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The Movie Icons

The Movie Icons is a project by a slightly hard to track down designer by the name of Timo. That aside these icons that distill two hour movies down into a single bold graphic are striking. I appreciate these quite a bit more than that minimalist movie poster trend that was going on a few months ago.

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Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

The Design Museum retrospective of the work of Dieter Rams haunts me as one of those life altering moments I feel like I missed. All the pieces of Rams’ work in the Moma are satisfying, but to have been able to see 244 objects from a career that lasted well over six decades would have been enlightening.

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Eero Aarnio’s Studio

Found this nice shot of Eero Aarnio’s office space he keeps in his amazing house. The photo was shot by amazing UK based interior photographer Rachael Smith.

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Uniform Wares 100 Series Watches

The watches designed by Uniform Wares are minimalism at it’s truest and most beautiful. “Uniform Wares produces timepieces intended for everyday use by individuals with an eye for meticulous design details.” I like the idea of having a uniform for myself, and these timepieces would definitely make the cut.

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Studioilse w084t

I love all the simple lighting designs I have been seeing lately. The Studioilse w084t has a great utilitarian look and presumably function as well. The little note of color from the red cord is really fun and different.

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Wooden House Extension: Wim Goes Architectuur

This is definitely not your average addition. Wim Goes Architectuur designed this amazing protected outdoor extension to this historic house in in Bachte-Maria-Leerne. Enjoying your morning coffee, or your evening wine would be amazing on this deck, hell anything would be pretty awesome on there.

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Swiss Holiday House

I have been thinking a lot recently about potentially building a holiday getaway of my own up in the mountains, and this amazing specimen by AFGH architects truly gives me something to aspire to. Holiday House as it has been named so subtly engages the environment without sticking out. All the materials are so simple and perfectly chosen, and by all materials I am referring to the extensive list of wood, glass and metal.

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I am so excited to start using Lookwork the new bad ass visual RSS reader and image-bookmarking service by the talented Ben Pieratt. Ben besides running his awesome multifaceted studio is also the genius behind svpply. Both these web based tools are visually stunning, with extremely intuitive and simplified user experience. If you have not tried them or at least checked them out you definitely should. I love how seamlessly they unify with your browser to elevate functionality.

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1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich is a visual artist and musician from New York has created a new piece entitled 1-Bit Symphony. Similar to it’s predecessor 1-Bit Music, the symphony lives on only one microchip and is played back using a very limited set of components.

“I wanted to respond to the symphonic form and think about how simple audio waveforms (1-bit tones) does not necessarily mean that the music itself must be simplistic. That it could be possible to create a long-form rich composition with 1-bit audio.” – Tristan Perich

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Tomás Alonso

There is something very useful and even comforting about the work of Tomás Alonso.I am also impressed with Alonso’s ability to create such simplified structures that still fulfill their purpose.

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Coat Rack: Vytautas Gecas

Fun minimalist solution for a coat rack by Lithuanian designer Vytautas Gecas. I like that the design moved beyond the predictability of a normal coat rack.

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Merchant No. 4

Online shop meets curated design gallery Merchant No. 4 has an exquisite collection of what can only be described as mixed use objects. Simple beautifully crafted collection including such things as a set of wooden tea cups, molded loungers, creased porcelain plates, and decorative objects.

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Cristiana Couceiro

I ran into the illustrations of Cristiana Couceiro today on Scott Hansen’s blog. I am still happy to see all the great collage work that is popping up from talented young designers and illustrators these days.

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Ina & Matt

Ina & Matt have a great balance of minimal and rustic in their interiors. Their approach seems to channel historic European barn and farm house design and construction in a resolved and modern way that is beautiful.

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Studio Dunn: Conventry Stool

The new Rhode Island collection by Studio Dunn is a beautiful combination of minimal design and respect for classic craftsmanship. The quality of the available wood choices also looks to be extremely high. My favorite piece in the collection is the Coventry Stool pictured above.

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