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High Times a History of Aviation

Berlin based illustrators known as Golden Cosmos have some amazing new work out now from Nobrow publishers. The book is titled High Times a History of Aviation and features richly colorful illustrations capturing the history of flight.

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Maison Gerard

New York based design studio Mother recently designed a beautiful set of printed materials and ephemera for the opening of the new Maison Gerard gallery in Manhattan. The designs sport the classic brand elements and sensibility of Maison Gerard while also displaying a more modern refined look.

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Pilot & Captain

The most recent, and amazing side project by The Heads of State is their new online store and collection of products titled Pilot & Captain. After creating the Travel Series posters Dustin and Jason were hooked on the travel theme. These unique t-shirt designs and prints grew out of that fascination for the golden age of travel long since faded into the horizon.

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The 99% 2012

The 99% Conference, beyond having the greatest line up of speakers and the most inspiring subject matter, has one of the most distinct and beautifully evolving brands of all conferences. The ephemera for this years event was designed in collaboration by Behance and 99% cofounder Matias Corea and designer Raewyn Brandon.

Artcrank 2012 Poster

Minneapolis-based Artcrank is an event dedicated entirely to posters inspired by bikes and all their glory. This particular poster designed for Artcrank 2012 was designed and screen printed by Allan Peters. His solution is a series of 12 badges for fictitious MPLS Bike Gangs. All the proceeds from posters sold at the event go to Springboard for the Arts, a non-profit ded­i­cated to cul­ti­vat­ing a “vibrant arts com­mu­nity by con­nect­ing artists with the skills, con­tacts, infor­ma­tion and ser­vices they need to make a liv­ing and a life.” Also worth checking out is this poster from last year’s Artcrank by always inspiring Studio on Fire.

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Post-War British Textiles

In the years after WWII three female textile designers injected new life into British Textiles. London’s Fashion and Textile Museum is currently holding an exhibition entitled Designing Women: Post-War British Textiles spotlighting these women, Lucienne Day (1917–2010), Jacqueline Groag (1903–86) and Marian Mahler (1911– 83). Their bold and colorful designs are often whimsical and sometimes deliberate. The patterns have a historic and nostalgic feeling, but their lighthearted designs also bare a certain timelessness.

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Solar Annual Report

This video was circulating around the blogs about a month ago, and at the time the title didn’t really jump out at me. When I finally watched it last week it really took me by surprise. I assumed it was going to be an annual report about solar related information. The photochromic ink used to print the report is invisible except under sunlight. So the report itself is in fact solar powered. Solar Annual Report was designed by Cosimo Möller at Serviceplan for the Austrian Solar Trade Association.

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Brooklyn: 41 Reasons Why

Brooklyn holds a sweet spot in in my heart, and thinking that there could be only 41 reasons why seems outlandishly low. But as a curated list Brooklyn: 41 Reasons Why is a visitors guide, which distills the vastness of the borough down into a simple fold out map. The guide includes greats like Bamonte’s, a family-run, fourth generation Italian restaurant; the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop and The City Reliquary. Now that I think about it 41 is a hefty list if we are talking about the best of the borough.

This guide is available from Herb Lester in his store, and was designed and illustrated by Two Arms Inc. Of course they are based in Brooklyn!

I posted about Herb Lester’s maps previously here.

Birth of a Book

Please don’t stop buying real books! This short film is a great testament to the beauty of the printing and book making process. Also it has reminded me why real books are so pleasing to the the touch. Any object crafted by hand imparts that feeling onto the recipient. I think we have all experienced that with a some kind of handcrafted object.

For the Daily Telegraph. Shot by Glen Milner at Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ ‘Mango & Mimosa’ published as part of the Slightly Foxed series.

Au Retour

Based in Brooklyn, Au Retour is a fantastic, fun independent textile design and print studio. Their Etsy Store is full of colorful printed pillowcases and tote bags with just the right amount of minimalism and handmade quality.

