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Magnetic Wooden Hooks

Magnets are so often under thought and under designed objects. These little wooden magnets were inspired by the forms of traditional Japanese pottery. The resulting objects add a nice bit of delight to an otherwise mundane way of affixing things. They are also for sale over in The Spoon & Tomago shop.

Bread Winner Cycles

When Spring rolls around we always get a bit more giddy about anything bike related. So when someone emailed us about these gorgeous Bread Winner Cycles you can imagine how our eyes lit up. Like a lot of the interesting American made products being manufactured these days BWC is based out of the Northwest in Portland, Oregon. We are definitely going to save up for one of these amazing machines.

Video by James Wilson

New Work: Knowlita FW14 – New York

Today we launch our Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which albeit a small release is perfectly timed for the arrival of the cold weather. Thanks for all the support and go take a look at all the great new clothing, accessories and prints.

Knowlita remains one of my favorite “clients” and one of the projects I get to the most fulfillment from. Having control and being involved on every step of the process from concept to packing and shipping orders changes ones perspective. Its less about creating beautiful graphics and artwork and more about delivering a thoroughly realized idea or package to your audiences. Over a fun and arduous first year we have built up a strong base of friends and family on which we can rely to validate our ideas and prove that we are actually creating something of value. I continue to learn, adapt and become a better designer because of Knowlita and I hope that it will remain a platform for me to push myself.

Makr × Monster Children × Leatherman

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary Monster Children teamed up with one of my favorite companies Makr and the badass utility tool makers Leatherman to release a commemorative case and wrench. The resulting 10 Year Tool lives up to the MC name and the quality of collaborators shows through in every detail.

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In the context of vision I have found myself in a very blessed position. My entire life I have had unfaltering 20/20. But for those who don’t the world is a different place. For centuries now people who have needed glasses have been beholden to the manufacturers who made frames, each of which needed specific lenses. This meant that if you wanted to change your frames it would require new lenses and if your prescription changed a new set of lenses. This is old news to anyone who has ever had to wear glasses, but still it seemed like good context for this post.

Frameri has taken on this issue as the starting point for their new eyewear company. And I have to say it is truly remarkable to see what a few designers, engineers and some passionate people can come up with when addressing at a distinct problem. Their solution are a wide range of frames that share a unified lens system. Both the frames and lenses are designed for the stress of being swapped in and out over and over during their lifetimes. It is a simple solution that they have executed beautifully.

They are currently about two thirds of the way through their Indiegogo funding campaign. So head over their, watch the video and if you feel like it share the wealth. Their perks are pretty sweet. You can get yourself a pair of glasses! Or several.


Do you know what the largest growing waste stream in the world is? It is computer and electronic waste. So why shouldn’t we make open source platforms for these devices that help minimize this waste? The answer is we definitely should and Phonebloks is hoping to do that. An open platform with customizable and interchangeable components to both make your phone fit your lifestyle and usage, but also more importantly it is a way to keep us from having to upgrade an entire device every year or two. I am excited to see the future of Phonebloks and hopefully they can inform a revolution in tech manufacturing.

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The Blade

Coming from an art school background I have a love hate relationship with the X-acto blade. It has extracted a surprisingly large amount of blood and removed a weighable amount of skin from my finger tips over the years, but I still could not think of a better tool short of a laser cutter to accomplish the tedious tasks so many late nights during my undergraduate days. Designed by Njoki Gitahi, The Blade Necklace pays a nice homage to the real thing while also becoming a beautiful wearable object.


Every printer I have ever used always has an annoying way of loading paper and also has so many seemingly useless parts and pieces. Mugi Yamamoto‘s Stack design really pairs it back to the bare essentials. The inkjet printer sits right atop the stack of paper and uses gravity to feed the paper.

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Borough Furnace

Cast iron skillets and pans have always been one of my cooking essentials. That said it is one of those utilitarian objects we have all grown accustomed to and that has been given very little design attention in recent history. In a small veggie oiled powered workshop way out in Syracuse, NY a pair of cousins are giving the beloved skillets a much needed update. In addition to a more contemporary look Borough Furnace’s pans are sporting a 100% recycled scrap iron base which is a nice added bit of forethought.

