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Fruita Blanch

To emphasize their new product line of 100% organic and self harvested canned goods Fruita Blanch has paired up with Barcelona based Atipus to create an new identity and packaging system. The resulting labels are of a single universal size, meant to fit any jar size without obscuring the contents, which are the most delectable part.

Geo Washplane

I am torn between two worlds right now. The past and the future. I love the texture and history of objects that have been used over and over. Simultaneously the future is painted so interestingly by the design of fixtures, architecture, technologies, and everything else in the physical world. Designed by Omnivo the Geo Washplane so beautifully illustrates this futuristic design.

Cermic Fan Heater

All of the products in Plus Minus Zero (±0) are the epitome of minimalist design perfection, and are also stunningly curated. This new Ceramic Fan Heater is a beautiful design object and heating source.

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Okerö Woodshed

Good design is even applicable to a woodshed. Jonas Palmius designed this small structure in Okerö Sweden protects it’s contents and allows them to dry out through the slated sides, and also makes the wood easily accessible.

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Collection for Coalesse

MINIMAL Inc. has designed a Collection for Coalesse, which to put it simply aims to redefine the conference room. As our workspaces and desks have evolved the conference room has stayed the same. Our practices have become ever more social, and collaboration is an active component of any good work environment. Based on this evolution in the work environment the area where we hold meetings and brainstorm as a group obviously needed an overhaul. This collection by Minimal reminds me a lot of the ergonomics and structure of some of Herman Miller’s classic office chairs and even airport seating, with some obvious comfort updates and a great deal of elegance. One aspect that I find striking about the line in general is that it seems to be set at a lower than standard height for office furniture. This undoubtedly translates into the mood and energy that exists with in the conference room.

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City Cottage

To getaway you don’t always have to go a great distance. This little cottage built in Helsinki is only a little over a mile from their family home offers the perfect type of minimalist getaway in a small intimate little structure. Every detail, object and fixture had to be perfect, as the space is only 150 square feet. Low energy consumption and the natural setting of this house make it an ecologically sound vacation option when compared to driving or flying somewhere. Finnish culture holds nature in a place of great respect and that even comes through in their city planning where camping areas and parks are designed right into the fabric of cities. Also because of it’s small scale this little building makes virtually zero impact and can be powered entirely by solar energy. The design for the cottage was done by Verstas Architects a Helsinki based firm.

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Parking Garage Herdern

The beautiful mountainsides of Switzerland provide the perfect canvas for built in structures. I have seen this demonstrated both in unique hobbit like dwellings all the way up to ultra modern luxury lofts dug into a hillside. Here we see probably the pinnacle of garage design in the entire world. Kunz Architektur has used to the ground to enclose and also frame parking for a clients car collection. Part display and part storage the juxtaposition between the grass and wild flowers, and the concrete glass and steel of the cars is awesome.


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Nara Single Family House

Building a single family house on a small urban lot has so many restrictions and the level of difficulty to keep a project within a feasible budget is next to impossible. A small house a bit under 900 square feet offers a nice level of open plan living without doors, but ensures privacy and division through narrowing hallways and deliberately placed nooks. The architects who designed this house are ninkipen! a small Japanese based studio.

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A History of the Title Sequence

This is a nice short animation by Jurjen Versteeg for a graduation project for this year. The animation poses as a title sequence for a fictitious documentary about the history of the title sequence.

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House in Fuji

If I had a view like this I would certainly have to take full advantage of it. This concrete design by LEVEL Architects maximizes privacy and sunlight, and also has a deep protected balcony with a perfect view of Mount Fuji.

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Tomahawk Hair Dryer

I can’t say that I use a hair dryer very frequently let alone ever, but I am aware of the overwhelming lack of design in most household electronics and appliances. These designs by Jean Baptiste Fastrez incorporate beautifully hewn wood handles, melded with simple cords and futuristic blowers. The project is called Tomahawk. The name derived from the hatchets carried by Native American tribes, applies to the design as well as the element of craft that goes into creating a wood handle.

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Dependance House

Using similar construction and materials to that of a nice garden shed, this nice little studio sized house adds a minimal and well lit element to the the shed style residence. Facing one direction is a large format window which frames a nice view and keeps the house connected to it’s natural surroundings. The use of industrial grade materials and the simple utilitarian details are perfect in this design by SPEDstudio.

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Artist Emily Grundon has shot a series of photographs, which look at the architectural details and intricacies of the spaces in which art is displayed and exhibited. In Nonspace she highlights the little things most of us would miss when we are in a museum or art gallery. Busy encountering a space in it’s intended purpose we often miss the most interesting or telling details. These photos capture light and shadow, which are often in art criticism some of the most important aspects of art.

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Mr. T

Kieser Spath’s concept for a clothing rail, perfectly named Mr. T the construction is a ultra minimal design using two wooden t-shaped verticals with a metal rod spanning the space between them. The rail is available in two sizes and can be easily taken apart and here is the real genius. It can be store flat.

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Ogaki House

With an interesting triangular shape this house stands out from it’s surrounding, but that was not the goal. The design is meant to differ strong crosswinds that occur in the winter. Designed by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates the interior has a great rustic minimalism from the cohesive use of wood. The court yard in the center of the house also adds a lot of light into the middle of the house, and also a little bit of nature.

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Carvalhal Guest House

Guest House designed by Paratelier architects in Carvalhal, Portugal is a nice take on a beach or vacation house. The construction is a modular of three sections divided into, one for living, storage and parking.

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It seems pretty common for a bag or luggage manufacture to make a set or system that has the same look and feel, but in this case Unitportables has taken it to a different and better place. Their ultra minimalist bag system all works together to create a multi function bag with tons of little pockets and compartments specifically designed for things like power adapters and iPads. Available in series of monochrome options including my favorite, all black. Their website says there are more products soon, and I excited to see what those end up being.

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Shakujiidai Y House

Many of the great architectural wonders I come across these days are duty to the size restrictions of the building lot. On top of that many are from in and around Tokyo where open space is scarce. The Skuhujii Y House has taken it’s design upward, by maximizing the vertical space Ikeda Yukie architects were able to create a very open and airy interior with some great nooks. There is also a little loft nested up at the very top of the house.

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Carapicuiba House

Architects Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni designed the Carapicuiba House in Carapicuíba, which is a suburb of São Paulo Brazil. The house using deliberately placed rectangles of concrete and glass creates this amazing stacked structure with plenty of protected outdoor space.


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Braun Watches

In my opinion this is one of the best product re-releases of all time. Braun has always been a leader in perfectly minimalist designs and highly functional technology. These watches were co-designed by the godfather of minimalist product design and chief of design for Braun from 1961 to 1995 Dieter Rams. I am also sort of a Dieter Rams fanatic, so these watches are right up my alley. The designs featured on these watches reflect many of the timeless designs we have seen in the Braun time collection over the years. You can purchase these watches over at the awesome minimalist goods retailer Vetted Shop.