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Ben Barry

I have always admired the work of Ben Barry, especially the super cool stuff he does over there at Facebook. These awesome photos here capture his workspace both at home, and at the Facebook Analog Lab. Theres even the great poster Barry designed for Obama’s Town Hall at Facebook. Despite being a tiny edition of ten Ben was able to get a signed copy for the office with a little help from Zuckerberg himself.

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Desk It

Since TeuxDeux went beta I was lucky enough to have a user account and that was more or less the end of my paper todo list writing. I wax nostalgic looking at Desk-It whose design and format makes me miss the feeling of scratching out my tasks on paper. You can pick Desk-It up from Poketo for a reasonable $10.

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Godspeed Poster

The always impressive Studio on Fire created this amazing letterpress poster for ARTCRANK. The process behind the poster, or at least behind the design elements of the poster are the coolest part. Bike parts such as seats and cranks were inked up to make impressions. Once scanned the separate elements were manipulated to create the awesome typography you see here. There are some great process images after the jump so make sure to check them out.

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Pioneers of American Industrial Design Stamps

I rarely make it into a post office living in New York City mainly because the lines are of life threatening length. The past week while I was visiting my parent’s in MA I happened to stop into the local post office and come across these gems. A new stamp set released by the USPS entitled Pioneers of American Industrial Design. Up until a few days ago I had only seen them floating around on blogs. The tactile feel of a sheet a of perforated stamps is just amazing coupled with the beautiful images of design icons. The lineup of designers includes Eliot Noyes, Dave Chapman, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Donald Deskey, Greta von Nessen, and a few others. You can get the stamps in most local post offices or online at the USPS Shop.

Taylor Black

I really love the use of old lithographic style flowers in the branding for British jewelry designer Taylor Black. The branding, collateral, and website were all designed by Interbang. Their packaging system is super simple and elegant, which really suits the companies aesthetic.

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Herb Lester Maps

Herb Lester has released a set of maps for different cities, and obviously as a New Yorker my personal favorite is Where The Sidewalk Ends: How to find old New York. The awesome illustration work for the New York map was done by the always amazing Jim Datz.

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Jim Houser Vinyl Record Packaging

Over the past couple years album art seems to have become even less common, as more music is offered solely in digital form. So when someone goes that extra step to press a run of vinyl the album art really needs to match that quality. In this case the album is by Jim Houser, an artist and musician and the beautiful packaging was done by Smyrski Creative. Using images from Houser along with some process shots of his art and daily life it gives a great insight into the background and depth of his expression. Usually I have create a picture of what someones state of mind was when creating a piece of art or music, but in this case the packaging design does a perfect job of telling us the truer story.

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Frank Chimero’s Recommended Reading

As we all well know one of the most influential and inspiration young designers today is Frank Chimero, and talent at every turn is found in the unique and inspiring ways he gives back to the design community. Many people of credit or attribution in our sphere are merely making things to look at while Chimero is making things to think and talk about. A small yet infinitely useful example is this photo pictured above. After receiving requests for reading recommendations from his students and the world at large Chimero decided to snap a quick photo of the books that have helped to inform and inspire him. The insight we gather from this is most definitely not limited to the titles of the books or the content of their text. It emanates out into the way the books are organized together.

The Royal Mail & Royal Shakespeare Company

This great collection of stamps was released recently by the Royal Mail to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The designs were executed by hat-trick design. Stamp design really brings me back to one of my earliest memories where I became truly aware of design, and that was selecting and purchasing stamps with my mother.

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Lena Corwin’s Maps

Lena Corwin, a Brooklyn local and amazing illustrator and designer has created, in collaboration with Other Books, an awesome book of travel maps. Somewhat in the spirit of Saul Steinberg’s famous New Yorker cover, these maps depict the cities with areas and landmarks completely out of scale dwarfing the streets and intersections that in the real world confine them. These maps are super fun, I hope sometime in the future Lena makes some prints. Little beauties like these deserve to be displayed not shelved away somewhere. To see the maps from all the cities you can pick the book up here.

