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If more packaging was beautiful the world would be a more enjoyable place. This example designed by Gabriel Morales is the branding and packaging concept for latex glove manufacturer Foil. Some people argue that a product’s packaging must reflect it’s use and sensibilities, but sometimes making the landscape a little less ugly could be a good goal.

Falcon Enamelware

I don’t think I am alone in having wonderful memories of enamelware plates and mugs from camping adventures during childhood. Falcon Enamelware has been making the same great line of products 1920 and is going to be releasing some new stuff this year. Their utterly classic pieces are part utilitarian part high design home goods. Their bright blue rim along with the crisp white are perfect. Enough about the dishes though. Morse Studio of our very own New York City has recently launched a new website and on it is some amazing work including a holistic rebrand for none other than Falcon Enamelware. They also art directed some seriously delicious food photography by Sam Stowell.

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Jim Houser Vinyl Record Packaging

Over the past couple years album art seems to have become even less common, as more music is offered solely in digital form. So when someone goes that extra step to press a run of vinyl the album art really needs to match that quality. In this case the album is by Jim Houser, an artist and musician and the beautiful packaging was done by Smyrski Creative. Using images from Houser along with some process shots of his art and daily life it gives a great insight into the background and depth of his expression. Usually I have create a picture of what someones state of mind was when creating a piece of art or music, but in this case the packaging design does a perfect job of telling us the truer story.

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Brouwerij ‘t Ij

Loving design, packaging and beer seems like a match made in heaven. Especially as we head into the summer months, when you will be hard pressed to find me without a cold beer. All the our favorite brewers release a special summer beer with an awesome summery label. I can’t wait.

Here are some images of a redesign by Redthumb for independent microbrewery Brouwerij ‘t Ij in Amsterdam. I have read that their brewery is under a windmill and on the side of a canal, which sounds possibly like the most romantic place for a factory ever. However I wonder how the environmental aspects affect the brewing process. The designers seem to have extrapolated very smart aspects from the brand itself as well as their geography to create such wonderful new label designs. I wonder if we will be able to get any of the beers from Brouwerij ‘t Ij in New York City anytime soon.

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Wrap ‘N’ Mat

I would definitely use a Wrap-n-Mat for packing my lunch. It’s nice to see such a simple, yet stylish, and environmentally sound way to pack a sandwich. Anyone who is a supporter of packing their own lunch knows that tupper-ware just doesn’t work for a sandwich and one time use bags are terrible for the environment.

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Proper BBQ

Thomas Hayes created this bold identity and packaging, with a very appropriate vernacular, for PROPER BBQ. I am getting the feeling that this is a student project, which is too bad for the folks out there, like myself, who love design and barbecue! Either way this is a really nice project and it was also recently featured on Lovely Package(awesome name).

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Lade Gaards Brygghus

Design firm Frank in Norway created this awesome packaging solution for a new oak barrel aged beer launched by Norwegian supermarket chain Rema1000. You can view more images of the designs on their Behance profile.

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Ballard Bee Company

Don’t let the sterile packing fool you, Ballard Bee is unfiltered raw honey made locally in Northwest Seattle. Corky Luster and his 60 hives currently located at his house in Northwest Seattle come together to make Ballard Honey. Luster’s plan is to expand his operation to approximately 100 hives sprinkled around his neighborhood, in 2011. I am definitely adding this to my mental list of amazing products coming out of the Northwest right now.

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Frts & Ygrt

This project by Mika Kanive is probably the most radical and amazing packaging design I have seen in a very long time. The concept, which is evidently executed to perfection, is to communicate to the consumer the quality of the contents as well as how delicious they are. No bright colored gradients, cloak and daggers type design here. Just a simple idea, which highlights what you are should actually be paying for.

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Herman Miller Japan: Building Blocks

The guys at House Industries have done it again. Adding another fabulous piece to the collection of children’s block sets they have designed. This particular one was commissioned for Herman Miller Japan. The sets of 8 basswood blocks will only be available for purchase at the new Herman Miller showroom store in Tokyo. You can read more about this over at the House Industries’ Blog. For more information about the production check out the makers Uncle Goose and Advance Packaging both in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Douglas Richard Design

Designed by Douglas Richardson. This branding and collateral for a Pennsylvania based initiative, Farm to City, which connect farmers with people in cities. Their goal is to grow access to farm fresh foods in urban areas. I really love the colors and feeling of all the elements. Especially the main logo which you can see after the jump.

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Märsödal Farm

This is a super minimalist brand and packaging system designed by Stockholm based studio Chevychase for ecological farm products brand Märsödal. The french cloth pattern is an awesome little touch.

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Make Believe

It makes me really happy to see the great work coming out of small shops in the middle of the country. One such studio is Omaha Nebraska’s own Make Believe. There is a nice textural feel to all their work. Awesome range as well, from identity and apparel design to music collateral and web stuff.

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Miller High Life Reborn

San Francisco based agency Landor has recently launched an awesome redesign to the branding and packaging system for the iconic Miller High Life.

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The Official Manufacturing Co.

I am really digging the bold branding and ephemera work by ‘The Official Manufacturing Company’.

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