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Type High

Named “Type High” which means the height of the type from the face to the foot. If you feel like your typesetting terminology is at all lacking this is a must watch video. The video is a stop motion made by Lynn Kiang, an M.F.A. student in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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37 Signals Holiday Gift

Similar to their products, when 37 Signals dreams up a holiday gift they really come up with something highly innovative and unique. This year they asked the team at Simple Honest Work to concept, design, and execute a beautifully printed and interestingly assembled holiday gift for their clients and friends. Each one is a different vintage book, which has been hollowed out and turned into a box to hold the perfectly bone folded Map of the World. Every single minute detail was accounted for and carried out so perfectly. Down to something as simple as a wax stamp closures for the envelopes and rustic craft paper wrapping.

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FPO Awards App

In addition to printing a beautiful book of the submissions to the 2011 FPO Awards a beautiful iPad app was made, which is now available in the app store. With the release of their app a strong position was taken as to the sale price of said app. Instead of pricing it at the seemingly standard $.99 to $1.99 range they have chosen to sell it for $19.99. I really appreciate this because we are at a time now where people need to be re-educated in the value of quality content. Without publishers stepping out to the edge and pricing their apps and subscriptions higher than the competition it creates a market place where consumers are trained to pick the cheaper option because it is the norm.

All-set Card Set

I am sort of a big fan of cards and printed goods in general, but holiday cards for some reason normally fall outside my scope of interest. A set like this however does a lot to revive the genre. Designed by Colle McVoy this All-Set Card Set boasts that it’s contents have got you covered for most if not all occasions. My favorite being the Mistletoe Farmer christmas card. Another point of note is the wholly outstanding, and entirely amazing typographical designs, which grace the faces of the cards.

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Migration East Print

This print to me epitomizes good design, it is a beautiful and precious piece of art, but the thinking behind the simplified forms that capture the motion and essence of a flock of birds elevates it. The print is a hand pulled two color silkscreen, black ink over a grey ink background. Migration East was printed by Kai and Sunny for the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition, whose mission is to breathe life back into the bird species we have lost through artistic expression.

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Mikey Burton Stamp

As far as business card printing techniques go this one is far from the most elaborate, but we can definitely all take some notes from it’s ingenuity. Mikey Burton collaborated with Cranky Pressman to create this custom to go stamp, which allows Burton to turn just about any porous surface into a promotional material. In addition it can hook right onto your keychain, which would definitely help me to avoid those awkward “yes I am a designer, no I don’t have a business card on me moments” we all encounter.

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SWYP by Artefact

Why can’t more designers have on outlook and approach like Artefact? Their new printer concept called SWYP, which stands for See What You Print is a completely revolutionary idea in the printing and computing space. We rarely see the modern and most user friendly technologies manifested in home and office printing products, and the SWYP begins to fill that chasm. You should also check out the video on vimeo of the printer in action.

“The ideas of radical simplicity also extend to the box itself. We focused on the utilitarian aspects of the printer: opening the lid for scanning, easy access to the paper tray and easy access to ink cartridges. We made every effort to strip it down to the essentials and resisted the temptation to add extraneous details. In the process we believe we achieve a beauty that only simplicity can deliver.”

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Christine & Ian’s Wedding Invitations

There is really only one way to make a guidebook inspired wedding invitation cooler and that is to make it yourself for Under $200. Christine and Ian did just that, with a craft solution that looks a lot more like high cost professionally printed goods.

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Stamp Sheet Wall Planner

The Stamp Sheet Wall Planner is another beautiful piece from the brains over at Present & Correct. This amazing wall calendar is a beautiful new way to count down the days in a year, and also to be inspired to make something everyday.

World Geographic Atlas

From the days when print was God comes this little gem. This amazing World Atlas, scored at a thrift store, was designed by Herbert Bayer, along with Harry Gardines, Martin Rosenzweig, and Masato Nagagawa.

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