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Nutmegger Workshop

Peter Vogel operates a super cool business, of which I am infinitely jealous, in Portland Oregon called Nutmegger Workshop. Basically what they do is create reproduction and historically accurate hand painted signs. Their work is extremely tactile and definitely brings you back to a time when painted signs clothed the landscape of towns and cities alike. The vernacular typography and hand painting techniques of sign painters seem to be in full resurgence right now, and I am really digging it.

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Basquiat : The Radiant Child

I can’t even verbalize the amount of happiness I am feeling. Like a large portion of my generation I feel as though much of my creative inspiration is derived from the work of Jean-Michel. I will be at this movie opening day, and I will own it the moment it come out on dvd.

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Veronika Kalacheva

Watercolor illustration has been one of the most pervasive forms of that specific area of art for a long time, and thus has become boring. Every once in a while though, you stumble across some one’s work that revitalizes the medium and adds so much color and life into it that you can’t help, but love it again. In this case that person is Veronika Kalacheva, and her work is stunningly realistic and colorful.


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Death Spray Custom

At first I was pretty positive their work was all just die-cut vinyl graphics, but to my surprise and delight after further research and inspection I found out it is all custom painted. The meticulous care and craft that goes into the work of Death Spray Custom is something very rare these days.

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