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Pinstripe Skate Deck

Pin-striping is one of those arts that I could never fully wrap my head around. Just like hand drawn type it takes perfectly steady hands and an ability to visualize and execute an end product. Part of the beauty of this style of painting is how the imperfections blend into the overall beauty of a completed pin-striping work. These decks were done by Ryan Lange of Lost Garage and Code of Conduct two pretty cool sites creating fresh original content in the motorcycle, tattoo, skateboarding sphere.

Brett Amory

Painter Brett Amory has got some serious chops. The way in which he captures and slightly alters potentially mundane subject matter is astonishing. He also has a very interesting eye and approach to painting light and color, which gives his paintings an extremely graphic quality. Many of pieces walk a unique line between being hyper realistic and surreal all at the same time.

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Catherine Ryan

Painter Catherine Ryan’s work has so much depth and is charged with some unique social criticism. Despite the extremely 2D collage style of her compositions they achieve great depth and texture. She has a great knack for distilling character’s down into their simplest form. The way she presents people as faceless, but animals as having faces is interesting. I am not quite sure what to make of it, but I like it.

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Maria Corte

Spanish illustrator Maria Corte harnesses bright colors and unique shapes to create these compositions that bring up memories of seeing a Picasso piece for the first time. Her eye and methods for visual communication really set her apart.

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Jacky Georges: Sign Painter

Most of the design and creative community has been obsessed with sign painting and hand lettering for a while now. It can more or less be attributed to the back to craft mentality and movement that seems to be inundating all forms of art.

I have not been spared, but on a personal level I find sign painting very nostalgic and it reminds me of my own childhood. For a few years when I was pretty young, no older than seven or eight, my dad made immaculate carved wood and hand painted signs as a way of subsidizing his woodworking business. I would often travel with him on the job and get to watch while he sketched, taped and finally painted a sign.

This specific sign painter Jacky Georges is obviously a skilled veteran and hold over from the generation before vinyl die-cuts and quick crappy window solutions. Work like this is a craft, it takes time to make, but because of that it lasts both physically and aesthetically.

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Nutmegger Workshop

Peter Vogel operates a super cool business, of which I am infinitely jealous, in Portland Oregon called Nutmegger Workshop. Basically what they do is create reproduction and historically accurate hand painted signs. Their work is extremely tactile and definitely brings you back to a time when painted signs clothed the landscape of towns and cities alike. The vernacular typography and hand painting techniques of sign painters seem to be in full resurgence right now, and I am really digging it.

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Basquiat : The Radiant Child

I can’t even verbalize the amount of happiness I am feeling. Like a large portion of my generation I feel as though much of my creative inspiration is derived from the work of Jean-Michel. I will be at this movie opening day, and I will own it the moment it come out on dvd.

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Veronika Kalacheva

Watercolor illustration has been one of the most pervasive forms of that specific area of art for a long time, and thus has become boring. Every once in a while though, you stumble across some one’s work that revitalizes the medium and adds so much color and life into it that you can’t help, but love it again. In this case that person is Veronika Kalacheva, and her work is stunningly realistic and colorful.


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Death Spray Custom

At first I was pretty positive their work was all just die-cut vinyl graphics, but to my surprise and delight after further research and inspection I found out it is all custom painted. The meticulous care and craft that goes into the work of Death Spray Custom is something very rare these days.

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