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Teichhaus by HPSA

Poised on the crest of a hill. Teichhaus by HPSA is a beautiful little house of under 600 square feet shows exactly how little we actually need in a home. The minimal space uses large expansive cabinets to make room for all the necessary fixtures and storage and to divide the bed area from the living space. Perched on a small private swimming pond and with great views of the city this little house is a lovely serene escape.

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Apartment 50 by ECAL

Apartment 50 was designed by a group of students in the Masters of Product Design program at ECAL. The unit in Le Corbusier’s famous Cité Radieuse housing complex was restored by two enthusiasts, Jean-Marc Drut and Patrick Blauwart and the students were charged with designing and exhibiting objects for daily use in the complex.

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Stone House Transformation

This renovated ancient stone house is truly stunning. The original elements that were retained provide a sharp juxtaposition with the clean lines of the new modern fixtures and furnishings. This crisp and airy dwelling demonstrates the standout skills of Swiss architecture firm of Wespi de Meuron Romeo.

This concept allows on the one hand the authentic conservation of the historic stone façade, which tells the history of the house and on the other hand, it generates zenith light for the rooms with exceptional light reflections. It would not have been possible otherwise to get sunlight into the rooms, in such a village structure with narrow streets.

Timeless – Massimo Vignelli

The fact that Massimo Vignelli is no longer with us is something that has stuck with me. When I saw “Timeless: Massimo Vignelli” posted on AisleOne it made me smile. Vignelli’s impact on design is still strong and this collection of original and inspired works is proof of that. The show is up until April 18th, 2015 at the Okendo Cul­tural Cen­tre in San Sebastián, Spain.

The poster above was designed by Mash Cre­ative.

Sinnerlig for Ikea

As a business and design model I have always been inspired by Ikea, however it has been quite a while since any of their designs have really caught my attention. Sinnerlig definitely has though. Designed in collaboration with British designers Studioisle. Due to release around the globe in August the collection features furniture, home goods and fixtures all made out of cork or a subdued palette of other natural materials and fibers.

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Brancusi in New York 1913 – 2013

If you don’t have plans tonight you should definitely stop by the opening of Brancusi in New York 1913 – 2013 at Paul Kasmin. Since they represent my close friend Walton Ford and are a client of ArtBinder the startup I work for PK definitely has to be my favorite gallery. So this exhibition is just one more reason why I love them. This exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Brancusi’s first show at the Armory and his subsequent invasion of the American art scene. Hope to see some of you there tonight!

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620 Reading Room

The classic 620 Chair Program originally designed by Dieter Rams has recently undergone a re-engineering. To launch the updated seating system the Vitsoe shop here in New York is opening a ‘620 Reading Room’. The reading room is completed with a curated selection of books from the Vitsoe neighbor Dashwood Books.

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Theca & Steelwood

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have designed a new storage unit for Magis that features use of some interesting new materials. Doors and sides of the unit are made of stamped aluminum and the purchaser can select from natural finish, black or anodized. You also get your choice of wood for the shelves, cherry or black ash. To accompany the Theca storage unit, the Bouroullecs have released their Steelwood Chair in a new galvanized steal and beech edition, which fits perfectly with the cabinet.

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Hood Lamp

Form Us With Love a Stockholm based design studio has created this wonderful new modular lighting system which is easily expanded to fit your space. The bowl created by the deep pendant creates a very natural spacial divider. The system itself is based on two key pieces, domed corners and straight panel pieces, which when combined are infinitely expandable. The pieces are made of molded polyester and fit together using small pegs and are light with LED bulbs.

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Casa Sifera

With a custom latis structure protecting the front, Casa Sifera is modernism and minimalism in all their glory. Open and airy while balancing that with deliberate privacy in certain rooms, areas and even angles. The structure was designed by Spanish architecture firm Josepcamps Olgafelip and was photographed by Pedro Pegenaute.


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House in Overijse

This design by NEY + Partners reminds me of the Eames Case Study House 8 in California. House in Overijse channels the prefab and modular elements of the Case Study house with a slightly more industrial aesthetic. Where the Eames leaned more towards Bauhaus, NEY has been influenced by a contemporary loft aesthetic.


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Jens Risom Prefab Revisited

Jens Risom’s prefab getaway on Block Island is one of my favorite examples of modernist architecture of all time. I previously posted about it several months here on campsite. When I originally posted it there were only two quality photos I could find, but I have discovered several more great photos in addition to the video tour by Gary Nadeau after the jump.

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Area Bed

Area Bed designed by Alain Gilles is a nice simple way to separate the bed area from other purposed spaces with in a single room.

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Taylor House

A little more futuristic and stark then I usually like, the Taylor House designed by Paul Archer Design is a great minimalist dwelling. Originally a classic Victorian public house the architects only left the front and one side wall opening up the ground floor and basement to an amazing courtyard.

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Glass/Wood House