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Douglas Richard Design

Designed by Douglas Richardson. This branding and collateral for a Pennsylvania based initiative, Farm to City, which connect farmers with people in cities. Their goal is to grow access to farm fresh foods in urban areas. I really love the colors and feeling of all the elements. Especially the main logo which you can see after the jump.

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Gavin Potenza Infographics

The infographics of Gavin Potenza have a wonderful fresh feeling. He employs great colors and flowing structure to display info that makes the info feel very easy to access and understand. Gavin is currently living and working in New York City, and is part of the up and coming studio Script & Seal.


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Jenny Odell: Satellite Prints

Jenny Odell has created a set of beautiful prints using shapes and objects derived from satellite images. My favorites are pictured here, the pools and the ships are by far my favorite and after the jump there is a great one of textures found in the Great Salt Lake. View the whole set over on Jenny’s Site.

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Antarctic Voice Identity

The folks over at Astronaut Design put together this awesome logo and identity for Antarctic Voice. The identity includes an awesome minimalist logo and really strong supporting colors and cool photography.

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Northcoast Zeitgeist 2011 Calendar and Motto

Totally loving this 2011 calendar and Ohio motto by Northcoast Zeitgeist which is an awesome little studio operation run by Casey Myers and Joseph Hughes.

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The Future of the Book

I watched this little video by IDEO a few days ago, and I had waited to post it until I could really digest it and figure out my feelings on the subject. I still feel like I am opposed to all these new media types that intend to stamp out the printed word. First the Kindle, then the Nook, and now the iPad have done a mediocre job of creating a successful reading experience on screen. Skipping ahead to the future in this short film, we see three distinct and mutually beneficial paths outlined for what IDEO sees as The Future of the Book. I really love the parallel access to contextually related resources and content provided by “Nelson”. All three directions share an impeccable sense of design and very beautiful interaction. The gestures and motion feel very real without reinforcing the idea that reading on an e-book platform should adhere to the look and feel of printed materials.

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Linotype: The Film Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Doug Wilson about the Linotype typesetting machine. The trailer definitely positions the film in such a way the seems to enliven the dying beast that is typesetting. Iron and Wine’s “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” really helps give it some power. I can’t wait for the first NYC screening.

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Ahoi Poster

These ‘Ahoi’ posters from Small Caps Berlin are rad. I would love to have one near my desk. I love checking in on the Small Caps blog, it is such a nice balance to view work that exists entirely in the physical when so much of mine is trapped in the digital.

Czech. Matchbox Labels

The illustrations on these vintage matchbox labels from Czechoslovakia are so beautiful. The bold graphic nature and colors are really amazing, and the slight fading only makes them better. This piece is part of an awesome album over on flickr.

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I came across Oslo based design studio HEYDEYS today I I really love their approach to design. There is this great balance of clean stark graphics and playful color and imagery. I especially love the annual report for Anthon B Nilsen, with photography by Mathias Fossum.

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Newsies played a serious role in my childhood. It was my favorite movie from the time I was 7 years old until I was a teenager and still remains in my top movies of all time. There are countless child actors who have gone on to have serious careers including the star which was none other than Christian Bale. I always loved this scene, but had never really focused on the printing part, but now that I look closer I am super impressed. Great attention to detail, and personally this song has so much nostalgia attached it gets me all hyped.


Hootenanny Newspaper: Kimberly Chan

I have always loved the use of the newspaper format for exhibition catalogues and related applications. This newspaper called “Hootenanny” was designed by Kimberly Chan, as a promotional piece for the 2010 degree show she participated in. Her collaborators on the project included Stephen Ball, Ryan Van Kesteren, and Tom Pollard. The use of the giant slab-serif H on the front page is a real eye-catcher and if I remember correctly is what initially drew me to this piece.

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Shepard’s Birth Announcement: Ty Mattson

I love the way Ty Mattson approached this personal project of designing a birth announcement for his son Shepard. He talks about putting himself back into a boyhood state of mind and all the things that he was enamored by as a kid. It’s awesome to see how few changes there are from the sketch of a great idea to the finished printed piece. Really what it comes down to is craft and execution.

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Small Caps!

Berlin based designer Sabrina Sundermann runs an awesome little graphic design and print studio by the name of Small Caps, which makes a ton of really fun work. I love following her process and what she is working on, which is easy to do on her awesome blog.

Jessica Hische: Art In The Age Show

Art In The Age is currently exhibiting a selection of letter-pressed initial caps from an ongoing project by typographer, illustrator and old studio mate Jessica Hische. I have definitely said this before, but I will say it again. Jessica is so talented and amazing at what she does, and the way she inspires and involves the community in her work and process. This is made even more apparent when you hear her talk about design, printed matter and technology.

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Jing Wei: Illustration Print Process

Designers and creatives seem to have a real love for seeing the process other artists and the like go through to create their work. I myself am definitely one of those people. How each persons mind manages and structures a project has always intrigued me along with how interesting the individual steps can look when compared to the final product or outcome. These images of a print by Jing Wei capture the process with simple images documenting the steps of creating a print.

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Orehprom Annual Report: QusQus

Dima Kuzmichev runs a design studio by the name of QusQus, which makes super clean print and collateral work, as well as some very strong branding treatments. The project here is an annual report of sorts for Russian company Orehprom. There is definitely a slight nod to the king of annual reports Nicholas Felton. That being said I think Dima has done a good job of using Felton’s work as an inspiration and building on it. Looking at the interior spreads makes this clear. The pages have a subtle rhythm without becoming drab, and despite the rigid grid he has found a way to give the layouts a nice whimsical feeling.

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Hendo Design

These invitation designs and identity work from Hendo Design caught my eye. They remind me of some of the more classic Martin Venezky stuff, which I have always really loved. Mike Henderson of Hendo has a nice handle on collage combined with subtle typography and that shows in his body of work.

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World Cup Bracket Poster

This poster is an awesome visualization of the brackets of the World Cup designed by Brooklyn studio Hyperakt. This print is available over at Kickstarter. The poster will be updated and go to press and once final results are in.

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Jam Session: By Emily Dumas

Illustrator and Designer Emily Dumas created this new print Jam Session that I love. Between the illustrations and the color palette this piece is genius. Plus there is also something so elegant about the shapes of musical instruments.

The print is on sale at The Working Proof raising money for Little Kids Rock. Fifteen percent of each purchase will be donated to Little Kids Rock, which is an organization dedicated to giving free musical instruments and lessons to under privileged schools across the country.

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