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Sol Lewitt Retrospective

Sol Lewitt has always been one of my favorite artists, especially of all the folks in the post modernist movement. It isn’t that I find his pieces overly compelling. His approach to art making was highly original and although it does share some similarities with Andy Warhol and his mass production applied to art making, I think Lewitt does one thing that makes his work so much richer is the idea that the end product is not the art. Creating an often vague instruction of how to create on of his pieces. So anyone who has the instructions can create the piece and each one will always slightly vary from the other. This process based art has influenced so many people to come after. Even this whole making movement that has swept the globe as of late is in the wake of Sol Lewitt and his legacy.

In the exhibition I was most captivated by the videos and photographs of the process of fabricating the exhibit and the paintings. The instructions that were displayed next to some of the pieces in addition to the wall painting number were also awesome. The instructions, however vague being more integral to the piece of art than the final product.

The opening of the Sol Lewitt Retrospective also marked the completion and opening of building #7 at MASS Moca. Don’t worry though you have the next twenty five years to make it up there, as the exhibition is committed there for that long at the least.

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Transitional by Zecc Architecten

Having a workspace that also has open space when you need it is usually a luxury we can’t afford. This studio designed by Zecc Architecten for Heldergroen does this perfectly. By employing a counter weighted pully system they were able to make their desks disappear up into the ceiling opening the entire space up for whatever fun things you can think of. Make sure to check out the video of the space in action after the jump.

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New Roof in Porto

Barbosa & Guimarães Architects have really done a beautiful job here. Instead of just renovating they opted to put a whole new roof on. This apartment was that roof.

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Housing in the Born Refurbishment

Small spaces always intrigue me. The restrictions of the design to create a sense of open space and flow and the way organization can make or break the design is such a challenge. I am not really sure about the name of this apartment. It may be an inaccurate translation, but that aside the use of simple materials and a strategically placed series of lofted spaces really makes this design. Amazing to note that this renovation by ARCHITECTURE-G is only 34 square meters, equivalent to about 365 square feet.

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Matthias Heiderich: Snow Blind

Now that the snow is passed and the sun is out it is a little easier to see the absolute serenity of these images. The washed out color palette and the blurry abstraction of shapes. The set is aptly named Snow Blind. Photographer Matthias Heidrich captures such interesting compositions and details of the winter landscape while omitting so much from what the eye would normally pick up.

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Norwegian architect Marianne Borge designed this great little cabin called W35, which stands for Woody 35 meters square. The end product is exactly that. A simple no frills holiday escape made out of low maintenance local woods within the confines a 35 meter square parameter. With an awesome fireplace to gather around and a vast expanse of deck heading out to the water this would be a choice place to spend a few summer months.

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José María Sánchez García

This is by far the most unique concept and executed design for a building that I have seen in a very long time. The birds eye view of this place is surreal. Because of the buildings location and it’s shape being a perfect circle it looks totally impossible. Designed by José María Sánchez García, it is an athletic technology and research center.


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Horizontal House

Eastern Design Office designed this super unique house design that reminds me of futuristic interpretations of trains and transportation from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Called Horizontal House. The layout creates one of the most interesting architectural details I have seen in quite a while. Where the two main sections of the house meet there is a rounded corner with a curved pane of glass that matches the shape of the corner. When you stand facing the corner you get this surreal vantage point. You can see the entire courtyard and down both hallways within the house simultaneously.


Areaware Wooden Animals

The situation of children’s toys always seems to leave a bit to be desired. When I come across an awesome toy, or in this case set of toys, that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and great for laying of course. Design and durability are something I feel should be on parent’s minds when shopping for toys. That said this set by AREAWARE really are awesome.

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CHICO: by Atelier KUU

CHICO is a designer store for dogs and their owners in Shizuoka, Japan. Designed by Nobuo Kumazara, of Atelier Kuu, this shop truly exemplifies their aesthetic sensibilities and skills. The elegance and serenity exhibited by their designs add a layer of comfort to minimalism that is awesome. I know my little man Ernest and I would have great time shopping here, I might lose track of him on the concrete floors though. The dog house shaped dog door that exits out onto grass area for the pups to play is probably the most amazing detail.

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Tea House

I meant to post this along time ago, but it just sort of floated in my drafts until today. This design for a Tea House by David Jameson Architects is an amazing act of simplicity. The minimalist approach truly does justice to the history and practice of tea as it is done in Japan. I also really appreciate this building from the standpoint of it being a great solution to designing a simple and small out building. Albeit the huge i-beams seem a tad excessive.

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Midget & Giant

I love the way Midget & Giant by Ryuji Nakamura artfully improves a piece technology. This webcam add-on for your Mac is a fabulous example of making something more fun and interesting with a simple paper house structure. The image it makes from the inside is even cooler than the view of it perched at the top of your monitor.

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Houses of the Hudson Valley

After coming across the work of Thomas Phifer in Dwell this week I immediately signified with his minimalist style with a focus on light open spaces. Another thing I that really stood out to me was his residential commissions are located in pockets in close proximity to one another. The group that caught my attention the most are the houses in the Hudson Valley. I grew up in Columbia County and the Berkshires and all the towns these homes are in bring up nostalgic memories from my childhood.

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Mini Maison

This beautiful conversion of a row worker’s house in Brussels, by architects Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf‘s is a beautiful exercise in efficiency. Taking a small space like this Mini Maison and organizing it in such a way that it feels airy and open while still separating the different spaces of the house is a feet of skill. I really love the way they have pushed some of the modern elements to the exterior of the building, thus giving passersby a glimpse at the modern aesthetic of the interior.

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Layered House

This home, named suitably as, Layered House was designed by Jun Igarashi Architects. The naming refers to the fabric partitions, which separate and define the different rooms and purposes throughout the otherwise open plan house. These architects are also the minds behind Asahikada Garage I posted back in December.

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Al Kimiya Typeface

Designers Benjamin Varin and Pierre Ferrandez have created this sans-serif typeface called Al Kimiya, based on alchemical symbols. This is a great example of adaptation and the use of reference material to create something wholely different. In the end product, besides the set up glyphs that are infact alchemical symbols, the typeface only hints at the symbols it is derived from.

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AisleOne 2011 Calendar Wallpapers

Antonio Carusone of AisleOne has just released his 2011 desktop wallpaper calendar, which breaks the year up into 3 wallpapers. They come in on size of 1920×1200, which should accomodate most displays.
The design fits Antonio’s minimalist design style and he has chosen to have the color get darker as the year progresses. Download the zip file with all three wallpapers.

Horai Onsen Bath House

To design a structure that defines itself as man made and separate from nature, but also lives in harmony with the landscape sounds impossible. Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates have accomplished just that with their design for the serene Horai Onsen Bath House.


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Frts & Ygrt

This project by Mika Kanive is probably the most radical and amazing packaging design I have seen in a very long time. The concept, which is evidently executed to perfection, is to communicate to the consumer the quality of the contents as well as how delicious they are. No bright colored gradients, cloak and daggers type design here. Just a simple idea, which highlights what you are should actually be paying for.

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Domestique is a historic cycling journal. You will find clippings, images, random filings and general romantic cycling non-sense filling these pages. Most likely you won’t find much about carbon, expensive modern components or the like, but once in a while we get a little self-indulgent. Think of it as a history book, but a hell of a lot less boring.”

I couldn’t really some it up better myself. This is a great blog with awesome historic cycling content and a nice minimalist design to boot.