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Minka is a short documentary film currently in the works by filmmaker Davina Pardo. The word “minka” in Japanese refers to a private home of a farmer, artisan or merchant. The house that the story revolves around is a 250 year old farmhouse, which Yoshihiro Takishita and John Roderick found, moved and restored together. If you are as eager as I am to see the full length film head over to Kickstarter and help fund the project.

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Dark Side of The Lens

The cinematography in this video by The Astray is eye opening. The subject matter is enticing and the way they capture it in such an array of shots is so ridiculously awesome. Even the shots of the surf pounding into the rocks seems to strike a nerve.

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Linotype: The Film Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Doug Wilson about the Linotype typesetting machine. The trailer definitely positions the film in such a way the seems to enliven the dying beast that is typesetting. Iron and Wine’s “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” really helps give it some power. I can’t wait for the first NYC screening.

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The Movie Icons

The Movie Icons is a project by a slightly hard to track down designer by the name of Timo. That aside these icons that distill two hour movies down into a single bold graphic are striking. I appreciate these quite a bit more than that minimalist movie poster trend that was going on a few months ago.

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Basquiat : The Radiant Child

I can’t even verbalize the amount of happiness I am feeling. Like a large portion of my generation I feel as though much of my creative inspiration is derived from the work of Jean-Michel. I will be at this movie opening day, and I will own it the moment it come out on dvd.

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Newsies played a serious role in my childhood. It was my favorite movie from the time I was 7 years old until I was a teenager and still remains in my top movies of all time. There are countless child actors who have gone on to have serious careers including the star which was none other than Christian Bale. I always loved this scene, but had never really focused on the printing part, but now that I look closer I am super impressed. Great attention to detail, and personally this song has so much nostalgia attached it gets me all hyped.


52 Bad Dudes

This is a cool project by illustrator and designer Adam Sidwell, which is an ongoing set of portraits of fictional bad guys. The collection of portraits, called 52 BAD DUDES, shows such a fun range of stylistic approaches. This diptych of characters Tyler Durden and the narrator (Edward Norton) from Fight Club is definitely my favorite, to me it really expresses all that good stuff from their relationship in the movie.

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The work of Stefan Dziallas has intrigued me for a while and as a designer I definitely aspire to be as direct in my own work. However I feel like my icons, symbols, and logos are never quite as succinct as iconwerk. So you can imagine that I would be supper happy if there was a way for me to get some insight into Stefan’s process, right? Now we can learn from the best by watching the new podcast put together by iconwerk tv.

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Iron Man 2: Prologue

I am really into these stills from the intro credits for Iron Man 2. All the visual effects for the movie by Prologue are super cool. It’s really impressive the way they design for these advanced technologies with no precedent or expectations of how the devices and interactions should look or function. I am probably not the only person thinking it, but the people over at Prologue would make fantastic UI designers!

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Fluffy McCloud: by Conor Finnegan

Is Fluffy not the coolest cloud you have ever seen? This short film by Conor Finnegan is so fun to watch, and on this sweltering day makes me really wish a happy cloud will come my way. The mix of cut paper claymation and real video gives this piece an awesome quality that I can’t wait to see more of from Conor.

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Running on Empty: By Ross Ching

LA without cars looks so void. I agree Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir there is something so interesting about seeing a city completely without the millions of cars that define it’s landscape.

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