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Mass Installations

Guerilla art is always fun. Especially when it crops up in unique and typically mundane locations. Artist and photographer Carson Davis Brown has created an installation series entitled “Mass”. The installations are constructed in retail and department stores, most notably Target, and are completely made up of objects and products for sale within the store. The compositions are mostly monochrome and combine disparate or incongruous items to make architectural forms. Once completed the sculptures are left for other shoppers to find providing an element of delight in an otherwise bland and monotonous shopping experience.

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Sean Mundy

With everyone these days calling themselves photographers its rare to come across such amazing work among all the static. Sean Mundy creates amazing stark and graphic compositions of seemingly alternate realities. Keep up with the young Canadian photographer on his Tumblr.

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Laurent Pujol

To change how action sports photography and cinematography are approached it takes more than simply thinking differently. In the case of 41-year-old Laurent Pujol it was his background as a pro surfer and an image captured on a GoPro which a friend shared with him. Pujol riveted a Nikon D3 to the glass of a 16mm prime lens put it into a heavy duty housing and all that’s left to say is take a look at his photos. Also there is a great video below of Pujol himself talking about the evolution of his photographic process and where it is heading in the future.

Clooney x Kusama

For as long as I can remember George Clooney has been one of my favorite actors. Maybe its his everyman style or the clean crisp exterior cloaking a dark twisty inner turmoil. Either when I heard that he was going to be shot for W Magazine by Emma Summerton I was immediately excited. If that wasn’t enough the sets and the suit he would be wearing were to be designed by Yayoi Kusama. Another one of my favorite artists of all time. The resulting images are nothing short of amazing. Enough of my chatter. I have posted my favorite image here, but you should definitely head over to W and see the whole slideshow.

New York City Subway Portrait

As much as I dislike the MTA sometimes, I always love the New York City Subway. There is an energy and a pace to it as well as this link to a history bigger than ourselves and even greater than the city we currently live in. These photos by Carlos Fernandez capture a lot of this feeling to me. A true Gotham portrait of the subway and its riders.

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Fireworks Fight

I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a fireworks fight. These images capturing one such event during a celebration for in Tultepec in Mexico, which is renowned for its fireworks. Thomas Prior was able to capture the explosive and light spattered scene in a really enthralling way that makes me feel like I was there, while letting me watch from a safe distance.

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Adobe Lightroom 5

This video is a rare behind the scenes look at the images Tolleson developed for Adobe to promote the release of Lightroom 5. Deep in the woods of Northern California amongst the redwood and moss a complex arrangement of LED tube lights were architected to create an other worldly space. The resulting images of the sculpture are meant to communicate how light can alter how we see or perceive things.


Limitd is focussed on finding up and coming photographers and making their works available for sale through affordable limited editions. The client initially approached Dan Burgess with a few name ideas which sounded slightly exclusive and the idea was to make purchasing prints from young burgeoning photographers easy and accessible. After some explorations with those names Limitd sprang out and became the obvious name and brand for the project.

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Instagram’s New Logo-mark

I have to say, despite being a designer and constantly judging the design I encounter everyday I did not notice the update to Instagram’s logotype until I heard buzz of it on the blogs. Under closer inspection, and maybe a little scrutiny I have to say that their updated logo-mark is a very beautifully crafted piece lettering. The existing brand is maintained, but so evidently improved. Some new elements or distinct changes are the use of a proper script s, cleaned up the a’s, and created a nice simplified I to begin the name. All in all I really like the new mark, hat tip to the designer Mackey Saturday. It is also really fun to compare the old and new logos in the images below, or at least I find it amusing.

It was always essential that the design maintained everything that we’ve all grown to know and love about Instagram while creating a logotype that was more refined, durable, and that positioned the brand for expansion. Looking to the past to inspire the future, the script connects with the nostalgia that Instagram was built from, maintains the important character of the original typeface, and places the brand in a unique and prominent position both in the current and future landscape.

