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Favorite Photos From 2010 by Chris Glass

I have been a huge fan of Chris Glass and his photography since long before I had the pleasure of meeting him, which only increased my appreciation and love for his images. Each year he puts together a collection of his favorite photos, and this years is particularly exceptional. Chris shoots on a Canon 5D with a fixed 50mm f1.4 lens. A nice manly setup, that gives his photos a crisp accuracy and a nice range of color.


“I should mention, for 2010 I used a 24-70mm EF lens.” -Chris Glass

Up in the Air

I first posted about the photographs of Ktinka back in July, you can look at the post here. Aside from the nod to the George Clooney movie Up in the Air whether intentional or otherwise, this set of photos pulls forward a great deal of nostalgia and feelings of a simpler time when air travel was envigorating and new. The narrative of her trip is also very clearly and cohesively presented in this set of images.

Landnemar: by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes

I just wanted to share some images by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes from a set entitled Landnemar, which in Icelandic means settler. I love the calm feeling in these photos as well as the interesting colors highlighted.

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Terry Evans

The photographs of Terry Evans combine interesting vantage points and highly contrasted colors. They capture both natural landscapes and areas of manufacturing and industry, which remind me alot of the work of Edward Burtynsky.

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Andrew Quilty

These striking photographs have an unmistakably cinematic feel to them, and capture extreme lighting scenarios and subject matter that begins to tell a story. Andrew Quilty’s work leaves a great deal of room in the stories he captures open for the viewer to complete.

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Christian Flatscher

These are a small selection of gems from the portfolio of Christian Flatscher a fabulous photographer from Innsbruck, Austria. The main thing I noticed when looking at Christian’s work is his simple techniques for capturing the serenity in architectural landscapes using mainly natural light.

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Birthright Israel

It has been almost a month since I through together a small backpack and hopped in a cab out to JFK to meet up with my Birthright group. If you had told me that I would come back professing Israel as the most beautiful place I had ever been and the amazing biodiversity found in what we in the western world think is a sand bowl I most likely would have scoffed. However, after seeing every type of terrain and city in Israel I feel a much stronger bond to my heritage and Israel itself. It may not be something that changes my life, but it is at least something that has helped me gain perspective.

I want to share a selection of photos from my trip that I think begin to capture the overwhelming beauty and feeling of being in a different world that I encountered on my trip. To view more of the photos from my trip and to see them on a map check out the flickr set.

John Spinks Factories: for Albam Clothing

Albam a UK clothing company hired amazing photographer John Spinks to shoot the workers and factories where their clothes are manufactured. This project was compiled into a book of captivating portraits, gripping factory scenes and before you know it you are fully engaged in their story.

Existing as on of the few companies that has values, Albam is sticking to them. Designing and producing quality goods at home in the UK using multigenerational factories with lifelong craftspeople. Taking the time and money required to document their story or at least the story of their clothing and the people who make it will no doubt do it’s part to keep their craft alive in the future.

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Pétur Thomsen

Icelandic photographer Pétur Thomsen took these amazing shots during the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the eastern part of Iceland. The imagery captured is extremely surreal, with the juxtaposition of man made forced into such powerful and extreme natural landscapes.

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Leica M8 White

For all those designers and cool cats who love Leicas this is a pretty sleek machine. Definitely adding this to my “when I win the lottery” wish-list.

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Peter Baker Redesign

The sea of photographers on that have a portfolio on the web today seems endless, but floating along on a magnificent ocean liner is Peter Baker. I follow his flickr stream like a cult member and I am rarely disappointed when he uploads something new. The flood gates opened last week when Peter launched a rad new portfolio site that highlights the square format that I have begun to know him for. Another detail that really struck me is that the redesign has been implemented seamlessly across his blog and the new portfolio site. Beauty in the small details!

Robin Friend

There have been a bunch of amazing English and Australian photographers surfacing on the web lately with really fresh images. The work of Robin Friend is completely captivating, from the motion in the fog, to the colors he punctuates everything is highly considered and it shows.

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Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway: by Greg White

I had no idea there was a global seed vault or that it would look so space age until I stumbled upon the amazing photos of Greg White. He really has a knack for capturing these sterile scenes where nature and industry intersect or live in jagged conjunction.

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Southeast Asia: Photos by Chris Glass

My friend Chris Glass has a fantastic eye and impeccable sense for capturing the vibrance and poise of reality. I just flipped through his uploads from the first half of his trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, and I must say I am really loving them. These two are my favorites along with two more really amazing shots after the jump.

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Eero Aarnio’s Studio

Found this nice shot of Eero Aarnio’s office space he keeps in his amazing house. The photo was shot by amazing UK based interior photographer Rachael Smith.

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Chicago Type

Graphic designer Shawn Hazen has lived in Chicago for the past four years and has started an ongoing project called ChicagoType, which does pretty much exactly what it says. Hazen says in the project description “I’m a graphic designer, so this unique visual heritage continues to blow me away, specifically the commercial typography.” So far the variety and styles that are captured in his photos are vast, but the underlying geography inherently ties them together.

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David Leventi: New York

These shots are from a collection of photos by David Leventi that seem to encapsulate all the vibrant night life and history of New York.

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Mount St. Helens

Since it happened before I was born the eruption of Mount St. Helens following a 5.1 earthquake seems slightly like a new discovery to me. The surreal nature and beauty of these photos capturing such devastation is crazy. More photos of the eruption and aftermath are available on The Big Picture’s gallery.

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shire vacation 2010

I had a great week off, got a chance to really put my new iPhone 4 through the paces in low service areas, and I am like the rest of the world right now, super impressed with the quality of the camera for both stills and videos. That being said these are some choice shots off my iPhone 4 from my vacation up in the Berkshires with E and Ernest.

To celebrate our birthdays this year E and I decided to spend a week in the Berkshires with my parents, our dog Ernest and his best friend Wellington. The week quickly became a whirlwind of great food, fantastic weather and good company. Not to mention a lot of great beer and wine.

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Alex MacLean

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the portfolio of Alex MacLean, a photographer who focuses on capturing all different types of action and landscape through aerial photography.

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