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Friederike Von Rauch

Friederike Von Rauch has a unique and alternate view on the mundane captured in her photography. Simple spaces and architectural details capture in stark minimalist compositions, often emphasizing things we would miss if we were to visit the same location.

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A friend just turned me onto the photography of Horst Hamann yesterday, and I am completely enthralled with his Metropolis project. The images capture New York through a gritty and dark lens, which as a New Yorker I often see and feel when I am navigating the harsh streets of our city.

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The 360 Project

The 360 Project was the vision of Canadian photographer and director Ryan Enn Hughes. Using a 48 camera system Hughes was able to capture 360 degree movements in still photography, which when edited together create a beautifully layered depiction of the dancers movements. The Ballet 360 video is also definitely worth checking out.

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The World in London

The World in London is a public exhibition taking place in conjunction with the 2012 London Olympic Games. The exhibit is made up of 204 portraits, each photo is of an individual from each of the 204 countries participating in the games. An accompanying website tells the story of each of the individuals. Also worth noting is the amazing typeface New Rail Alphabet being used for all the exhibit branding and collateral designed by A2/SW/HK. Their design also features the 3 digit country code as a compositional and contextual element next to each one of the photos.

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AP London Olympics

For the 2012 London Olympics the Associated Press has integrated some new DSLR robotic systems allowing them to capture images never before possible. The rigs controlled remotely using joysticks can pan and zoom and shoot multiple frames per second, making sure they snap the optimal shot. These setups were developed completely custom by AP for these events and venues of the Olympics, but I am sure some of the technology will trickle down to open market soon.


Cassannet is a new typeface by Spanish multidisciplinary studio Atipo. In conjunction with the launch Atipo recreated the classic “Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet” triptych by Cassandre photographically. The result is a nice take on the original, and is an extremely fitting promotion for the typeface. Another thing I am intrigued by is their pricing model for it. We have grown accustomed over the last two or three years to some designers and creatives using a “pay what you want” model, and they have now taken it one step forward. In addition to “pay what you want” you can also simply tweet to pay. This simple act of promoting Atipo and their typeface is actually significantly valuable and a great idea.

Storm Clouds and Supercells

I am absolutely in awe of these photos shot by Camille Seaman. These images are definitely astounding on their own, but the weather and shear forces of nature at work that Camille was able to capture is mind blowing. You can see the entire collection over on The Atlantic.

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The Camera Cooler

Poler is an awesome little company that makes camping and hiking oriented hard and soft-goods. They have a slightly vintage aesthetic paired with an eye for simplicity and functionality. The Camera Cooler is a great precursor to our Beer Friday Post coming up later today as it doubles as a padded three compartment camera bag or perfect size six pack cooler. My favorite part about their products is they are rugged enough to tote along to the beach, but refined enough to tromp around NYC with.

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Ed Templeton x Leica

Ed Templeton, in addition to being one of my childhood idols is part of growing group of professional skateboarders turned creatives. Templeton’s camera has been a staple of tour trips and skate events forever, but now as he has shifted out of the skating spotlight the focus is drawn to his art. His photographic is mostly documentary with a touch of performance or experiential art mixed in. His early photos taken during his skating career capture things that an outsider would never otherwise be able to see. That insight is a beautiful thing.

The camera of choice for Templeton is of course a Leica. So as part of an ongoing series of interviews with photographers who use their rigs, Leica made this interview with him talking about his process and what inspires him.

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Lumen is an incredible set of photographs by Hungarian designer and photographer Akos Major. The way small but delicate elements pop out of these landscapes due to contrast is amazing.

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Tweeting From Space

Soichi Noguchi has taken Twitter to an all new height(or distance) by recently tweeting images from his space travels and sharing them with use back on Earth.

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Christian Stoll

Christian Stoll has a unique eye and interesting approach to capturing complex mechanical and industrial environments and objects. He has a knack for honing in on the essence and in turn presenting the viewer with a simplified artful composition of something that would otherwise be overlooked, if it is even visible at all. His work reminds me of Edward Burtynsky with the focus being slightly more on the megalithic nature of industrial spaces where Burtynsky tends to delve more into the working conditions and environmental change that our industrial age has made.

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Patrik Lindell

The minimalist photographs of Patrik Lindell capture things in a stark and unique way. Based in Sweden Lindell’s eye helps him see mundane things for their interesting and beautiful colors, shapes and textures.

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Vivian Maier

Amateur street photographer Vivian Maier captured New York like few others. The iconic and historic images she took of New York City create a looking glass into a time long since paved over and shined away. The culturally rich and gritty place that it was.

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Iceland by Michael Schlegel

It has been a very long time since I have seen black and white photography, which stirs so much emotion and carries such gravity with it. Michael Schlegel has captured Iceland’s landscapes with a power and richness that is surprising to see without color. His photos express the essence and beauty of the water, the wind, and the fog of a beautiful place.

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B&H Conveyor System

Ever wonder what happens to your purchase between the counter and the check out at B&H? Yeah me too, so now we know. The guys from Lense put a camera through to give us an awesome inside look. Disclaimer, if you don’t know or haven’t shopped at B&H this may seem really lame. Apologies.

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A Week in Japan

Recently Mike Matas (gifted user-interface designer) took a weeklong trip to Japan with his girlfriend. Together they documented their trip in a fun fast paced video of hundreds of short clips from everything they did.

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China Abandoned Wonderland

Reuters photographer David Gray recently took some shots of what was to be one of the largest amusement parks in Asia. Abandoned during construction this partially completed wonderland on the outskirts of Beijing offers some images that feel different worldly and post apocalyptic all at the same time.

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Max Dworkin

I feel blessed to have grown up with a group of really creative and talented people, at the time most of it manifested in the form of skate boarding, and snowboarding among other extreme forms of expression. There was a definite turning point when some people started picking up cameras (both film and video) to capture our exploits that the energy shifted. One such friend was Max Dworkin. I remember back to 2000 or so Max was diligently snapping shots of the competitors (he knew) launching off a massive big air jump at Catamount ski area. Those same roots and inspiration show through in his more current work, especially in these pieces where people are jumping, floating, and levitating within landscapes.

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Austrian Race Car Photos

These photos were shot at the 1000km Red Bull Ring race circuit by Atelier Olschinsky, which is a small Vienna based graphic design and photography studio. Each photo carries so much weight and impression they all have a seriously cinematic air to them. The lighting and texture are what in my opinion strongly defines this.

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