Anatomy of Surfer Owen Wright

Instead of following the “surf porn” trend of capturing Owen Wright slashing through waves and blasting into the air. Matt Titone and Ron Thompson of ITAL/C had a different idea. They were inspired, instead to creat The Anatomy of Owen Wright. A short infographic animation of the Herculean surfer. The data and visualizations compare Wright’s physiology to other professional athletes and also point out the vast differences between him and other notable competitors in his field. There usage or reference to the Vitruvian Man is appropriate and also extremely well executed.

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Andrew B Meyers

The photography of Andrew B Meyers have a great graphic quality to them. His compositions are often stark and abrupt creating nice contrast between the subject matter he is trying to draw focus to and the background. The color palette and tone of his works also has a comfortable consistency, rarely straying from the same range of tonality.

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We are used to seeing Los Angeles and most of California through a bright sparkling lens, which highlights the glamour and the beauty of its temperate climate. Nicholas Alan Cope captures a completely different view of the city of angels. His images are stark black and white with sharp contrast and harsh textures. Despite their darkness and edge his images maintain a subtle beauty through their unique viewpoint of an overlooked subject matter. Mundane architecture and concrete structures are transformed into canvases or expanses of light and shadow. Cope’s images were recently collected and published in a book by powerHouse Books entitled Whitewash.

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Eastside Access Project

I think just about every New Yorker is aware that for the past several years the MTA has been tunneling beneath the length of second avenue. This collection of images is an amazing, and rare journalistic look at what they are doing below our feet. One of the most captivating parts of these images is the technology that made them possible. All of the shots were taken on a Nikon D4 at between ISO 3200 – 5000. This simply would have been impossible to achieve just a few short years ago. View the entire collection of images over on Flickr.

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Maddie on Tour

Theron Humphrey while on a year long trip documenting everyday people around the United States adopted 1 year old Maddie a Coonhound from a shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. During the journey, Humphrey started taking photos of Maddie and discovered she had amazing balance and an unwavering patience. He began collecting the photos on a blog entitled Maddie on Things. The images and Maddie became an immediate sensation and Theron collected some of the best images and stories into a book. Of course also titled Maddie on Things. This year the pair is back on the road touring all fifty states on a book tour and working on a new project called Why we Rescue.

A Room With a View

Aesthetically I am often drawn to images shot from a unique angel or perspective. Especially ones using an aerial or birds eye view. This collection of images by Menno Aden really caught my attention because of the juxtaposition between the simple or mundane settings and such an abnormal way of seeing such a setting. Aden has more images in the series that show hospital rooms and other different types of rooms. I thought, however it worked best when only rooms in houses were viewed together giving them an added uniformity.

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3D Photo Printing Booth

Everyone loves photo booths, especially at parties. Now you can leave the party with a 3D printed figurine of yourself or a friend. In the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in Harajuku Omote 3D has installed a 3D photo booth and an accompanying printer. Three dimensional images are captured in the booth and then the figures are 3D printed.

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Hiroshi Sugimoto Theaters

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has long been a favorite of mine, and his American Theater series is also an enthralling collection of images. The grainy dark black and white photos capture the typology of a long dissolving or at least changing industry. Many of these gems of cinema and theater have long been defunct or renovated to the bland palette of the contemporary movie theater. You can view the entire series over at C4 Contemporary Art.

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Photographer Alejandro Guijarro has been working on his Momentum project shooting the chalk boards in quantum mechanics classrooms. The resulting photos capture the swirl of numbers and equation that for most are just that. It becomes beautiful and abstract when viewed without understanding the material.

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Munich Underground

Alas I have never seen the Munich underground in person, but these photos by Nick Frank even capture it in a way almost no one has ever seen it. The interesting architectural environments pop with color and bold lines, which are normally obscured by the blur of people bustling through them.

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BBC Astronomy Photographer of the Year

These are a couple of my favorite photographs from the BBC Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012. The contextualization of the universe as viewed from earth is significantly more impacting than some cropped shot from a telescope zoomed in on some small detail, planet or star.

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