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Dove House

Architects Gundry Ducker designed Dove House as an extension onto the back of a terraced victorian townhouse in London. The kitchen is so minimalist and clean, I would absolutely love to cook in there, and clean for that matter. All the surfaces look like you could so easily wipe them clean. The protected outdoor deck area is really beautifully handled, I am curious though how the dark stained larch wood reacts with sun. It seems like it could really heat up.

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Brisk is a new weather app in beta from the awesome guys over at Two Solid. As opposed to the bland pervasive data based weather apps Brisk takes a more visual and tactile approach. The current and upcoming weather is illustrated with simple icons and color fields based on the temperature and weather type. By taking away most of the excess components your average weather app seem required to use Two Solid was able to create a fresh fun way to check the weather.

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Geometry Daily

Wondering what the coolest tumblr blog is right now? It is most definitely Geometry Daily an ongoing project by German designer Tilman. Everyday he makes and posts a new minimalist geometric composition.

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Lumen is an incredible set of photographs by Hungarian designer and photographer Akos Major. The way small but delicate elements pop out of these landscapes due to contrast is amazing.

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Vipp Kitchen Shelves

All the Vipp products are designed and manufactured with a beautiful minimalist sensibility and with functionality and durability in mind. Their Kitchen Shelves are simple, easy to install, and would be a great open organizer for any minimalist kitchen. I posted previously about Vipp’s Kuche P2, which is an amazing modular kitchen system.

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Haus Fohren

Haus Fohren in Austria was designed by Architekt Di Bernardo Bader. A single volume divided into spaces suitable for specific uses features wood surfaces as the main material both inside and out. The simple structure is excentuated by the high level of craft in all of the carpentry and construction.


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Dental Office

Posting this Monday morning at 10am seems rather apt as it seems like a very logical time to have dentist appointment scheduled. That said this dental office designed by Estudio Hago is a definite cure for a case of the Mondays and your fear of the dentist. The stark minimalism and light airy environment could even make getting a route canal more palatable.

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Photographer’s Studio

Overall I am not totally in love with this studio, but the way it is sited just up the steep shore from the lake and the way the glass cube interacts with nature throughout the changing seasons is awesome. I particularly enjoy the cube blending into the snowy landscape. The interior is astonishingly unimpressive. A stark box furnished with generic modern fixtures and sparse furnishings. The floor to ceiling shades create an amazing diffused light, which I am sure was a requirement of the client(a photographer). Design of this building was by gh3 architects.

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Slotted System Bookcase or simply SSB-1 is a nice alternative to stacking books on a table. The design is based on Bruno Matthson Book Crib with a more utilitarian air, which I prefer. Art books and other weird sized publications are always a hassle to store or display, but these bookcases are serious hold-alls. Making easy work of any rectangular objects. I also love that they are shipped and slot together like a breeze without any hardware, or the dreaded Ikea hex-keys.

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Envelope Chest

From a young age I was a collector. Rating the importance of my belongings and stowing them away in difference types of containers according to their related value. My most prized items and those alone made it into a beautifully crafted treasure chest which my dad built for me. This Envelope Chest from Field Day brings up all these powerful memories and associations from my childhood. It is also interesting to be able to look back at those behaviors and see what has remained the same and what has shaped me into the type of person I am. Still a collector at heart, this chest would most definitely have a home on my shelf for some very special things.

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COR Lounge Chair

I can’t say I love the name(Shrimp Cocktail), but this chair does resemble an update or possibly a revision of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair. Designed for COR by Jehs+Laub. This lounge is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Herman Miller version.

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Håkansson Tegman House

Hakansson Tegman House is a single story home in Höllviken, Sweden, which was designed to have a very direct connection with nature and the outdoors. Design was carried out by Johan Sundberg. The walls feature a mix of slated wood and glass. This allows it to be wide open to the outdoors, while also maintaining a nice level of privacy.

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Pen Type-A

I always keep a pen on my for sketching ideas that come to mind or taking notes, but I have never been able to compel myself to keep a ruler on me at all times. Pen Type-A solves this problem by not forcing me to carry another object. Both are a singular entity until you need to use them and the pen simply unscrews from the cylinder within the ruler. Designed by CW&T is definitely one of those objects that I could justify purchasing because I know I would take it everywhere and use it every single day.

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Mountain Lamp

Lighting is normally so predictable, this Mountain lamp by Paris based designer Leonard Kadid is far more sculptural. The way it interacts with it’s environment is really different and rad.

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Patrik Lindell

The minimalist photographs of Patrik Lindell capture things in a stark and unique way. Based in Sweden Lindell’s eye helps him see mundane things for their interesting and beautiful colors, shapes and textures.

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Kuche P2

Vipp has become one of the most unique and amazing producers of quality kitchen products since the release of their classic bin in 1939. Now more than seventy years later they are reinventing the kitchen with Kuche P2 a new interpretation. Functionality and organization are so perfectly accentuated with stark minimalism. My mind immediately jumped to this new kitchen design being the love child of Braun(under the direction of Dieter Rams) and Bulthaup.

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Dark Mountain House

Clad in black stained wood this multi-level house undulates down the slope of the lot creating an interesting relationship with it’s surrounding. The main access is across a suspended metal bridge, which connects the house to the hill above. Designed by Miurashin Architect + Associates the further you explore the house the more you learn about it’s environment and are able to experience it in a way otherwise impossible. The most explicit example of this is the tiered roof deck, which literally expands out directly out into the forest canopy.

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Graphic designer Mike Joyce has an ongoing project called swissted where he recreates rock posters through the lens of Swiss modernism. The resulting posters are a beautiful study in the practice of design, and for some reason have a much greater intrigue than all those minimalist movie poster interpretations that have been circulating.

Sakae Restaurant

In Yokohama, Japan sits a small locavore restaurant designed to heighten the experience through an enlightened approach to user experience. The space was designed by Kentaro Yamazaki of YKDW, is focused around a single communal dining table situated right next to the kitchen. Sakae has taken term open kitchen and pushed it to all new lengths. This creates an environment that reminds me more of my dream kitchen and dining room for a home than a restaurant. Their method makes a great amount of sense as locavore cuisine is highly impacted by preparation and cooking techniques. So every guest is involved as an observer in how and what the kitchen is concocting.

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The Shed

This renovation carried out by Richard Peter Associates is nothing short of amazing. They have converted a dilapidated commercial outbuilding into more than a living space, they have created a home. Playing off the rich accents of a turn of the century architecture, such as the raw brick and massive beams the main structure stands nicely opposed to the modern finishing work and minimalist aesthetic in general.

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