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The Birth of Saké

I have been enamored with Japanese culture, design, and food ever since I can remember. This documentary coming out this year promises to tell the lesser known story of how saké comes to life. The Birth of Saké aims to capture the beauty and intensity it takes to turn a simple grain into the luscious and vibrant liquid.

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Bread Winner Cycles

When Spring rolls around we always get a bit more giddy about anything bike related. So when someone emailed us about these gorgeous Bread Winner Cycles you can imagine how our eyes lit up. Like a lot of the interesting American made products being manufactured these days BWC is based out of the Northwest in Portland, Oregon. We are definitely going to save up for one of these amazing machines.

Video by James Wilson

Designing Alan Turing’s World

I have long been fascinated by the graphic design and art direction of movies. The products, spaces and often times completely fabricated environments goes so far beyond the scope of what a normal graphic designer is responsible for. Their designs must toe the line between realistic but also perfectly nuanced for the subject matter. I recently saw “The Imitation Game” and the design of all the early technology and cryptographic drawings were remarkable. So when I stumbled across a post about MinaLima on FastCo. I was super excited to read more about them. They have worked on a wide range of movies we all know and love with a truly inspiring breadth of work and depth of skill. Take a look at some of these images capturing their work on the true story of Alan Turing and if you haven’t caught it yet its definitely worth a watch.

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Bern Hyperlapsed

Switzerland to this day has been one of my favorite travel destinations. This video titled Bern Hyperlapsed captures Switzerland’s capitol Bern using hyper-lapse photography. It was composed of 3500 individual photos shot during 2013 and 2014.

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Grand Budapest Hotel (Official Trailer)

Wes Anderson has been at the top of my list as far as movie directors for a long time and despite the fact that I agree with Bobby’s assertions in his recent post. Even when one of his films falls below the bar we have grown to expect from him the worlds he is able to cultivate in his movies is unparalleled. I am super excited for Grand Budapest Hotel for three reasons. One it is the next and newest on Anderson’s filmography. Two the cast is as always exemplary not to mention there are some great new faces, wink wink old lady Tilda Swinton. Three the trailer equally torn between a goofy quizzical smile and stitches of laughter the entire way through.

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Short and simple, this 5 second animation by Irish designer Max Halley is a delightful little countdown. Each second is has been turned into a small face with an adorable expression. The transitions are impeccable. Each number shifts in and out of one another flawlessly.

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Pacific Light

The undulation of the water and music in sync in this video is extremely entrancing. Soap, ink, and water were mixed to create the visual effects of this video by Ruslan Khasanov. Just as important to the absorbing effect of this video is the music by Boris Blank, which blends into the motion of the ripples and colors.

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Land of the Midnight Sun

A land without sunlight in the winter sounds like it would truly strip the happiness out of you, but in contrast what would 24 hours of sunlight in summer do for you. The long summer nights offer this amazing expanse of additional time to explore and adventure through the beautiful warm months. This beautiful little video Land of the Midnight Sun was produced by Visit Finland to capture the unique beauty of this phenomenon.

Happy Food

Multidisciplinary studio Yum Yum London has made this wonderful animated short about a man and his ketchup debacle. All of their character design is awesome, with depth that is easy to miss. Despite how short this video is Yum Yum was able to build a great story around some really simple subject matter.


I grew up as a skier. My parents first signed me up for a lesson and dropped me at a small mountain in Western Massachusetts when I was only few years old. Skiing has always been one constant in my life and after just returning from an amazing two week ski trip to Colorado it is evident that the connection has not faded. As the years have passed the sport has progressed on a path of acceleration similar to Moore’s Law. Part of what has most obviously affected the progression of the sport are the developments in cinematography. This allows for shots to be captured at higher frame rates for mind bending slow motion and aerial drone shots of a mountain face. This short film by Sweetgrass Productions is a beautiful example of a ski movie shop studio that is making some of the most unique and enthralling work.

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Union Pearson Express

Under the direction of Guru Studio Lotta Niemen and Winkreative to make this layered and colorful story of the Union Pearson Express. The train is due to open in 2015.

Experiencing Architecture – Casa 2G

Most talented architectural photographers are capable of capturing the most general aspects and characteristics of a building. Julius Shulman was able to delve deeper into elements of the constructed world and expose their essence. A feat few others have been able to replicate and many continue to chase. With all of that on the table, maybe photography isn’t the perfect medium for viewing architecture that we can’t experience firsthand? Shulman’s images turned homes into poetry and public works buildings into crafted pros. But to truly experience a building we need to see how it feels surrounding you and how it feels to navigate the space. The tactile nature of the fixtures and the mechanism that powers windows and doors.

This beautifully shot video for a recently completed project by S-AR walks the viewer through the house and through the point of view perspective gives the viewer a fulfilling tour of building. Casa 2G is a minimal modern structure with many unique elements, objects, and features which truly could not be communicated through traditional photography. The combination of moving image and sound gives the building a voice, and allows it to tell it’s story.

La Luna

We can all I am sure agree that Pixar has created the greatest animated films of all time. They owe this partially to the visual effects and art direction, but the truly remarkable part of of their films is the distinctly human elements of each plot. La Luna is a recently released short film by Disney Pixar, and captures a wonderful coming of age tale illustrating a classic fable.

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The 360 Project

The 360 Project was the vision of Canadian photographer and director Ryan Enn Hughes. Using a 48 camera system Hughes was able to capture 360 degree movements in still photography, which when edited together create a beautifully layered depiction of the dancers movements. The Ballet 360 video is also definitely worth checking out.

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Design Film Trilogy

I have been hoping and dreaming that Gary Hustwit would put together a box set of his Design Film Trilogy ever since I first saw the trailer for Urbanized. Following suit with the great design work Hustwit commissioned for his films the box set dons a minimal, but carefully detail packaging system designed by Build. I have not actually had the opportunity to inspect the immaculate looking contents, but I would have to say my favorite part is the book. There must be some intriguing and interesting tidbits tucked away in those pages of things that didn’t make it into the final edits of each of the films. The unfortunate truth remains that this was offered as a limited edition only to people who backed the Urbanized Kickstarter for $100 or more.

Gary can we please have a rerelease?

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Trout is All

Rolf Nylinder of Frontside Fly in Sweden has captured fly fishing in a beautiful light in this short video called Trout is All.

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Project Yosemite

We live possibly in the most beautiful and diverse landscape in the universe, and we often forget to look at it and reflect on that fact. With the movement of water and light we are usually looking at something that has never been seen exactly like that before. Yosemite is one of those natural wonders whose density is unfathomable. I unfortunately have never visited it, but this video by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, called Project Yosemite aims to capture that beauty.

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Honey Harvest

Kinkfolk Magazine has a wonderful vibe and a great vision for capturing crafts and curiosities. I am really in love with this new video they have made called Honey Harvest, which captures the process of making honey from hive to jar.

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B&H Conveyor System

Ever wonder what happens to your purchase between the counter and the check out at B&H? Yeah me too, so now we know. The guys from Lense put a camera through to give us an awesome inside look. Disclaimer, if you don’t know or haven’t shopped at B&H this may seem really lame. Apologies.

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Made in Iceland

The time and freedom to hike across Iceland sounds like the best possible thing right now. One thing I know for sure is that I couldn’t document it with quite the same amount of pizazz as Klara Harden was able to do. During the 15 minutes of this film you are taken through the ups and downs, the shear solitude, the raw beauty of the landscape, and the humor a person creates to keep themselves going. Also there is a great easter egg during the end credits, so watch the whole thing. Klara is an Austrian film maker, photographer, and designer.

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