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Beer Friday: Tin Roof

Happy Beer Friday everybody! As the days grow shorter I find myself seeking solace in the warm embrace of a bourbon a little more frequently than in a tall chalice of suds. But my eyes still wander and in this case land on some great beer packaging. These Tin Roof cans were designed by Unreal and sport a nice simple outfit of bright color and simple clean type. They even seem to glow with luminescence when the condensation puckers up on their exterior.

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Beer Friday: Ippon Matsu

Even though craft beer is always evolving the bottle designs and packaging for it have progressed very little during the same period. Japanese craft beer maker Ippon Matsu stands out sporting a stark minimalist design which hints at the natural ingredients within as well as classic Japanese beverage containers. Designed by Kota Kobayashi these striking bottles definitely standout on a shelf.

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Beer Friday: Einstök Icelandic Beer

Let’s raise a Beer Friday challis to this awesome branding for Icelandic beer company Einstök. The design was done by Auston Design Group and features some awesome typography and a nice stylized viking character which creates a great brand mark used consistently on all their new packaging.

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Tavern Vinegar

Christine Wisnieski created this amazing packaging design for Tavern Vinegar Co., Chef Jonathan Sawyer’s new line of artisanal vinegars. The bold type and classic lettering help to build a nice design vernacular around the product name, which adds a lot to it’s overall positioning. Even the flask shape, reminiscent of bourbon and whiskey bottles helps to give some added power to the name.

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54-40 Packaging

This awesome topographic United States map was created as a collaboration between 54-50 and Bureau of Betterment. The map individual map pieces are laser cut out of wood and packed in neat custom cutout cardboard sleeves. A pamphlet accompanies each state piece highlighting characteristics and details about that state.

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Andrée Rouette created this awesome concept in a packaging design class. The design consists of aluminum canisters laminated with slightly different shades of maple to and printed with a large letter to specify the sugar purity of the syrup.

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Beer Friday: Pilsen Aluminio

Pilsen is a new Uruguayan beer in aluminum bottles. The design by Rodrigo Granese features a colorful geometric pattern wrapping the bottle. The pattern was applied to the bottle using a special ink making sure to not affect the slightly textured bottle. Drink up, it’s Beer Friday.

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Eagle Pencils

I came across this awesome vintage pencil packaging the other day and I absolutely had to post it. Originally designed in 1936, or there about, these Eagle Pencil boxes are magnificent. From the bold eagle illustration to the delicate deco style custom type work. If this type was available as a font I would literally use it on a daily basis, it’s that amazing. The unique characters and wonderful details like the descender on the letter Q.

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Beer Friday: Churchkey Can Co.

Churchkey Can Co. is nice nod at the history of the beer can, before the invention of the easy pop top. Actor Adrian Grenier and designer Justin Hawkins teamed up to create a drinking experience that is truly worth the effort. The whole look and feel has a clean retro aesthetic that is perfectly suited to their brand. Happy Beer Friday all.

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Beer Friday: No-Li Brewhouse

Last week I semiconsciously posted about Coors Original on Friday afternoon. After posting that it occurred to me that it would make a great weekly or bi-weekly post. So keep an eye out for Beer Fridays posts!

This week I wanted to post the rebranding and packaging designs Riley Cran has recently completed for No-Li Brewhouse of Spokane, Washington. The whole brand and overall design is extremely sparse and is tethered by a nice bold red. For the bottles the design is a little more playful incorporating some more illustrative elements and some seriously kick ass custom type.

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Industry City Distillery

I am extremely surprised I just hearing about Industry City Distillery and The City Foundry. These are an extremely motivated and collectively talented group of gentleman making amazing stuff right here in our great city. A well deserved hat tip to these guys. This film, by Christopher Parker was a nice way to find out about them. It captures the process and intentions behind why they do what they do.

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Coors Original

Summer Fridays seem like reason enough to start the weekend early. So over here at campsite studio we are getting it started with a post about one of our favorite, albeit under appreciated beers. Coors Original, also known as The Banquet Beer.

Landor, following suit with their re-branding of a few other MillerCoors favorites has created the new face of Coors Banquet Beer. The new look leverages the history and classic qualities of the company and the beer while also creating a sleek new visual departure for them. It will definitely help Coors Banquet to stand out on store and hopefully help it to find its way into a few more coolers this summer.

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Design Film Trilogy

I have been hoping and dreaming that Gary Hustwit would put together a box set of his Design Film Trilogy ever since I first saw the trailer for Urbanized. Following suit with the great design work Hustwit commissioned for his films the box set dons a minimal, but carefully detail packaging system designed by Build. I have not actually had the opportunity to inspect the immaculate looking contents, but I would have to say my favorite part is the book. There must be some intriguing and interesting tidbits tucked away in those pages of things that didn’t make it into the final edits of each of the films. The unfortunate truth remains that this was offered as a limited edition only to people who backed the Urbanized Kickstarter for $100 or more.

Gary can we please have a rerelease?

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Gold Standard Trail Mix

Trail mix packaging does need a little injection of the trail in it’s look, feel and functionality. This student project by Mike L. Perry does a nice job of giving trail mix a vintage mountain climber, logger sort of vibe. I particularly like the industrial grommet on it so you could easily hook it to your pack or belt.

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