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Hans Mauli

Graphic designers always have an interesting eye for capturing images. Swiss born designer Hans Mauli worked with Herb Lubalin and had worked as an advertising photographer in Paris for many years.

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Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes photos are rather surreal, capturing a side of museums that most of us will never see. The behind the scenes work that goes into the exhibits we see in the Museum of Natural History are a work of art unto themselves.

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John Jacobsen Antarctica

Designer and software engineer John Jacobsen has travelled to the South Pole several times over the past 5 years. His photos capture the simple beauty of a place at the furthest edge of the world. You can look at all of his great photos over on his Flickr.

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Leica Lenses

Anybody who knows even the smallest bit about cameras or photography knows that Leica is at the top of the game. That is mainly due to the fact that their optics are second to none. This video detailing the process for me just confirms what I already kind of knew. Leica is serious about their product. Putting it through thorough testing at every stage, assembled, and hand finished by specialists is just another testament to the level of excellence their product exudes.

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Artist Emily Grundon has shot a series of photographs, which look at the architectural details and intricacies of the spaces in which art is displayed and exhibited. In Nonspace she highlights the little things most of us would miss when we are in a museum or art gallery. Busy encountering a space in it’s intended purpose we often miss the most interesting or telling details. These photos capture light and shadow, which are often in art criticism some of the most important aspects of art.

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Ramiro Chaves

Photographer Ramiro Chaves has captured some beautiful images of old signage, letter forms and unique objects. One of the more compelling aspects of his compositions is the signs, letters or subject matter are not quite in the place or state they were originally intended.

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75 Abandoned Theaters

Truly amazing collection of photographs, 75 Abandoned Theaters. It is great to see so many shots by so many people be completely unified into a collection because of their shared subject matter. Shooting photos of abandoned buildings is always fun and I think highly social or once public spaces is even more amazing. At one time these houses of the silver screen were bustling with people of all ages, on first dates and out with friends. Now they are devoid of any life and have only the slightest flicker of their past vibrance.

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Zones & Fields

German photographer Stephan Zirwes has a very unique eye, and really aims to capture things in a manor different from how we would encounter them in everyday life. Whether it is a snowy mountain side and ski lift, shot from above and afar or beautifully framed skid pattern on a airplane landing strip Zirwes’ color palette and keen visions make his images distinct.


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Matthias Heiderich: Snow Blind

Now that the snow is passed and the sun is out it is a little easier to see the absolute serenity of these images. The washed out color palette and the blurry abstraction of shapes. The set is aptly named Snow Blind. Photographer Matthias Heidrich captures such interesting compositions and details of the winter landscape while omitting so much from what the eye would normally pick up.

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Bryan Schutmaat

This collection of images by photographer Bryan Schutmaat capture this truly American landscape. They all feel slightly dated, or nostalgic in some way. Especially the shot of the train yard.

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Cole Rise

Photographer Cole Rise through his images invokes a feeling of the surreal and unknown that I think is inherently linked to nature.

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Hose Variations: By Bjarne Bare

A wonderful photo project, by Bjarne Bare entitled Hose Variations, which is exactly what the title denotes. The collection is composed entirely of hoses found in an array of colors, positions, and settings.

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Jeff Bridges: True Grit Book

Who knew until just a few days ago that Jeff Bridges ran a super awesome website? I will say for one I didn’t know. The hand written type and overall vernacular is so personal and unique on the web today I really love the lack of design. His site is really one of the most enriching process archives I have ever come across.

The books Mr. Bridges has put together documenting from his perspective the making of these films is both insightful and amazing. It gives regular Joes like me a glimpse at something I will most likely never get to see. Also the off camera personalities and emotions he captures from his co-stars, and others on the crew, well known and not, are beautiful. The Making of True Grit was the way I came across his site and I think still with stands as my favorite part of the site.

Disassembly: by Todd McClellan

Here is a really cool photo project by Todd McLellan where he takes apart electronic and mechanical things. All the pieces and innards are laid out in interesting methodical ways that seem dictated by the devises constructed shape and the relation between components. Watch the video over at Todd’s site the see the whole process start to finish.

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Mayan Ruins Tour

By the time you read this I will have embarked upon a two week journey through central America exploring the Mayan ruins with my grandfather and two cousins. I am less practiced in my spanish than years prior, but hope that it will all come back to me in the field. Leaving I hold few expectations beyond the hope of shooting tons of photos and experiencing something new or at least different, and spending time with some members of my close yet seemingly distant family will be a pleasure as well. It will also be a much needed break from the oppressively cold and snow winter here in New York.

I return on the 1st of February and you can expect a report along with some shots from the road.

NYC Time-lapse Shots

Josh Owens known as Mind Relic creates time-lapse photography work that is truly astounding. This collection of shots of New York City captures so much of the physical identity of the city and feeling of well known areas along with major landmarks.

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The Diaper Epic

All I want to say in regards to this, this is the most bad ass (diaper) commercial of all time. A well deserved hat tip to JWT and creative director Walt Connelly.

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Dancers Among Us

These photographs by Jordan Matter, which seemingly masquerade as movies stills, would be intriguing to any viewer. The images however, hold an even more specific resonance to New Yorkers and dancers. These shots are my favorite, but their are many more over on Jordan’s site.

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Favorite Photos From 2010 by Chris Glass

I have been a huge fan of Chris Glass and his photography since long before I had the pleasure of meeting him, which only increased my appreciation and love for his images. Each year he puts together a collection of his favorite photos, and this years is particularly exceptional. Chris shoots on a Canon 5D with a fixed 50mm f1.4 lens. A nice manly setup, that gives his photos a crisp accuracy and a nice range of color.


“I should mention, for 2010 I used a 24-70mm EF lens.” -Chris Glass

Up in the Air

I first posted about the photographs of Ktinka back in July, you can look at the post here. Aside from the nod to the George Clooney movie Up in the Air whether intentional or otherwise, this set of photos pulls forward a great deal of nostalgia and feelings of a simpler time when air travel was envigorating and new. The narrative of her trip is also very clearly and cohesively presented in this set of images.

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