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Field Notes Spring Colors

Field Notes has a serious knack for keeping their simple product current and fresh. Every time I look they are releasing some brilliant new books. Right now you can order in their new Spring Colors, which are actually not colored at all. They are actually a set of blanks with a sheet of Futura Bold dry transfer type. Not sure any of us designers need any new sketchbooks, but FN keeps us wanting new ones!

The Official Manufacturing Co. UPDATE

I posted about the The Official Manufacturing Company previously here. Their work is always impressively bold and holds very specific characteristics based on each client and their brand. They also maintain a client list equally as impressive as their work, including Ace Hotel, Rudy’s Barbershop, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Last time I posted about them I had just encountered the new packaging Stumptown had released, which they designed. Since that post they have done more great work for Stumptown along with a slew of other great stuff.

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la Une du Menu

Being the kind of person that sometimes likes to organize the food on your plate does not make you weird. Organizing the food on your plate and then not eating it makes you weird. That said these plates designed by Pierre Georges are amazing. He took a grid based on Le Monde newspaper and silk screened it on to these simple white plates. The result is a set of dishes with a bit of griding overlaid on a portion of the plate. It gives you a nice asymmetrical area to play around with the layout of your meal. I would love to see what one could do combining these plates and some alphabets soup.

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Elements of Content Strategy

Photo: Jason Santa Maria

A Book Apart will release the third title in their collection on March 8th. The book is titled The Elements of Content Strategy and was written by Erin Kissane who works as a project lead at Brain Traffic.


º Basic Principles
º The Craft of Content Strategy
º Tools and Techniques
º Bonus Track: How Do I Get In?

Typefaces of the World Poster

This poster, Typefaces of the World, designed by Shelby White of the blog WANKEN takes 50 typefaces “based on popularity and usefulness in present design” and integrates them into this awesome infographic. The graphic itself perfectly illustrates the interesting 50/50 split between the US and Europe as the birthplaces of the typefaces. Also notably you can find this poster for sale in the WANKEN SHOP.

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Kafka Book Jackets

This set of book jackets designed by Peter Mendelsund are a work of genius. They take the freedom of Lustig’s cover for Amerika and instill a newness, which reminds me of the covers The Heads of State designed for Rosenfeld Media a couple years back.

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The Great Gatsby: Heads of State Style

At an AIGANY lecture Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summer gave in the spring I caught a glimpse of this self initiated project. They were still unsure where they were going to take it, but had gotten through the making of a personal brand a business card design for each of the amazing characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby. These beautifully crafted calling cards have been masterfully laid out into 18 x 24 inch four color letterpress poster. This has definitely been added to my svpply and should also enter the record as one of the coolest self initiated design projects ever. The Heads of State gets a powerful double thumbs up for this one!

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Milton on Milton

A nice simple interview with Milton Glaser talking about the concepts behind a few of the many pieces he has designed for SVA over the past fifty years. It’s really empowering to hear someone so great speak about how sometimes in his finished work the concept is lost or doesn’t communicate the way it was intended. This is nicely humbling idea that I think we, as designers, can all relate to.

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New Polaroid?

I remember a time when Polaroid film was abundant and digital cameras still took blurry distorted photos (not on purpose). The feeling of immediately holding and being able to touch a crisp new print maybe coming back. Polaroid, on December 2nd, released an image teaser of the upcoming product release to Engadget. They have doctored the image in their post to reveal more details of the product, but I somewhat prefer the mystique and surprise of the obscured.

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The Heads of State (New Site!)

The super talented design duo The Heads of State, comprised of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have launched a new portfolio site and store. It showcases a much larger portion of their work including some rad new stuff I haven’t seen. Also their store has some great pickups. I had the good fortune to see these gents give a talk at MAD here in New York this past year and they some of the funniest most humble guys designing today.

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