your money without paying a broker to do it for you. Plantly on the other hand gives you the tools to understand the risk before you invest and visualize the possible growth scenarios. I for one cannot wait for Plantly to come out of beta.

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DBA Pen: 98% Biodegradable

The tag line for the DBA Pen is awesome (“Think before you write.”). The statement they have made with this slogan brings up the fact that we need to think about being environmentally conscious beyond driving a hybrid car and recycling. Plus this pen looks like a refined version of that classic Uniball pen that I have always liked to write with.

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Death Spray Custom

At first I was pretty positive their work was all just die-cut vinyl graphics, but to my surprise and delight after further research and inspection I found out it is all custom painted. The meticulous care and craft that goes into the work of Death Spray Custom is something very rare these days.

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Field Notes: Country Fair Colors

The reputable Field Notes has just released it’s newest addition to an ever awesome collections of utilitarian goods. These new “Country Fair Color” notebooks let us all rep our home stay from near and far!

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House Blocks: by Chigo

I must not be grown up yet. I say that because these blocks made by Chigo look like they would be a treat to play with.

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