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Pilot & Captain

The most recent, and amazing side project by The Heads of State is their new online store and collection of products titled Pilot & Captain. After creating the Travel Series posters Dustin and Jason were hooked on the travel theme. These unique t-shirt designs and prints grew out of that fascination for the golden age of travel long since faded into the horizon.

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Designer First Aid Kit

First aid kits always seem to get overlooked by the design. This one available at the Radius Design Shop is particularly nice. The brushed aluminum bracket with the cross cut out creates a a great contrast with the red case fixed inside.

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Envelope Chest

From a young age I was a collector. Rating the importance of my belongings and stowing them away in difference types of containers according to their related value. My most prized items and those alone made it into a beautifully crafted treasure chest which my dad built for me. This Envelope Chest from Field Day brings up all these powerful memories and associations from my childhood. It is also interesting to be able to look back at those behaviors and see what has remained the same and what has shaped me into the type of person I am. Still a collector at heart, this chest would most definitely have a home on my shelf for some very special things.

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The Wallee

The Wallee iPad case manufacturers have now released a headrest mount that easily integrates with their case. So if you aren’t one of those distorted people with an Escalade with monitors in the back of all your headrests. Now you can easily turn your iPad into a headrest monitor for your children or any passengers riding in the back seat.

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SWYP by Artefact

Why can’t more designers have on outlook and approach like Artefact? Their new printer concept called SWYP, which stands for See What You Print is a completely revolutionary idea in the printing and computing space. We rarely see the modern and most user friendly technologies manifested in home and office printing products, and the SWYP begins to fill that chasm. You should also check out the video on vimeo of the printer in action.

“The ideas of radical simplicity also extend to the box itself. We focused on the utilitarian aspects of the printer: opening the lid for scanning, easy access to the paper tray and easy access to ink cartridges. We made every effort to strip it down to the essentials and resisted the temptation to add extraneous details. In the process we believe we achieve a beauty that only simplicity can deliver.”

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House Industries & Heath Ceramics

Eames and Neutraface are contemporary typefaces based on classic design inspiration with some well deserved updates. The timeless numbers from these two fonts are now available as ceramic house numbers made in collaboration with House Industries and Heath Ceramics.

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Govino Glasses

Truly inspired and functional new glassware designs are few and far between these days. It seems like a rather difficult space to redefine or at the least to improve the standard we have become accustomed to over the last century. Govino Glasses do a nice job of combining the beauty and aesthetic of wine glasses with a reusable, shatterproof, BPA free polymer. The design is impeccable, especially the indentation, which provides a nice little grip to keep the glass from slipping out of your hand.

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Merchant No. 4 (Update)

Merchant No. 4 always has the best little finds, and some great bigger pieces too. Mostly home-goods and knick knacks for around the house, they also carry some great minimalist furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. I posted about some of their beautiful wood kitchen containers and fixtures a year ago yesterday, check it out here.

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It seems pretty common for a bag or luggage manufacture to make a set or system that has the same look and feel, but in this case Unitportables has taken it to a different and better place. Their ultra minimalist bag system all works together to create a multi function bag with tons of little pockets and compartments specifically designed for things like power adapters and iPads. Available in series of monochrome options including my favorite, all black. Their website says there are more products soon, and I excited to see what those end up being.

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Useful Towel

The Useful Towel from Bailey Doesn’t Bark, is a great gift for designers who like to cook and cooks who like design. If I wasn’t so messy in the kitchen I would for sure get one of these. Most days my kitchen towels(more like rags) are doused in sauce, meat jus or are just lightly singed.

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Braun Watches

In my opinion this is one of the best product re-releases of all time. Braun has always been a leader in perfectly minimalist designs and highly functional technology. These watches were co-designed by the godfather of minimalist product design and chief of design for Braun from 1961 to 1995 Dieter Rams. I am also sort of a Dieter Rams fanatic, so these watches are right up my alley. The designs featured on these watches reflect many of the timeless designs we have seen in the Braun time collection over the years. You can purchase these watches over at the awesome minimalist goods retailer Vetted Shop.


Calvetica by Mysterious Trousers is an awesome minimalist calendar app for the iPhone. The application is built on the iOS native calendaring APIs and syncs seamlessly with the iOS Calendar app. At $2.99 this calendar is a definite steal.

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Gardener Folding Chair With Tools

Despite the ups and downs in the weather right now summer is coming, and this Gardner Folding Chair With Tools is exactly what I want. It would also make the perfect mother’s day gift! We all know moms love to garden.

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STRAND Design is a great example of a product and furniture design operation that is making highly usable everyday things. Their Core System tables and desks are sturdy and practical, but still have an impeccable construction and material choice. Also the Tree Theory Messenger is awesome. It has a nice balance of handmade characteristics and obvious durability.

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Midori Kraft Envelopes

I have always loved little envelopes for organizing and saving little treasures. They are for sale over on Tenue de Nîmes, grab some while they last.

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Areaware Wooden Animals

The situation of children’s toys always seems to leave a bit to be desired. When I come across an awesome toy, or in this case set of toys, that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and great for laying of course. Design and durability are something I feel should be on parent’s minds when shopping for toys. That said this set by AREAWARE really are awesome.

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Ballard Bee Company

Don’t let the sterile packing fool you, Ballard Bee is unfiltered raw honey made locally in Northwest Seattle. Corky Luster and his 60 hives currently located at his house in Northwest Seattle come together to make Ballard Honey. Luster’s plan is to expand his operation to approximately 100 hives sprinkled around his neighborhood, in 2011. I am definitely adding this to my mental list of amazing products coming out of the Northwest right now.

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IE-TAGs (better post-its)

I love architectural design thinking applied to atypical problems. IE-TAGs are a brilliantly clear vision to make a better post-it by Naruse Inokuma Architects. Beginning with discarded wood and ending with a stack of recycled sticky notes.

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Serif Bag

Generally I feel that there are too many tote bags in the world. I understand the good will of replacing one time use shopping bags with a potentially more permanent solution, but not when it appears for any and every marketing and advertising initiative under the sun. The Serif Bag by the folks over at Little Factory is a design that I think by design both makes and deserves it’s space in the world. It is such a perfectly simple idea that looks great, and even carries groceries.

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UX and the Association Between Color and Function

This morning I came across this post by Giorgio Biscaro on Klat and was very taken with the simple way he talks about the details of color on the Dieter Rams design for the Braun T1000 as they pertain to function. Without using any buzzwords or tech talk Biscaro points out the subtle use of color in this device that really elevates the usability and the users understanding of it’s functions.

“I personally like the use of colours when they help identify a specific function, or when they underline a specific performance, or behaviour.”

I think this does a great job to encapsulate the understanding and practices of design that went into the T1000. This radio and the other sound products released by Braun during this period went on to define standards of design and precedents for the interface designs of technology, which spanned far beyond stereos and household electronics. These days you hear a lot of talk that Jonathan Ive of Apple has taken many design cues from Dieter Rams and his work for Braun, and my response to that is, how can you blame him?

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