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Serif Bag

Generally I feel that there are too many tote bags in the world. I understand the good will of replacing one time use shopping bags with a potentially more permanent solution, but not when it appears for any and every marketing and advertising initiative under the sun. The Serif Bag by the folks over at Little Factory is a design that I think by design both makes and deserves it’s space in the world. It is such a perfectly simple idea that looks great, and even carries groceries.

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Dropclock Screensaver

This is a pretty nifty little creation that could revitalize almost any monitor. Personally I have never been very big on screensavers, but this DROPCLOCK is definitely one I could get into. It illustrates the current time with Helvetica numerals dropping into water in super slow motion . I would love to see some behind the scenes stuff on how they shot the footage and coded it.

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Asahikada Garage

I can’t really find much information about this structure beyond these photos, but I am totally intrigued by this grownup’s toy room in Hokkaido, Japan. Jun Igarashi Architects were commissioned to design this awesome building to store some beautiful cars and other fast things. See more photos of the Asahikada Garage here.


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Vik & Fougere

The collaborative efforts of Nils Vik and Thom Fougere, collectively known as Vik & Fougere, are a Tour de Force of functionality and minimalism in simple house hold fixtures and furniture. The favorite of mine has to be their light hook pictured below, which is a nice update to the infinitely boring light switch plaques seen in American homes. In addition to the aesthetic update Nils and Thom have added a nice little hook in the corner for keys, some type of ornament or anything else that your heart desires.

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Naoto Fukasawa for Artek

Another perfect design from Naoto Fukasawa. This modular shelving system was designed for Artek in 2009 to be debuted at milan design week in 2010 as the finish company was celebrating their 75th birthday. The system was developed based on the modular L-system designed by Alvar Aalto.

“I have always associated (alvar) aalto’s furniture designs, which highlight the graciousness of plain wood, with square building blocks. the basis for this design lies in the image of a plain wood cube with slightly rounded edges. the sections where the shelves and support brace meet affords the design a gentle feel, the kind of feeling that can likewise be attributed to a stack of building blocks with rounded edges. the intersection of the x-shaped brace is fashioned from cast aluminium and has an unadorned, rough feel to it.” – Naoto Fukasawa

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Beach Chalet

I have always been intrigued by small spaces and the value of organization to make them work. Also lately I have been researching and sketching a lot of ideas on how to build highly functional, inexpensive small structures. This little oceanside getaway called Beach Chalet designed by Studiomama really fulfills almost all of my criteria and does it beautifully. I could definitely see giving up all my extra junk and permanently relocating to a cozy little place like this. All the great photos of this little wonder are by awesome English Ben Anders.

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Plus Minus Zero Watch

Naoto Fukasawa has always been one of my favorite industrial designers. His designs are so refined that they exist in a perfect balance of simplicity and serenity, always with a high regard to function. So when I saw this watch designed by Fukasawa for Plus Minus Zero I immedietely had to post it. This watch hints at alot of my favorite parts of old military watches and specificaly old Timex watches, but side steps the predictable designs they often employ for the faces and bodies of their timepieces.

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The FIDA Mat

The FIDA Mat is a wonderfully compact solution for a lounge chair you could pack up and take anywhere. It was designed by Hannover industrial designer Patrick Frey, and feels like a design update to the classic hiker’s essential, The Crazy Creek.

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Vanderbilt Studio: David Adjaye

I remember walking by this interesting, albeit slightly unfriendly, modern facade many times while living in Fort Greene, and I had been curious what the back and interior looked like. So my curiosity was answered when I ran into these some beautiful photographs by Nikolas Koenig. This building represents the single residential design by architect David Adjaye in New York City and one of fewer that twenty total residential projects.


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Hook System: Jean Nouvel

The Hook wall system, designed by french architect Jean Nouvel, is a customizable storage and organization system that combines a perforated metal sheet with attachable modular pieces. The original inspiration is said to be computer punch cards and sheet music. This would solve my home office conundrum, too bad I can’t track down and dimensions or pricing information. Internet fail.

Jean Nouvel:

A metal architecture, like a quotation from Jean Prouvé’s work: rather than a wall this is a continuous building system that encloses joints into the metal folds. And its corrugated skin, regularly perforated and lacquered, turns into a wall. A wall to capture light and liven up the space around it.

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Proposed Twitter Microsyntax: by Chris Messina

Chris Messina has created a nice simplified system for streamlining our character usage and ways of crediting people on twitter. The extremely thorough post over at his blog is a must read for any twitter users and possibly for twitter haters as well.

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Radio: by Daniel Emma

I am really loving the shape projects by Australian design studio Daniel Emma. They balance very nicely between playful and minimal without being too colorful. The simplification of all these day to day household appliances and electronics is awesome.

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Massimo Vignelli: A Short Documentary

Whether you are like me, and feel that Massimo Vignelli has inspired and informed your view point and approach to design, or not this is a great little documentary. One great statement Vignelli makes, which I have never come across before, is that geometric shapes can last for centuries over ephemeral design, which is much more temporary.

Antarctic Voice Identity

The folks over at Astronaut Design put together this awesome logo and identity for Antarctic Voice. The identity includes an awesome minimalist logo and really strong supporting colors and cool photography.

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Shoal Bay Bach, NZ

The Shoal Bay Bach by Parsonson Architects is, in my opinion, the epitome of perfection in a home. There is an immense attention to detail while maintaining a minimalist sensibility of design, craft and materials. All the interior and exterior fabrication is very simple and made out of affordable and easy to source materials that keeps cost down, but also give it a unique livable feel. Using a corrugated steal roof in residential applications is not a new thing, but it makes such a difference over the terrible asphalt shingles most people opt for.

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Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway: by Greg White

I had no idea there was a global seed vault or that it would look so space age until I stumbled upon the amazing photos of Greg White. He really has a knack for capturing these sterile scenes where nature and industry intersect or live in jagged conjunction.

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AZB Apartment: by GENETO

There is just something unexplainably awesome about perfectly milled and built in storage space. The liberation through available storage is something that has always entrigued and excited me. This commission entitled AZB Apartment by GENETO is a prime example of those things at work. All the detailing is very illustrative yet subdued which I really like. They had the choice to punctuate things with vibrant colors, but their choice to let the craftsman ship and the design speak for itself in white, black and natural wood tones elevates the design so much higher.

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Surry Hills Library & Community Centre: COLLIDER

What an awesome take on a way-finding system for a public building. The movement and playfulness of all the shapes and type help to convey direction, but also give an airy more light feel to the whole thing. The Sydney based team at COLLIDER definitely has some environmental signage chops. I really hope to see more stuff from them in this vein soon.

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John’s Phone

Sometimes, when my iPhone spacks-out I have the urge to downgrade to a much more minimal phone system. This one called John’s Phone by Amsterdam based product design studio John Doe would definitely be my first choice.

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Small Amsterdam Flat: i29 Architects

This is a super clean minimalist flat in Amsterdam designed by the hyper talented i29 Architects. The sofa a genius little touch of color, which helps to very what could otherwise be a slightly grey interior. The beautifully milled built in cabinets on the walls also add so much value to this small space. Living in a tiny apartment myself I know how much one can yearn for lots of beautiful storage.

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