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La Mer de Pianos

Films like this by Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier really make me wish I had studied video in school, or at least had some inclination of how to structure narrative so perfectly. They have captured the story Marc Manceaux and his Fournitures Generales Pour le Piano, which is a junkyard, museum, and shrine to the magical music producing boxes. Marc seems a little stuck in a time warp, which is absolutely fine with him because he doing what he loves.

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Fiji Vignette

Director Riley Blakeway created a series of films in Fiji with some VIP friends that include the likes of Taj Burrows. Riley’s work with color and grain makes these shots look like something shot on 16mm film in the 1970′s.

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The Carpenter

Dimitris Ladopoulos is a Greek director making a short film series about people who work and make things with their hands. One of the first shorts from the series is this one entitled The Carpenter, with beautifully simple motion graphics and a true craftsman at work lathing a dowel into it’s nearly finished form. It brings me back to my childhood and the countless hours spent watching and helping my dad in his wood shop.

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This video, if you remove it from the context of it being an advertisement, is overwhelming in it’s beauty and inspiration. A video definition of the word pioneer, the definition is beautifully rendered. It also seems to be set somehow devoid of time, where it could be the past, present or future. The abandoned air place carcass at the beginning makes me think post apocalyptic, but then we have the pioneer character dressed in vintage hiking gear.


The Interrupters

The Interrupters is a film about trying to end gun violence through the lens of inner city Chicago. This film has garnered numerous awards, but that for me isn’t what I want to take away from it. It is the ability to capture powerful change and social evolution and share it with the rest of the world and that it is one of the most powerful tools we have as communicators.

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Made by Hand – Brueckelen Distilling Company

I know I am not alone in my love and admiration of the new film project called Made by Hand, which aims to document the love and craft that goes into the hand made and locally based small businesses we see sprouting up everywhere. For their first film they documented the newly formed Brueckelen Distilling Company, which is a great starting point. The style of this short film makes me excited for all the great ones that I am sure will follow.

Urbanized Trailer

I am pleased to finally catch a glimpse of the Urbanized Film. A few months ago I was one a large group of people who banded together via Kickstarter to help this project become realized. After being so perfectly wowed by Gary Hustwit’s two other preceding master works Helvetica and Objectified I was prepared to do my part to make this third film happen. His work is so transcendent and is enriched by the number of varying opinions and ideas it weaves together surrounding a subject. It is not a far stretch to say a film or movie is like a piece of textile, and I think Gary’s work is a great example of this. The texture created in his films has a feeling of comfort, simplicity, and thus accessibility to the films topic.

A History of the Title Sequence

This is a nice short animation by Jurjen Versteeg for a graduation project for this year. The animation poses as a title sequence for a fictitious documentary about the history of the title sequence.

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Being There

I grew up skiing, and as a teenager I was lucky enough to witness the growth of a new movement. Freestyle skiing as it is known today was just starting to take shape, and like the days of Dogtown the possibilities were endless, but we were all just there to have fun. Fast forward to 2011, and this new school of skiing has evolved into a beautiful physics defying art, which is captured in cinematography of the upmost quality.

This video trailer for Being There by Field Productions really shows you the amazing skiers proving impossibilities wrong in the most beautiful places on planet earth. Take a couple minutes and be transported to those places and to the adrenaline rush that is their day jobs.

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Frozen Wave

This is probably one of the coolest short films of all time. Spanish photographer and film maker Juan Rayos creates rich layered scenes and then documents them in captivating films like this one entitled Frozen Wave. Also by Rayos, Carving the Mountains is worth a watch.

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Manhattan in Motion

I posted about Josh Owens aka Mind Relic once before, also for his amazing time-lapse shots of New York City. You can view my previous post here. I think the same stuff I said last time is still entirely applicable, but now he has achieved an even higher level of awe. Using a Stage Zero Dolly Josh was able to smoothly and seamlessly shift the angle of the shot giving each one of clips an even greater amount of depth.

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For me this video is more depressing than inspiring, but sometimes I think that is what we need to shock our brains. Something drastic jump start a change in how we live. I would have been walking to my meeting today either way, but now I can think of another reason why. This great info motion graphic was done by Chris Harmon. Thanks for breaking this down for everyone Chris. It

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Moviebox by BEELD.

Amazing twenty second motion clip for Moviebox a show on the Megapix channel by BEELD. Motion. The lighting and perfection of the stop motion in this piece create such a beautiful effect and in such a short little video creates several great transitions.

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75 Abandoned Theaters

Truly amazing collection of photographs, 75 Abandoned Theaters. It is great to see so many shots by so many people be completely unified into a collection because of their shared subject matter. Shooting photos of abandoned buildings is always fun and I think highly social or once public spaces is even more amazing. At one time these houses of the silver screen were bustling with people of all ages, on first dates and out with friends. Now they are devoid of any life and have only the slightest flicker of their past vibrance.

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Vimeo iPhone App

The new iPhone app Vimeo released at first look and first use appears to be the revolutionary piece of software that on the go video enthusiasts have been waiting for. With serious ease you can shoot, edit and upload a video to your Vimeo account in one streamlined set of intuitive actions. Flickr did the same thing for photos in the web based app where you could cover most but not all required parts of your photo editing and uploading. However their user experience falls far short of what Vimeo has created here! I am excited to start using the app regularly.

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Jeff Bridges: True Grit Book

Who knew until just a few days ago that Jeff Bridges ran a super awesome website? I will say for one I didn’t know. The hand written type and overall vernacular is so personal and unique on the web today I really love the lack of design. His site is really one of the most enriching process archives I have ever come across.

The books Mr. Bridges has put together documenting from his perspective the making of these films is both insightful and amazing. It gives regular Joes like me a glimpse at something I will most likely never get to see. Also the off camera personalities and emotions he captures from his co-stars, and others on the crew, well known and not, are beautiful. The Making of True Grit was the way I came across his site and I think still with stands as my favorite part of the site.

NYC Time-lapse Shots

Josh Owens known as Mind Relic creates time-lapse photography work that is truly astounding. This collection of shots of New York City captures so much of the physical identity of the city and feeling of well known areas along with major landmarks.

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The Alphabet

Beautifully executed animation called the alphabet of typefaces by n9ve, an Italian designer and animator living in Brooklyn.

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Le Travailleur

This great quote below is very clearly represented in this mind blowing stop motion video by Chateau Vacant.

“Our way of doing graphic design is focused on using simple media. We want to make, to build, and try to get free from the computer.”

The effects the use to simulate the characters boarding and exiting an elevator kick ass and the soundtrack is successful eary. Check out more of their work and their rad website here.

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Gettysburg Address Animated

This three minute video, which animates and brings to life the Gettysburg Address is a beautiful example of how design can revive a historic speech and document that we now take for granted or don’t even remember. Adam Gault uses some beautiful imagery including those really bad ass stampeding buffalo.

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