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Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

Growing up hip-hop and rap had this innate link to skateboarding. De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest were two of the first people I started listening to. The beats and the groove just had something to them that you wanted to skate to. Through my work I actually have had the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with Q-Tip, which for me as a fan for more than half my life was truly inspiring. All that said tomorrow Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, a film by Michael Rapaport will be released in New York and Los Angeles.

Pendulum Sound Machine

At first I thought this was a rather excessive approach to creating a simple chime, but after the watching the video I was completely intrigued. The varied repetition is in itself beautiful and very remeniscent of how things occur in nature. This little invention was made by Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design.

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Jim Houser Vinyl Record Packaging

Over the past couple years album art seems to have become even less common, as more music is offered solely in digital form. So when someone goes that extra step to press a run of vinyl the album art really needs to match that quality. In this case the album is by Jim Houser, an artist and musician and the beautiful packaging was done by Smyrski Creative. Using images from Houser along with some process shots of his art and daily life it gives a great insight into the background and depth of his expression. Usually I have create a picture of what someones state of mind was when creating a piece of art or music, but in this case the packaging design does a perfect job of telling us the truer story.

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The Natural Speaker

Studio Joon Jung have attacked the problem of creating a speaker system from a far different angle and with far different goals from your typical speaker designer or engineer. The Natural Speaker creates a softer more natural sound using a wood, ceramic and porcelain construction for the casing and transmission components. This gives a certain resonance or echo that makes the sound quality softer and more natural feeling. I also really love the more organic qualities of the design, most speakers stick out in a home, and rarely do they match the lived in aesthetic of our other things.

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Experiments Around the House with Lullatone

Lullatone, the awesome Japanese music group, made this great little video(“Experiments Around the House”) where they explored what kinds cool noises could be created using only things around the house. The art direction is very simple and playful, which really lends itself to the nature of the experiments and implements used to create the sounds.

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Reid Miles HI-FI Album Covers: By Bante

I am blown away by the shear level of awesomeness in this short film by Bante. The main goal was to animate the HI-FI album covers of Reid Miles, but between the direction and the techniques used for the motion and lighting design this film really elevates that simple goal to a higher art form.

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Make Believe

It makes me really happy to see the great work coming out of small shops in the middle of the country. One such studio is Omaha Nebraska’s own Make Believe. There is a nice textural feel to all their work. Awesome range as well, from identity and apparel design to music collateral and web stuff.

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1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich is a visual artist and musician from New York has created a new piece entitled 1-Bit Symphony. Similar to it’s predecessor 1-Bit Music, the symphony lives on only one microchip and is played back using a very limited set of components.

“I wanted to respond to the symphonic form and think about how simple audio waveforms (1-bit tones) does not necessarily mean that the music itself must be simplistic. That it could be possible to create a long-form rich composition with 1-bit audio.” – Tristan Perich

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Jean Nouvel’s: Paris Philharmonic

This 1:10 scale model of Jean Nouvel’s Paris philharmonic, is breathtaking in it’s own right. I cannot wait to see the real philharmonic completed, now under construction in Parc de la Villette in Paris.

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