The Art of Cycling

Rapha is one of those rare exquisite brands whose excellence is both unparalleled and classical. Their cycling clothes and accessories sacrifice the ever common flash and graphics of the more pervasive kits from companies like Castelli and Louis Garneau. Crafted designs and colors will undoubtedly weather the roads and will stand the test of time and changing trends. As cycling culture becomes ever more fashionable and a staple in the urban sphere we have seen a lot of companies pop up touting a similar style or ethos to Rapha, but after nearly a decade I think they have truly established themselves as a riders company. This video they recently launch is a perfect embodiment of their company and their goods. No additional soundtrack is necessary, just the sounds of riding in its purest form.

Woodcut Notecards

Princeton Architectural Press has been highly regarded for the architecture, design and creative titles they publish for quite a while. Recently they have launched a new gift line. My favorite piece from their initial selections is this set of Woodcut Notecards by artist Bryan Nash Gill.

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Showtime Vase

As part of the celebration for their 40th anniversary BD Barcelona Design has released a limited edition of their Showtime Vase. They collaborated with Jaime Hayon who painted the collection of 40 vases entirely by hand. The resulting vases fit right in with the other releases BD has done over the years with other artists including Juan Gris and Salvador Dalí. The vases are currently available for order through Northern Icon.

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Tid No. 1 Model

Form Us With Love recently designed the No. 1 Model for the new Swedish watch company Tid. Their name is short for the Swedish word meaning time and their minimalist name definitely helps to convey their brand values.

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In a defunct General Motors building Shinola is working to revive American manufacturing. They are producing an ever growing line of products, which includes watches, leather goods, and most recently some beautifully crafted ultra-utilitarian bicycles. All of their goods are focused around craftsmanship and longevity. Creating things that can be used forever and their production even helps sustain the US and Detroit economy.

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Super Sunglasses

This video very deliberately shows your why some products are better. The level of craftsmanship and care that goes into each step in the process of creating a single pair of Super sunglasses is remarkable. These 100% made in Italy shades feature Zeiss optics lenses and pure acetate frames, which are substantially more durable and carry a certain weight that the normal plastic frames never do.

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Folklore London

If you like beautifully crafted and designed home goods and furniture you will love the London shop Folklore. The shop curated and stocked by Danielle Reid gives 15% of its profits every year to a different non-profit. So you can feel good about buying things there for far more than a single reason.

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It’s really intriguing the number of peripheral products being designed and produced for the iPhone. That said recently a few such items have cropped up, which demonstrate amazing aesthetics and functionality driven design. The Ag++ case designed by Andrea Ponti for Case Logic fits the build perfectly. The subtle machined aluminum case creates an ergonomic grip for the otherwise awkward to hold device, in addition to creating a strong durable layer of protection around it. If you are seriously rough on your technology the Tak Tik is still probably the case for you, but Ponti’s solution is definitely a more refined one.

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Tak Tik

Founder of Minimal and Kickstarter celebrity Scott Wilson is back in the mix with his new mega-protective iPhone case called Tak Tik. The price tag of this iPhone case may seem a little steep to a large portion of iPhone owners, but in my opinion the iPhone deserves a case befitting to such a powerful piece of technology. Their Kickstarter has a few days left on it if you want to get in on the ground get your preorder in before these hit the market.

The Paint Evolution

Paint brushes are simple tools, and have been adapted very little during their existence. These playful brushes by design agency CuldeSac for Valentine a Spanish paint company.

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Industry City Distillery

I am extremely surprised I just hearing about Industry City Distillery and The City Foundry. These are an extremely motivated and collectively talented group of gentleman making amazing stuff right here in our great city. A well deserved hat tip to these guys. This film, by Christopher Parker was a nice way to find out about them. It captures the process and intentions behind why they do what they do.

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